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25 of the Best ESPN College Gameday Signs Ever

by: Esteban On  Monday, November 5, 2012

best espn college gameday signs

Everyone knows that one of the best things or maybe even the best thing about college football is the fans. And for the past 20 years, nothing has given these fans a forum to express their deepest thoughts and convictions like ESPN’s College GameDay. Every week the show broadcasts from a different college campus, and every week the fans go bonkers.

Of course, the best part about the whole show is the signs the fans make and hold up behind behind the on-air personalities while they talk about the big games of the week. They run the gamut from hilarious, to lame, to offensive, to genius, to downright dirty. In other words, they’re amazing. So today we present you with 25 of the best College GameDay signs ever. I can’t say that it’s a comprehensive list, but I can guarantee you’ll have a few laugh, even if you know nothing about college football. So why don’t you take a look?

25. Who's Laughing Now?

25 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - win or lose we don't live in iowa

At least you don’t live in Iowa? Yeah, well at least the Hawkeyes weren’t fined $60 million and banned from the postseason for 4 years because their legendary coach covered up child molestation.


24. Insult or compliment?

24 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - amherst qb is a virgin

Depending on the religious beliefs of the person who made this sign, this could be either an insult or a compliment to the Amherst quarterback. Either way, you can tell this wasn’t a D-I college football game by the fact that they call him “the Amherst QB” instead of using his name. (Nobody in America would have gotten the reference.)

23. Afraid of the dark

23 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - sleeps with a nighlight

He may be afraid of the dark, but he’s not afraid of the big stage. McCarron was the offensive MVP of the National Championship Game last year.

22. Mascot Insult

22 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - it burns when sparky pees

I should think it does burn when Sparky, the ASU mascot, pees. He is a devil, after all.

21. USC Burn

21 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - forgot to shave

In 2008, USC would have been undefeated and had a crack at the National Championship if they hadn’t lost to the lowly Oregon State Beavers. Hence the sign.

20. Poor Landry

20 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - landry nice name bro

I don’t care if Sooners QB Landry Jones is named after legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry, this sign is still correct. The kid has a goofy name.

19. Tebow has anorexic

19 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - tebow has anorexic

If you don’t know who Kige Ramsey is, check him out on YouTube. You will not regret it.

18. Tebow Wears Jorts

18 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - tebow wears jorts

Jorts, for you less-cultured readers out there, are jean shorts. They are super classy. That’s why Tebow wears them.

17. Geopolitical Analogy

17 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - war on terror analogy

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s great when you compare college football to geopolitics and the War on Terror. If Notre Dame beats USC this year, does that make him the Fighting Irish?

16. Urban Meyer Burn

16 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - urban meyer sign

This is what you get when you leave the toughest conference in college football for the Big 10.

15. Kirk Herbstreit Burn

15 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - puca shell necklace

Kirk probably wishes all his critics were this lighthearted. Apparently he had to pack up and move his family out of Columbus because some Buckeyes fans were really, really angry that he was critical of his alma mater. Yikes.

14. Honesty

14 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - couldn't think of anything

Hey, you know, not everyone is creative.

13. OJ Stole My Other Sign

13 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - OJ stole my other sign

Hey, remember back in 2008 when OJ Simpson was convicted of stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint and sentenced to 33 years in prison for murdering his wife 15 years earlier? Yeah, that was great.

12. Saban Uses the Shake Weight

12 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - saban uses the shake weight

Who knew the secret to Nick Saban’s success was the shake weight?

11. Spurrier Burn

11 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - spurrier always a cock

Florida Gators fans were not pleased when former coach Steve Spurrier returned to the NCAA after a brief stint in the NFL and signed on their SEC rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks. (I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that whatever is on the front of this sign is right-side up.)

10. Water Boy vs. Forrest Gump

10 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - water boy vs. forrest gump

Technically, Adam Sandler’s Bobby Boucher played for the fictional Louisiana Cougars in The Waterboy, but that hasn’t stopped LSU fans from adopting him as their fictional college football cinematic hero.

9. Two-for-One Special

9 great fun ESPN college gameday signs - stoops minivan bradford santa

Which sign do you like better here? “Stoops drives a minivan,” or “Bradford doesn’t believe in Santa”?

Personally I like the minivan one, because minivans are lame. But really, I like all insults of the Oklahoma Sooners.

8. Funny Because It's False

8 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - these things control the tide

Yeah, LSU wishes. They definitely didn’t control the Tide in the BCS Championship game last year.

7. Ethnic Identification

7 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - i'm asian

I guess ethnic minorities probably do stand out a bit at Alabama.

6. Will Muschamp Burn

6 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - will muschamp listens to nickleback

Who should be more insulted: (a) Will Muschamp, (b) Nickleback fans, or (c) Nickleback?

I’m going to go with (c) Nickleback.

5. ESPN rules

5 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - ESPN penis

What can I say? Obviously this person doesn’t think highly of ESPN’s on-air personalities.

4. Tebow Burn

4 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - tebow me so holy

When Tim Tebow was at Florida it really was the golden age of awesome GameDay signs. Part of me wishes he could have stayed in college forever.

3. Lee Corso Burn

3 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - corso wears a merkin

There were a lot of anti-Corso signs to choose from, but this is without a doubt the best. I’ll let you look up what a “merkin” is yourself.

2. Hannah Montana

2 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - hannah montana tickets

Remember when Hannah Montana was a thing? Well, back then this was hilarious. (To make it more contemporary, you’d just need to replace “Hannah Montana” with “One Direction.”)

1. Tiger Tea Bagging

1 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - tiger tea bagging

As far as I’m concerned, any College GameDay sign that requires me to obscure the image in order to make is SFW is a winner.