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One-Legged Field Intruder Interrupts Brazilian Soccer Match (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, August 29, 2013

one legged field intruder brazil soccer

In Canada and in England, the physically disabled use their wheelchairs to help assist them with their field intrusions.

As for the soccer fans in Brazil, they appear to be a much tougher bread.  Not only do they refuse to allow a missing leg to keep them off the field of play, but they also aren’t interested in seeking any assistance from a wheelchair, crutches, or any other device during their field intruding adventures.

Take this dude, for example.  During what would have otherwise been a rather uneventful match between Corinthians and Coritiba of Brazil’s top professional soccer league, which Corinthians won easily by a score of 5-1, a one-legged fan decided to provide some additional entertainment when he hopped his way out onto the field.

Unfortunately for him, he was unable to elude stadium security, for obvious reasons.

Check it out: