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Check Out NBA Ref Joey Crawford’s Weird Little Foul Dance (Video)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 16, 2015
Tags:  Indiana Pacers   L.A. Lakers   NBA   Referees  

NBA ref Joey Crawford doing funny dance

We all knew baseball umpires like to jazz up their punch-out calls. It’s a long-standing tradition. But did you know that some NBA refs are trying to add some pizzazz to their officiating as well?

It’s true. Look no further than last night’s Pacers-Lakers game in Los Angeles.

It was a tight, low-scoring affair that went down to the wire. With tension mounting late in the game, the score tied  74-74, and 1:17 left on the clock, the Pacers’ David West got the ball at the top of the key and decided to drive hard to the basket. Lakers point guard Chris Duhon rushed to get in his path, but didn’t quite get his feet planted in time and ended up getting called for blocking.

It was a big call at a crucial moment. So referee Joey Crawford didn’t just blow the whistle. He turned the foul call into a spectacle by doing a little dance.

No joke. Take a look for yourself:

I think I speak for everyone in the basketball-loving world when I ask, “what the hell, dude?”

Anyway, thanks in part to that call—which, upon further review, seems incorrect—the Pacers held on to win the game 79-77.

I guess there’s no better way to add some extra attention to a crucial blown call than by over-emphasizing the manner in which you make said call.