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15 Trick Play GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 8, 2012

trick play gifs

I love football as much as the next guy, but let’s be honest: sometimes the game can get a little monotonous. I mean, most of the time, everybody lines up, they snap the ball, everybody runs into each other, they all fall down, then they mill about for a minute and a half while the announced draw circles on the teleprompter. Then they do it again.

So sometimes, as a fan, you just need something to break the cycle, something bold and interesting to get make up for all those boring three-and-outs. And nothing is better in this regard than a trick play. Sure, they may not always work. But even still, they’re usually pretty entertaining. And when they do work? Well, nothing is more exciting.

So today we present you with 15 awesome trick play animated GIFs. Some of failure; others result in dramatic touchdowns. But they’re all fun. Check ‘em out.

15. The Crimson Fake

alabama iron bowl trick play touchdown - trick play gifs

This trick play isn’t really that tricky. Others on the list are much more elaborate. Here, though, what we have is the tight end making like he caught a pass. But he does it so convincingly that the receiver is able to simply stroll into the corner of the end zone with nobody on him. Poor Auburn.

14. Sneaky Seahawks

seattle seahawks trick play - trick play gifs

If you look closely on the left side there, you can see the precise moment where this trick play comes to fruition for the Seahawks. You see it? The Vikings’ #26 leaves the man he was guarding to attack the RB. But—uh oh!—the RB throws a pass down field. Burn!

13. College Fail

virginia trick play fail - trick play gifs

Nothing is more frustrating that dropping a soft pass in the end zone…except maybe dropping a soft pass in the end zone on a trick play. After all, you only get one shot at catching your opponent off guard with a trick play. And in this case the trick part worked like a charm, leaving the receiver wide open. It’s the play part that didn’t work so well.

This kid shouldn’t feel bad, though. The pros botch plays up from time to time also…

12. Pro Fail

steelers trick play fail - trick play gifs

See? Like I was saying, the pros also botch easy touchdown passes. There’s not a defender within a mile, and yet he can’t seem to reel the pass in. Coaches love this sort of thing.

11. Bobcat Bamboozle

ohio university trick play touchdown - trick play gifs

This kind of play works because you get the defense thinking it’s a running play, and so eventually they stop worrying about the wide receivers. Then one of them just takes off downfield, where he finds himself wide open. Here Ohio does it perfectly.

10. Texas Tech Trickery

texas tech trick play touchdown - trick play gifs

Experiencing some deja vu? Yeah, this is almost exactly the same as the trick play we just saw. You’ve still got two hand-offs and three guys touching the ball before it’s thrown. The only real difference is that, here, they draw the defense over to one side of the field, then send a diagonal pass back across, cutting against the flow of traffic.

9. The Jump Pass

cincinnati bearcats trick play touchdown - trick play gifs

Here the defenders get fooled by just one step. They think it’s a running play, so they leave their guy to go plug the gap. Then the RB stops in his tracks, takes a little jump shot, and the receiver is off to the races.

8. Trick Play Fail

trick play fail - trick play gifs

This is what happens when a trick play ends up not being so tricky. It seems like the red team with white helmets is trying to pull the old “wrong ball” trick where, after the ball is snapped, the kid just stands up, looks at it funny, and starts walking over to the sideline saying it’s the wrong ball. Then, when the other team let’s their guard down, he runs like hell.

When it works, this is an epic trick play. Here, however, it doesn’t work. One of the kids on the black team realizes what’s going on and obliterates his opponent.

7. Crazy Ducks

oregon two point conversion trick play - trick play gifs

The Oregon Ducks have really gotten creative on point-after attempts. Instead of a traditional formation, they line up with the punter taking the snap. Then he has a look around to see if there are any opportunities for a two-point conversion. In that case, that’s actually the place kicker receiver the ball and running it into the end zone.

6. The Kansas City Shuffle

chiefs fake field goal fail - trick play gifs

This, sadly, is what happens when the atrocious Kansas City Chiefs try to get cute—they fail miserably.

Actually, if you look closely you’ll see it’s possible that this was just a botched extra point attempt that they tried to disguise as a tick play.

Of course, either way it doesn’t end very well.

5. The Old Back 'n Forth

western kentucky hilltoppers trick play two point conversion - trick play gifs

Man, the Kentucky Wildcats should really just stick to basketball. I mean, look at them. I know the lateral pass would fool a lot of teams and screw up their coverage, but this is ridiculous. By the time the guy catches the forward pass and heads for the end zone there is not one single blue shirt on that side of the field. That’s just terrible.

4. Hide and Seek, Part 1

riley cooper eagles trick play hide in end zone 2

This has to be one of the all-time weird but genius trick plays in football. Hiding in the end zone by lying down on the painted letters? That’s brilliant. And the best part is that it worked…kind of. Take a look at the next slide to see if from another angle.

4. Hide and Seek, Part 2

riley cooper eagles trick play hide in end zone

Riley Cooper of the Eagles goes completely unnoticed by the kickoff team. As a result he blows past them all for a touchdown. However, it turns out that the guy who threw Cooper the ball accidentally threw it forward instead of backward, rendering the play dead.

What a waste, right?

3. Who's Got It?

beast football trick play - trick play gifs

Most trick plays involve sudden change-ups. First one guy has it going one direction; then, all of a sudden, the other guy has it going the other direction. The other team is fooled not because they don’t know where the ball is, but because they don’t know where it’s going. However, with this trick play, it is a matter of not knowing where the ball actually is. And it’s pretty awesome.

2. The Bouquet Trick

high school trick play two point conversion - trick play gifs

Oh sure, they could have just run a typical two-point conversion play with the QB taking the snap in a shotgun position. But where’s the fun in that? Throwing the ball blindly over your head like a bride throws her bouquet is must more fun.

1. Just Walk

middle school football trick play - trick play gifs

Despite the fact that this is only a middle school football game, I do think it is the greatest trick play ever. And what makes it so special is that it requires genuine acting skills. If the kid taking the snap is not so nonchalant, he blows his cover and the jig is up. But he’s cool as a cumber, and the players on the other team are dumfounded just long enough for the QB to make a break for it. Classic.