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30 Fantastic Baseball Fan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 25, 2012
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baseball fan gifs

Well, the 2012 World Series is officially underway. And since the games are once again being telecast on Fox, you know what that means: out of every four-hour broadcast, a good forty-five minutes will be dedicated to close-ups of fans nervously biting their nails and covering up the bottom halves of their faces with their cupped hands. Because, hey, it’s October, and there’s drama.

So since everyone apparently loves watching the fans so much, I thought, in honor of the World Series, why not do an entire list of baseball fan GIFs? Of course, the GIFs on this list aren’t of people just standing around, nervously watching baseball. Well, a few of them are, but most feature fans being a bit more interesting than that. So check ‘em out. You won’t regret it.

30. Foul Ball = World Series?

yankees fan excited about foul ball baseball fan gifs

This celebration might be a little excessive simply for catching a foul ball. Dude high-fives his whole section, then the last guy even gets a hug. It’s a bit much.

29. Burn!


So close, and yet so far. I’m kind of torn as to whether this baseball player is kind of awesome of kind of a douche. Can it be both?

28. Beware of Dog

dog attacks giants fan at a's game baseball fan gifs

That’s what you get for wearing your Giants gear to the A’s game buddy. No love.

27. Disgusted Mets Fan

pissed off mets fan 2 baseball fan gifs

This one is from the Mets’ collapse down the stretch in 2008. They kept losing and losing, squandering a 3.5 game lead over the Phillies. Obviously it was very frustrating.

26. Sarcastic Mets Fan

mets fan cheering sarcastically baseball fan gifs

Leave it to New York fans to cheer their own team sarcastically.

25. Depressed Mets Fan

sad mets fan consolde by cubs fan baseball fan gifsHere’s yet one more from that same heartbreaking late-season loss to Chicago in ’08. If you’re being consoled by a Cubs fan, whose team hasn’t won the World Series in over a century, something is terribly wrong.

24. Throw. It. Back.

rangers fan throws home run back baseball fan gifs

This dude is awesome. There’s no hesitation whatsoever. He’d made up his mind to throw it back before he even caught it.

23. Dosed Off?

rays fan not paying attention surpsied by foul ball baseball fan gifs

Dude, I know those StubHub seats at the Trop are comfy, but come on. There is a ballgame being played. Love alive.

22. Anguish

rangers fan in anguish baseball fan gifs

Yep, that’s pretty much what losing the World Series looks like.

21. Anxiety & Relief

yankees fan worried then relieved on drugs baseball fan gifs

“Oh sh-t, did I live the iron on? No, no, I totally turned it off. Phew.”

20. Really Excited Cardinals Fan

excited cardinals fan baseball fan gifs

If this dude was this excited over a relatively meaningless game in April, I’d hate to have been there with him while he watched the Cards choke in the 2012 NLCS. Probably smashed a few things in his living room.

19. Fallen, Can't Get Up

indians fan gets falls gets stuck in seats baseball fan gifs

Those kids next to him are like, “I’m not helping him, YOU help him.”

18. Athletics Fanatics

scary crazy oakland a's fans baseball fan gifs

I was trying to figure out what these Oakland A’s fans are doing for quite a while, then it his me: they’re just doing their impression of Oakland Raiders fans. (Get it? Cause they’re always fighting.)

17. Royal Fall

fan falls over rail at home run derby baseball fan gifs

I’d say this Royals fan at the 2012 Home Run Derby was probably over-served. (Though I guess it’s possible he just had an inner ear infection that affected his equilibrium.)

16. Practical Joker

mets fan fakes fall baseball fan gifs

This guy does this all the time—walks up behind people at Mets games, bumps into them, and makes like they tripped him. He’s, like, the funniest person ever! (That was sarcasm, FYI.)

15. Wedding Ring Douche

yankees fan takes wedding ring off flips bird baseball fan gifs

So he takes off his wedding ring, then gives the camera the finger—which I guess is some kind of kiss-off to his wife (or ex-wife). Classssssy. You think he’s a Yankees fan or an Angels fan?

14. One Drunk in a Fountain

guy falls into fountain at royals game baseball fan gifs

They have fountains at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. And sometimes, that’s a bad thing when it’s 100 degrees and fans have had a few Boulevard brewskies.

13. Baseball Stadium Gymnastics

rays fan falls spills beer sticks the landing baseball fan gifs

The beer goes flying, but at least he sticks the landing.

And by the way, this GIF just confirms my impression that the Trop has to be the worst stadium in baseball. I mean, what the heck is this seating arrangement?

12. Darth Sandberg

cubs fan hits other fan with bat baseball fan gifs

The kid is just bored. After all, he is at a Cubs game.

11. The Sprinkler

rangers fan catches home run ball does sprinkler baseball fan gifs

This is one of my all-time favorite fan celebrations in any sport. And I think it’s the same dude who caught the home run ball and threw it back all in one motion.

10. Leave Your Sister Alone

marlins fan smacking his kid baseball fan gifs

I assume, based on the little girl’s reaction, that this kid was picking on his sister, and dad was just stepping in. But, um, it doesn’t look good, especially when replayed over and over as an animated GIF.

Also, who buys an away jersey in baseball?

9. Bronx Brawl

yankee stadium brawl baseball fan gifs

Um, that guy just kicked a chick in the head and sent her flying. Way to stay classy, Yankees fans.

8. Pelvic Thrust

ranger ran does pelvic thrusts to celebrate home run baseball fan gifs

At first all I really noticed here was the couple hugging right in the middle of the crowd there. Then, upon closer inspection, I saw it: the dude to the left of the security guard in the neon yellow shirt. He’s performing one serious celebratory pelvic thrust.

7. Digging Deep

cubs fan picking nose baseball fan gifs

Want to get your kid to stop picking his nose? Tell him there are cameras everywhere and he might end up on the internet. Then show him this.

6. Yankee Douch

yankees fan yanks home run ball away from kid baseball fan gifs

What’s worse? Kicking a woman in the face, or ripping a home run ball out of a little kid’s hands?

5. Rays Fan Is Pumped

rays usf fan excited he caught broken bat baseball fan gifs

This kid snagged himself a sweet souvenir, he’s pumped, and he’s not afraid to show it.

4. Makeout Sesh

cardinals fans making out baseball fan gifs

Tickets right behind home plate: probably free, because you got them from work. Making out like an idiot live on television: priceless.

3. Inappropriate

cubs fan blow job gesture baseball fan gifs

When thinking about doing something stupid at a baseball game, ask yourself this: is this the kind of think that could keep me from getting a job in the future? And obviously, if the answer is yes then don’t do it.



“What?!? A-Rod wants my number? Oh my God, are you serious??? OH MY GOG OH MY GOD!!!”

1. Pit-Sniffin'

twins fan smells her pits baseball fan gifs

This poor Twins fan has taken a lot of grief for this, and I totally get why. But when you think about it, all she’s really doing is being considerate of those around her, which is nice.