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20 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, December 5, 2012
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hottest nfl cheerleaders of 2012

The NFL season still has a few more weeks to go, and while a few teams have already locked up their trip to the playoffs, there are still a lot of spots up for grabs. So I’m not about to make any predictions just yet.

However, I am ready to make a call on one thing: the cheerleaders. The past 13 weeks have been more than enough time to evaluate this year’s cheering talent, and today I present you with this list of the top 20 NFL cheerleaders of 2012. When it comes to cheerleaders, nobody does it better than the NFL. So you’re in for a real treat.

Ready to get started? Good. Let’s go…


20. Jacque – Arizona Cardinals

20 Jacque - Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

I’m going to assume this lovely woman’s full name is Jacqueline, and that the shortened version is pronounced “Jackie.” However, I have to admit that every time I read it, I say “Jacques” (as in Jacques Cousteau) in my head. In any case, when she’s not cheering on the Cardinals or correcting people on the pronunciation of her name, Jacque works as a civil engineer for a land development firm. So, yeah, she’s got big brains, too.


19. Emi – New York Jets

19 Emi new york jets flight crew cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

The Jets are having a miserable, Tebow-less season. But at least their cheerleaders—including Emi, here—are doing okay.


18. Heather – Denver Broncos

18 Heather Denver Broncos Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

A blonde cheerleader named Heather? No. Way.


17. Melissa – San Francisco 49ers

17 Melissa San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Gorgeous Melissa is in her third year with the 49ers “Gold Rush” cheerleading squad. She lists her occupation as “student” studying “Fashion Merchandising” with a  minor in business.

I’d buy a shirt from her.


16. Geneva – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

15 Geneva Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

I don’t know what Geneva does to earn a living off the field, but I do know she’s really into CrossFit training. And, if you can believe, this photo doesn’t even do her justice. I highly recommend you also check out her profile video on the Bucs Cheerleaders website.


15. Elizabeth – Houston Texans

15 Elizabeth Houston Texans Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Pink is a very good color for Elizabeth. Unfortunately that, and the fact that she hails from Rosenberg, TX, are all I know about her. She’s just a rookie on the Texans squad, and they haven’t gotten around to filling out her bio just yet.


14. Erin P. – Atlanta Falcons

14 Erin P. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

On Erin’s profile under education, it simply says “Univeristy of Georgia, Biology and Spanish.” It doesn’t say whether she’s still a student or has already earned her degree. That makes interpreting the nature of her occupation—which she lists as “marketing technology consultant”—quite difficult. On the one hand, if she already has her degree, then I imagine this is a genuine marketing gig. On the other hand, if she’s still a student, it could simply mean that she likes to tweet a lot.

One thing I do know? Erin P. is a stone cold fox.


13. Toni D. – Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

13 Toni D. Denver Broncos Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Toni D., a dance teacher by trade, is a member of one of the hottest all-around cheerleading squads in the NFL. They’re right up there in the top 5 after Dallas, Miami, and Tampa Bay.

Denver: who knew?


12. Rebecca Shedden – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12 Rebecca Shedden Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Like her teammate Geneva (#16), this photo does not do Rebecca justice. If you want to see more, just Google her.

Oh, and by the way, she doesn’t just get by on her looks. She’s also a nurse.


11. Jasmine – New Orleans Saints

11 Jasmine New Orleans Saints Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Fortunately the Saints Cheerleaders didn’t have a bounty system in which they paid their cheerleaders to injure opposing cheerleaders by knocking over their pyramids and whatnot. I can handle no Sean Payton, but it would have been a real shame if we were deprived of Jasmine’s services this year.


10. Idelys – Miami Dolphins

10 Idelys Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

The Dolphins Cheerleaders are all pretty gorgeous, but to me Idyles stands out from the pack. However, she doesn’t stand out quite as much as two of her teammates, one of whom is coming up right now…


9. Brianne – Miami Dolphins

9 Briane Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Brianne here has an Associates Degree from Palm Beach State College. I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds like a fine institution of higher learning.

In any case, she says she’s most proud of her parents—which is exactly what I would say if I looked like her.


8. Krista – New York Jets

8 Krista Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

The Flight Crew really is one of the better-looking squads in the NFL, which is hard to believe given their affiliation with the same team that thinks Rex Ryan is a good coach and didn’t think bringing in Tim Tebow would be a distraction.


7. Chelsea N. – Jacksonville Jaguars

7 Chelsea N. Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

On the whole, the Jacksonville squad disappointed me. I expected them to be in the top 5 or 10 as a group. That being said, Chelsea, here, is doing absolutely fantastic work.


6. Chelsey – Philadelphia Eagles


We move from Jacksonville’s Chelsea to Philadelphia’s Chelsey. And, wow, what a difference a one little letter makes. Chelsey with a Y is just ridiculously gorgeous.


5. Candace – Denver Broncos

5 Candace Denver Broncos Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

This photo is a little overprocessed, but I think Candace’s natural beauty still shines through. She’s in her third year with the DBCs, and in her regular life is a Surgical Sales Rep.

Anybody need some suture?


4. Alyssa – Baltimore Ravens

4 Alyssa H. Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

According to her bio, Alyssa’s “favorite days are spent on her boat out on the Chesapeake Bay with friends and family, crabbing or barbequing on a sand bar.”

What a coincidence—my favorite days are also spent crabbing and barbecuing on a sand bar. What are the odds?


3. Grace – Miami Dolphins

3 Grace Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Thomas Aquinas said Grace is a gift bestowed on humankind by God.

Dude wasn’t kidding.


2. Alexandra Caroline – Dallas Cowboys

2  Alexandra Caroline Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

You didn’t think we’d get all the way through this list and not see a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, did you?


1. Mila – Washington Redskins

1 Mila Washington Redskins Cheerleader (Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2012)

Mila here was #1 on our list of cheerleaders to watch in 2011, and it turns out that she hasn’t gotten any less hot in the intervening 15 months.

So here she is, the hottest NFL Cheerleader of 2012.