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20 Awesome Sports High Five GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 20, 2012

sports high five gifs

The high five has been a part of sports since time immemorial. It is the primary form of congratulation during a sporting event, right ahead of the traditional sports butt slap. So you might think there wouldn’t be anything particularly interesting about high fives. They happen about 15 times a game in most leagues, and 15 times a minute in the NBA. (“Hey, nice free throw buddy.”) But you know what? Players surprise us. Every once in a while they find a way to make the high five interesting—either by adding a unique, personal touch, or by completely blowing it. And these moments are definitely worthy of being immortalized in animated GIF form. So check out the 20 high five GIFs that follow. You won’t be disappointed.

20. Auburn Fail

20 auburn fans high five fail gif

In fairness to these guys, Auburn fans didn’t have much to cheer about this year, having gone 0-8 in the SEC. They were probably just a bit rusty.


19. Kentucky Fail

19 drunk kentucky fan high five fail gif

You’re a Kentucky football fan, so you go ahead and have 6 beers assuming you won’t be needing your motor skills for celebration. Then all of a sudder, you team actually scores…and this happenes.


18. Accidental High Five

18 basketball players accidental high five gif

Which odds are better: this happening, or you winning the PowerBall drawing?


17. Bosh Fail

17 chris bosh high five fail gif

He’s a monster on the boards, but don’t ask Bosh to high five with his left hand. He is definitely not an ambi-fiver.


16. F-1 Fail

16 F-1 high five fail gif

With this epic high five fail courtesy of Formula 1 execs we begin the “rich white dudes being super lame” portion of today’s list.

Next up?


15. Bob Kraft left hangin

15 bob kraft left hanging high five

What? Nobody wants to give Patriots owner Bob Kraft a high five? Whatever happened to yes-men and suck-ups?

14. W

14 nolan ryan high fives george w bush gif

Hey George, I know you were, like, busy fighting the War on Terror™ for the last decade or so, but that’s not really how high fives work. You’re just supposed to slap, not grab and shake.

But you’ll get it next time buddy.


13. Golf Fail

13 golf high five fail gif

Here’s our last high five GIF featuring lame white guys. And it’s a classic.


12. Kevin Love left hangin

12 kevin love high five fail gif

Speaking of classics, how about this one of Kevin Love getting no love from his T-Wolves teammate? If there are high fives more awkward than this, I haven’t seen them.


11. Nittany Lion left hangin

11 penn state player left hanging high five gif

“Come on guys, I swear, it wasn’t me who ratted on Coach Paterno.”


10. Boozer left hangin

10 carlos boozer left hanging high five gif

Poor C-Booz. He goes up for the backhanded high five and gets nothing but air.


9. Buck Showalter left hangin

9 buck showalter left handing high five fail gif

Apparently Mark Reynolds really had to take a leak and just did not have time to stop and give his manager some love. Buck makes the lemonade out of those lemons though, doesn’t he?


8. Friends with Benefits Chest Bump

8 friends with benefits hand shake chest bump gif

Hey, there’s sports on in the background, so this one counts. Besides, are you going to turn down a chance to use a GIF of Mila Kunis in her underwear?


7. Erik Cole shows love for the ref

7 nhl erik cole high fives referee gif

Was is just a matter of reflex and habit, or was Erik Cole planning this one for a while?


6. Vincent Jackson shows love for the ref


This has to be one fo the all-time great high fives in the history of sports, no? When the refs make the touchdown signal, they’re just begging for it.


5. Love not returned

5 illinois footbal player high fives referee gif

This guy was like, “come on ref, it looked so cool with that guy on the Chargers did it.”


4. High Fives to Nowhere

4 andrew bogut high five to nobody gif

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Andrew Bogut didn’t let the fact that no teammates were around to congratulate him for sinking a free throw stop him from partaking in the time-honored basketball tradition.


3. More High Fives to Nowhere

3 harden pretend high fives gif

Here was have James Harden pulling a Bogut. Gotta love it.


2. WTF?

2 crazy dodgers high five gif

Is this the weirdest high five/secret handshake in the history of sports?

Well, unless you can prove otherwise, I say yes, it is.


1. Bloomberg Gives Mr. Met Some Love

1 mayor bloomberg high fives mr met gif

How can you not love the mayor of New York?