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Fake Roberto Luongo Has An Italian Accent And Is A Real Cinephile (Audio)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 25, 2012

roberto luongo fake phone conversation mike richard tsn radio

Yesterday we told you about a hilarious fake conversation between Jim Leyland and Tom Coughlin, courtesy of sports talk radio jock Mike Richards on Canada’s TSN Radio 1050.

Well, we liked that one so much that we had a look around Mike’s YouTube channel and, low and behold, we came across a few more fantastic fake telephone convos featuring prominent sports figures. And while they were all pretty funny, none was funnier than the one featuring a fake Roberto Luongo from Monday.

You see, the Vancouver goalie has been on the trading block all summer, ever since he got benched in favor of Cory Schneider during the Canucks’ first-round playoff loss to the Kings. And pretty much all the trade speculation has focused on either Toronto or Florida, the latter of which is where Luongo got his start in the NHL and met his wife, Gina.

So Mike Richards called up fake Bobby Lou on the telephone the other day to ask him what he thought about all the speculation. This is how it went:

Like Michael Bolton in that one SNL skit, fake Roberto Luongo is also a big fan of Scarface.