Nashville Predators Surprise Youth Hockey Players by Giving Their Game the Full NHL Treatment (Video)

predators smashmob youth hockey game cheerleaders

We all know how NHL players are keeping busy during the (ridiculously stupid) NHL lockout. They’re hunting wild animals and playing for teams in random countries all over Europe.

But what about everyone else who plays a role in the day-to-day functioning of NHL teams? What are they doing during the lockout?

Well, the fact of the matter is, most of them are probably sitting at home, laid off, hoping the league resumes before they run out of savings.

But apparently not everyone is that bad off. The Nashville Predators, for example, recently decided to give some of their employees something constructive to do. So they had them surprise two youth hockey teams by showing up for one of their games with 250 fans, coach Barry Trotz, their mascot, the Preds’ PA announcer, their TV broadcast team, and, most importantly, their ice girls crew.

The Preds called it a “smashmob.” You might recall that a German sports network did something similar for a couple of low-level German soccer teams earlier this year. Of course, that wasn’t nearly as adorable.

Take a look:

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Hats off to the Predators for pulling this off.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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