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25 Hilarious Basketball Fail GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 1, 2012
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basketball fail gifs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so preoccupied with the NFL, the MLB postseason, and the fact that there is no NHL that the 2012-13 NBA season kind of snuck up on me. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the USA All-Stars romp at the London 2012 Olympics and talking about the big off-season additions to the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, all of a sudden, the NBA is back, and I’m just not in the basketball spirit. So today I thought I’d do myself a favor (and anyone else out there like me) and get into the basketball spirit in the best way I know how: by looking at a bunch of hilarious animated GIFs of basketball fails. Take a look, and get yourself pumped up for what I think will be a very interesting NBA season.

25. Disappointed Coach

25 dunk fail disappointed coach (basketball fail gifs)

Yeah, coaches don’t like it when you miss wide open dunks.

24. Rusty D-Wade

24 dwyane wade dunk fail (nba fail gifs)

This one is from the preseason. It was Dwyane Wade’s first game back after having surgery. Obviously, even superstars can get a little rusty.

23. Unicycle Basketball

23 unicycle basketball fail (basketball fail gifs)

That’s what you get for playing basketball on a unicycle.

22. Handshake Fail

22 stuart scott handshake fail (basketball fail gifs)

Come on, bruh, Stuart Scott aint about to shake no hands. Dude’s way to cool for that.

21. Douche Detection Fail

21 lebron high school douche (basketball fail gifs)

This woman’s fail isn’t the actual lame high five attempt. It’s believing LeBron would actual reciprocate her excitement in the first place. Sure, it was a charity basketball game, so you might think the guys would be more casual and have some fun, but no. Not LeBron. No matter the situation, he’s always cooler than you, silly fan lady.

20. Premature Celebration

20 who won celebration fail (basketball fail gifs)

This one is a classic. It’s from a Euroleague game. As you can see, the white team thinks they’ve got the game won thanks to a last-second three pointer, so they hug each other and jump up and down. Then the other team inbounds the ball and drains a three-quarter-court shot to win the game. Celebration: premature.

19. Bruce Bowen's Flying Kick

19 wally kicked in face (basketball fail gifs)

Apparently Bruce Bowen thought, for just a moment, that he was Bruce Lee. And Wally Szczerbiak paid the price.

18. Landing Fail

18 dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

This guy better work on sticking his landing. The judges will deduct points every time.

17. Takeoff Fail

17 driveway dunk slip fail (basketball fail gifs)

Unlike our last entry, this guy’s problem lies in the take off. (They don’t launch rockets if it’s raining. Why does he think it’s a good idea to try dunking in the rain?)

16. Landing Fail

16 basketball dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

If you put aside the fact that he had to jump on a stack of mats just to reach the rim, this guy is actually doing okay for himself…unless somebody throws a ball at his head and he takes a really nasty spill.

15. Engineering Fail

15 driveway basketball dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

Either this kid’s dad isn’t very handy, or they’ve got themselves a serious termite problem.

14. When Hoops Attack

14 kid toy basketball fail (basketball fail gifs)

Kid learns a valuable life lesson: sometimes you attack the rim, and sometimes the rim attacks you.

13. Nice Pass

13 lebron bosh pass fail (basketball fail gifs)

Here’s a rare instance of a Miami Heat player actually having something hit them prior to a flop. Usually they’re just trying to draw a fowl.

12. Another Nice Pass

10 duke pass fail (basketball fail gifs)

Peripheral vision: not so great. This one must have really pleased Coach K.

11. Mascot Fail

12 raptor mascot fail (basketball fail gifs)

Yeah, pretty much everything about the Raptors is a disaster these days.

10. Trick Dunk Fail/Win

11 trick dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

If you’ll notice, the crowd doesn’t even seem to react to this. It’s like they think it’s part of the act.

9. Celebration Fail

9 celtics celebration fail (basketball fail gifs)

Dude, he’s just not that into you.

In other news, raise your hand if you are surprised Marquis Daniels is no longer with the Celtics? No one?

8. Skateboards + Basketball = Epic Disaster

8 skateboard basketball fail (basketball fail gifs)

Yeah, that’s what happens when you lower the rim to eye-level, cheater. (Couldn’t you just watch this one all day?)

7. Bosh High Five Fail, Part I

7 brosh wade high five fail (basketball fail gifs)

The best part about this is that TNT used it in their end-of-broadcast credits sequence—because they know America likes seeing Miami’s big three look stupid as much as possible.

6. Bosh High Five Fail, Part II

6 bosh high five fail (basketball fail gifs)

Man, does Chris Bosh close one of his eyes when going in for a high five, or is his depth perception just that bad?

5. Not Even Close

5 trampoline dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

Does this remind anyone else of the scene in Old School where Weensie (i.e., the fat kid) has to do a running gymnastics vault?

4. Another Really Bad Idea

4 trampoline basketball dunk fail (basketball fail gifs)

Who needs knee ligaments anyway?

P.S., note the reaction of the kid in the black shirt. He doesn’t rush to his friend’s aid or anything. Instead backs up as far as possible. Nice.

3. DeSagana Diop Free Throw Fail

3 free throw fail (basketball fail gifs)

This is pretty much all you need to know about the Charlotte Bobcats’ epically terrible 2011-12 season.

2. Worst. Dunk. Ever.

2 worst dunk ever (basketball fail gifs)

“Yeaaah I’m just gonna do a little reverse two-handed jam here and…awwwe sh#$.”

1. Saddest Thing You Ever Saw

1 nba fail (basketball fail gifs)

I feel for Kevin Love here. I mean, what do you do in this situation? Once you extend your hand, you don’t want to be left hangin’, right? On the other hand, you don’t want to look desperate for affection. This situation was just a lose-lose from the start.