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The 12 Hottest WAGs of the 2012 World Series

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, October 24, 2012

world series wags 2012

The 2012 World Series gets underway tonight in San Francisco, with Tigers ace Justin Verlander going up against Giants stud Matt Cain. Obviously, with that kind of matchup, and with the way both teams are playing, this could be a pretty awesome series. However, I’m not going to make even the mildest prediction for how the Fall Classic will play out. Because if there is anything the last two seasons have taught me—with Boston’s epic collapse last year, Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS between the Cardinals and Nationals, the Giants’ huge comebacks in both of their series so far in 2012, Hunter Pence’s crazy three-run broken bat double—it’s that absolutely anything can happen.

Thus, instead of spending my time trying to figure which team has the best chance of winning, I’ve decided to spend it trying to figure out which team has the hottest wives and girlfriends. And since I thought the entire WAG-loving sports world would also like to figure this out, I’ve decided to present the fruits of my labor here, in list form.

So, are you ready to see which team will win the WAG World Series? Then let’s get started.

12. Erica May

12 erica may (max scherzer girlfriend) baseball world series wags

St. Louis-native Max Scherzer won’t get to face his home-town team in the World Series this year. However, that’s probably just as well. Pitching in his home town with tons of friends and family begging for tickets might have been a big distraction for the Tigers’ flamethrower. Instead, now he just has to focus on being the same awesome pitcher he has been over the last few months.

As for his girlfriend, Erica, she’s his college sweetheart. They met while both were going to the University of Missouri.

11. Massiel Dotel

11 masseil dotel (octavio dotel wife) baseball world series wags

Tigers reliever Octavio Dotel played a crucial role for the Cardinals during their championship run last year, and I’m sure the Detroit brass are hoping he’ll play a similar role this year. As for his lovely wife, Massiel, I’d say something like, “she must be his good luck charm,” but that would be pretty silly. The guy went the first 11 years of his career playing for 11 different teams without winning squat. Obviously, if Dotel is lucky, it has nothing to do with Massiel.

10. Savannah Swetland

savannah swetland (hunter pence girlfriend) baseball world series wags

Hunter Pence definitely has a thing for chicks with pin-up girl looks. First he dated some bikini model named Terrie B. Then it was a blonde Houston Texans cheerleader named Lindsay Slott. (No joke. Lindsay Slott.) Then it was Playboy Playmate Shannon James.

However, his latest girlfriend—while most definitely blonde, and most definitely good-looking—is neither a model nor a cheerleader. Apparently she’s just a regular girl he met in Clearwater, Florida, during the Phillies spring training. So maybe she’ll be “the one.”

9. Lincecum's Mystery Girl

9 tim lincecum girlfriend baseball world series wags

A lot has changed for Tim Lincecum since the Giants won the World Series in 2010. Back then he was arguably the best pitcher in baseball, and dating some blonde girl named Ruth. Flash forward to 2012. The Giants are once again in the World Series, but now Lincecum sucks (like, really sucks), and he’s dating some mystery woman Giants fans have taken to called “Go-Kart Girl” on internet forums.

Of course, she’s still blonde.

8. Jalynne Dantzscher


No, you’re not seeing things, and this photo was not doctored. Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford is married to a former UCLA gymnast named Jalynne Dantzscher, and Jalynne has an identical twin named Janelle.

So which one is Jalynne and which one is Janelle? I have no idea. But let’s hope Crawford does, or else he could get into some big trouble.

7. Rosangel Cabrera

7 Rosangel-Cabrera-Detroit-Tigers-Miguel-Cabrera-wife

Poor Rosangel Cabrera has her hands full with husband Miguel. Sure, he’s probably the best all-around hitter in baseball today, and he won the first triple crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. But he’s also a wee bit addicted to booze. In 2009, Miggy was arrested after a domestic disturbance sparked by his returning home loud and drunk at 6AM. (The next day he showed up to the ballpark with scratches on his face, suggesting that Rosangel might have let him have it.) After that he went to rehab for a few months, but got in trouble again prior to the 2011 season when he was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest.

With that kind of stress, it’s a wonder Miggy’s wife doesn’t look like she’s 55 years old.

6. Chelsea Cain

6 chelsea cain (matt cain) baseball world series wags

Matt Cain met his wife, Chelsea, during spring training. She was working as a waitress at a steakhouse while attending Arizona State, and Matt Cain was a steak-eating patron. They got married in 2009, then had their first child in 2010, not long after Matt won his first World Series ring.

5. Kristen Posey

5 kristen posey (buster posey) baseball world series wags copy

Buster Posey doesn’t even look old enough to be married. However, the 2012 NL batting champ married his high school sweetheart, Kristen, back in 2009, when he was just 22. Then the couple welcomed twins into the world in August of 2011.

4. Ana Sanchez

4 ana sanchez (anibal sanchez wife) baseball world series wags

The Tigers picked up starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez from the Marlins for the stretch drive. And while he pitched well, going 4-6 with a 3.74 ERA, I’m sure his lovely wife, Ana, was less-that-thrilled to leave the warm Miami beaches and move to Detroit. Of course, winning the World Series might make up for it.

3. Amber Zito

3 amber seyer (barry zito wife) baseball world series wags

Barry Zito, the hero of Game 5 of the 2012 NLCS and savior of the Giants’ season, married Amber Seyer back in 2011. Interestingly, Seyer was Miss Missouri 2007, and while she’s not from St. Louis, her hometown of Oran is definitely in Cardinals country. So I guess she had mixed emotions when her husband’s team humiliated the Cardinals over the final three games of the series.

2. Windy Pagan

2 windy pagan (angel pagan wife) baseball world series wags

Angel Pagan is one lucky dude. Not only did he get traded from the Mets to the Giants prior to the 2012 season, going from misery in Queens to jubilation in the city by the Bay. He also happens to be married to a stone cold fox. Congratulations, Angel.

1. Kate Upton

1 kate upton (justin verlander) baseball world series wags

This one was obvious, right?

For months there was speculation that Justin Verlander was dating 2012 SI Swimsuit cover-girl Kate Upton, but neither of them would confirm anything. Then someone from Celebuzz.com acquired confirmation of the relationship form a very unlikely source: Justin’s 87-year-old grandpa, Richard.

“I never thought I’d have to prepare my grandfather for the media,” Verlander recently quipped to USA Today, laughing. “It’s a whole different world. I can’t believe that people would call my grandparents. It’s touch when people start trying to dig into your personal life.”

Of course, can you blame Grandpa Verlander for spilling the beans? How could he not be proud that his grandson, the best pitcher on the planet, is also dating possibly the hottest woman on the planet?

Oh, and by the way, you’re going to want to click on that photo to make it bigger. (You’re welcome.)