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The 20 Hottest NBA WAGs of 2012-13

by: Esteban On  Monday, December 3, 2012
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nba wags 2012-13

With the 2012-13 NBA season now two weeks old, it’s a perfect time to take a look at the hottest wives and girlfriends the league has to offer this season. And let me tell you, the list is more impressive that ever. In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that the NBA has by far the best-looking WAGs among all the major North American sports league. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the hottest NBA wags of 2012-13 and judge of yourself.

20. Jessica Olsson

nba wags

Significant Other: Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks)

There seems to have been some confusion this summer as to whether or not the Mavericks’ superstar tied to knot to girlfriend Jessica Olsson. The cause for the confusion? Apparently they took some wedding photos before the actual ceremony. In any case, the Texas judge who performed the nuptials confirms that they did indeed get hitched on July 20 before heading to the Caribbean for a more lavish ceremony. So there. Case closed.

19. Gabrielle Union

19 gabrielle union (dwyane wade) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)

Get this—Gabrielle Union is forty years old. Her man? He’s ten years her junior. So yeah, that makes her a cougar.

18. Tamia Hill

18 tamia hill (grant hill) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Grant Hill (L.A. Clippers)

Did you even know Grant Hill was still playing? The dude is 40 years old. In any case, his wife is Canadian R&B singer Tamia, who had some modest hits back in the early 2000s. The two have been hitched for 13 years.

17. La La Vazquez

17 lala vazquez (carmelo anthony) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks)

‘Melo and La La had a long engagement. They became betrothed way back in 2004, but didn’t tie the knot until 2010, after Anthony had been traded to the Knicks. In the meantime, the NBA star and his DJ/VH1 host wife had a kid, Kiyan, in 2007.

16. Jennifer Freeman

16 Jennifer Freeman (Earl Watson) - NBA WAGs 2012-13 2

Significant Other: Earl Watson (Utah Jazz)

If you know Jennifer Freeman, it’s probably from Damon Wayans’ ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids, which aired from 2001 to 2005. It’s very unlikely that you recognize her as Earl Watson’s wife.

15. Gina Antoniello

15 Gina Antoniello (Spencer Hawes) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Spencer Hawes (Philadelphia 76ers)

In addition to being a pretty okay-looking model, Gina Antoniello is the Nets’ on-court reporter and a grad student at Columbia. Apparently she and Spencer “Who the Hell Is That?” Hawes began dating in 2011 after a mutual friend introduced them.

14. Meghan Allen

14 meghan allen (devin harris) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Devin Harris (Atlanta Hawks)

Devin Harris is new to the Hawks this year, and he brings some serious WAG firepower with him in Playboy Playmate Meghan Allen. I’m sure Atlanta is glad to have him already.

13. Malaysia Pargo

13 malaysia pargo (jannero pargo) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Jannero Pargo (Washington Wizards)

It’s not every day that the WAG is more famous than the player, but that certainly is the case with this couple. Jannero is a journeyman point guard whose bounced around the NBA and even a couple of European leagues. But his wife, Malaysia, managed to make a name for herself on the VH1 reality show <i>Basketball Wives: LA.

12. Trina

12 Trina (James Harden) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: James Harden (Houston Rockets)

Rumors have it that Harden broke up with hip-hop star Trina back in the summer via text message. However, in October the two were spotted together, and apparently it looked like they were having a good time. So I guess she forgave him.

11. Adrienne Bosh

11 Adrienne Bosh (Chris Bosh) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Chris Bosh (Miami Heat)

Bosh may be the least of Miami’s so-called “Big Three,” but in the wife department he came out on top. Mrs. Bosh is a drop-dead knockout. LeBron and D-Wade can eat their hearts out.

10. Vanessa Brynt

10 Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers)

Vanessa is fortunate to be on this list for two reasons. First, she came perilously close to becoming an ex-WAG last year. Second, it looks like she’s had some work done on her face and, to me at least, it doesn’t really look like an improvement. Hopefully she’ll chill out with the plastic surgery before things get really weird.

9. Silvia Lopez Castro


Significant Other: Pau Gasol (L.A. Lakers)

Not only does Kobe not have the hottest WAG in the NBA anymore. He doesn’t even have the hottest WAG on his own team. That honor now belongs to Gasol, whose girlfriend Silvia is flat out gorgeous. Of course, egomaniac that he is, Koba probably has a prima nocta clause worked into his contract.

8. Ayesha Curry

8 Ayesha Curry (Stephen Curry) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Stephen Curry is a loyal dude. He met his wife, Ayesha, in a church youth group in their home town of Charlotte when they were just 15 and 14. They’ve been together ever since, tied the knot in 2011, and had a daughter in 2012.

7. Sabina Gadecki

7 Sabina Gadecki (David Lee) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: David Lee (Golden State Warriors)

David Lee has really come into his own in recent years. In 2009-10 he averaged 20.2 PPG and made the All-Star Game. Then he had a slight dip in 2010-11, his first year with the Warriors, before picking it up again in 2011-12.

Obviously, with that kind of production the dude was eligible of a super hot model girlfriend, and that’s exactly what Sabina is—a super hot model.

6. Elaine Alden

6 Elaine Alden (Landry Fields) - NBA WAGs 2012-13 2

Significant Other: Landry Fields (Toronto Raptors)

How does a second-year NBA player get girlfriend this hot? How!? (They started dating last year. This is Landry’s third season in the NBA.)

5. Teresa Lourenco

5 Teresa Lourenco (Richard Jefferson) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Richard Jefferson (Golden State Warriors)

Man, the Warriors are stacked. Three WAGs in the top 10! And Teresa here, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Dior, and Vogue, is the best of the bunch.

4. Zuleyka Rivera

4 Zuleyka Rivera (J.J. Barea) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: J.J. Barea (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Puerto Rican basketball star J.J. Barea hooked up with fellow Puerto Rican and Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera a couple years ago, and last year the couple had a kid. Man is that little guy lucky.

3. Amelia Vega

3 Amelia Vega (Al Horford) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks)

Here’s a case of one Dominican hooking up with another. Al Horford was born in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, and his insanely hot model/beauty queen wife was born in Santiago de los Caballeros.

2. Sabrina Maserati

2 Sabrina Maserati (Blake Griffin) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers)

I’m not sure, but I think Blake Griffin’s girlfriend is some kind of model.

What’s that? Yes? She is? Yeah, I thought so.

1. Porschla Coleman

1 porschla coleman (jason kidd) - NBA WAGs 2012-13

Significant Other: Jason Kidd (New York Knicks)

Don’t confuse Porschla Coleman the with Porscha Coleman. The latter is a TV actress. The former is a crazy hot model who married Jason Kidd in 2011 after dating hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons for a while.

Holy. Cow.