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by: JamieD On  Thursday, August 29, 2013
Tags:  Fail   Moonsault   Wrestling   WWE  

wrestling moonsault fail

Last week we showed you what a high-flying wrestling maneuver looks like when it is perfectly executed—in this case, by a largely overweight man.

This week, we bring you footage of what a high-flying wrestling maneuver looks like when it goes horribly wrong.  And in case you are wondering before pressing the play button, “horribly wrong” in this instance means attempting a moonsault from the top ropes and landing on your head, which is exactly what this amateur wrestler did during a recent indy event.

Interestingly enough, the dude shows plenty of fight by kicking out of the pinfall immediately after landing on his head.  But after realizing that his injury was too serious for him to even consider battling through it, he did the right thing and allowed himself to be pinned for the three-count so that the medical staff in attendance could step in.