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The 20 Hottest CFL Cheerleaders of 2012

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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hottest cfl cheerleaders

Most football fans in North America are probably pretty wrapped up in NFL and NCAA action these days, and that’s understandable. But here at TotalProSports we like to give the CFL a little love from time to time, too. And since the 2012 CFL playoffs get underway this weekend in Calgary and Toronto, what better time could there be to look back at the regular season and assess…the cheerleaders.

That’s right, the cheerleaders. We know some of you out there might not care who the MVP favorites are, and you probably wonder what the heck an Alouette even is (it’s a bird). But every football fan on earth loves cheerleaders. And the CFL has cheerleaders. Hot ones. So, if you’re not a big CFL fan, take a look at this list and see what you’ve been missing.

20. Jessica (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

20 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleader (Jessica) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Jessica here is a Winnipeg native (shocking, right?) and plans on attending business school in the near future. And that’s about all the useful info you learn about her from the Blue Bomber Cheer Team website. Pretty informative.

19. Casey (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

19 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Cheerleader (Casey) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Of the 8 teams in the CFL, 6 make the playoffs. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are not one of those 6. Obviously Casey and the next cheerleader on the list were not cheering hard enough.

18. Jennifer (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Cheerleader (Jennifer) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Jennifer says that her dream job would be to work as a “resort analyst,” traveling the world and testing resorts, beaches, and culture.

If that’s a real job, then yeah, that’s what I want to be, too.

17. Gian (Toronto Argonauts)

17 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader (Gian) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Not only is Gian a hot cheerleader. She’s also a lawyer. That means if you married her she’d be the good-looking one and the smart one.

16. Taylor (Toronto Argonauts)

16 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader (Taylor) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Taylor says she stays in shape in the offseason by doing “lots and lots of hot yoga.” Of course, any yoga Taylor does is hot yoga.

15. Camille (Calgary Stampeders)

15 Calgary Stampeders Cheerleader (Camille) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

According to her bio on the Outriders website (yes, that’s what the Calgary Stampeders’ cheerleaders are called), Camille’s favorite guilty pleasure is traveling—which is a pretty strange thing to feel guilty about, since pretty much everyone I know enjoys traveling. Maybe she didn’t understand the question.

14. Audrey (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

14 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleaders (Audrey) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

The Blue Bombers, by the way, are the other CFL team not to make the playoffs. It’s not Audrey’s fault, though. She tried her best.

13. Kelly (Edmonton Eskimos)

13 Edmonton Eskimoes Cheerleader (Kelly L) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Where does Kelly want to be in 10 years? “Happy & incredibly healthy on whatever journey life has taken me on.” So this is a woman with a plan.

12. Mackenzie (BC Lions)


Mackenzie is a Felions rookie and a college student trying to work her way to law school. We’ll know in a few weeks whether she successfully cheered her team on to a second consecutive Grey Cup victory.

11. Jackie (Toronto Argonauts)

11 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader (Jackie P.) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Jackie’s occupation as listed as “Social Media and Web Coordinator.” So, kids, go tell your parents that you spending all your time on Facebook can get you a job.

10. Unknown BC Felion

10 BC Lions Felions Cheerleader (Unknown) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Since I was unable to determine this lovely BC Felion’s actual name, I’ve decided that we’ll call her Sandy, and that she is a mortician originally from Dusseldorf, Germany.

9. Monica (Montreal Alouettes)

9 Montreal Alouettes Cheerleader (Monica) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

I am not 100% sure that this cheerleader’s name is, in fact, Monica. I did my best to match the photo up with the tiny profile pictures on the Alouettes’ website, but that’s not easy to do. Someone feel free to correct me.

8. Taylor (Edmonton Eskimos)

8 Edmonton Eskimoes Cheerleader (Taylor) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Taylor is a student at Grant MacEwan University, sturying “French Language Arts,” which sounds like a euphemism for cussing. Her dream is to one day travel the world as an international languages teacher or translator. So that’s nice.

7. Kate (Toronto Argonauts)

7 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader (Kate) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Apparently the Argos like cheerleaders with brains. We’ve already met Gian, the cheerleading lawyer. Now we have Kate, who is a marketing assistant with an investment firm.

Of course, the Argos also like cheerleaders who are really hot.

6. Barbra (Calgary Stampeders)

6 Calgary Stampeders Cheerleader (Barbra) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders (2)

Barbra’s parent’s were like, man, screw that extra A. Nobody pronounces it anyway.

Anyway, on her bio Babs says one unique thing most people don’t know about her is that she loves to make movies and videos. She did not specify what kind. But then on the very next question she says her guilty pleasure is getting her back tickled. So…yeah.

5. Victoria (Edmonton Eskimos)


Victoria’s home town is Calgary, and yet here she is cheering for the Edmonton Eskimos. That’s just shameful. (But she’s really hot, so we’ll forgive her.)

4. Katie (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

4 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleader (Katie) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Katie is a junior at the University of Manitoba, and her dream job is to work as Disneyland playing Tinkerbell. Kind of makes you wonder what her major is, does’t it?

3. Aly (Toronto Argonauts)

3 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader (Aly) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Aly’s life dreams are kind of all over the place. On the one hand this college student says her dream job would be to work as a model, traveling the world. On the other hand, in five years she sees herself working for the Ontario Provincial Police.

2. Petra (Calgary Stampeders)

2 Calgary Stampeders Cheerleader (Petra) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

Petra is a good old Calgary girl who one days wants to work with troubled children or people with developmental disabilities. So she’s a hot cheerleader with a heart of gold. Can’t beat that.

1. Audrey (Montreal Alouettes)

1 Montreal Alouettes Cheerleader (Audrey) - Hottest CFL Cheerleaders

I don’t know anything about Audrey. In fact, I’m not even sure this is Audrey. That was just my best guess at matching photo to one of the small profile pics on the Alouettes cheerleaders website. But here’s what I do know: this woman is gorgeous, and I’m kind of sad the Als got a first round bye in the playoffs, because that only means we’ll see less of her.