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20 Funny Sports Reporter GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 6, 2012

sports reporter gifs

It sure seems like it would be fun to be a sports reporter, hanging around pro athletes, getting the inside scoop, and watching tons of great games. But as with every job, this one has its downsides. People get in your shot, balls hit you in the head, and producers make you do embarrassing stuff. As a result, sometimes you just lose your mind and, say, choke a colleague, or completely destroy an anthropomorphic piñata.

Anyway, today we take a look at the perils of being a sports reporter with this list of animated GIFs. Though I’m not saying I would turn down such a gig if it was offered to me, after seeing these, I’d at least think twice.

Take a look…

20. Costas Gets Videobombed by the Bird Man

u.s. open bird man videobombs costas

Usually Bob Costas wows us with his words, but in this case no words were necessary. The look on his face says it all.


19. J.R. Smith Making Her Job Difficult

basketball player messing with courtside reporter

You think this lady doesn’t something’s going on behind her? No, she knows. But she doesn’t flinch, because she’s a pro.


18. Lookout!

sports reporter almost run over by car

The whole way you’re thinking, well, the driver sees the reporter, the cameraman, and the lights, obviously. He’ll stop. And then he doesn’t.

Here’s a hint: if you are driving a car in reverse on the sidewalk, just do everybody a favor and check the rearview mirror, k?


17. Move!

erin andrews told to get off the court

Look, Erin, you’re cute and I love ya, but get off the damn court. We’re trying to play a game here.


16. Shake 'N Bake

west virginia coach dodging reporters

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke played linebacker in college, but the sweet juke he puts on to ditch the reporters here suggests he should have been a running back.


15. Samantha Steele


Just Samantha Steele getting ready to blow some guy’s horn. No biggie.


14. Jay's Jazz Hands

jay onrait jazz hands gif

TSN’s Jay Onrait is definitely one of the more entertaining personalities in sports media today. Did you see his Movember mustache?

13. Tony the Strangler

tony siragusa choking gif

Siragusa’s college just looks real comfortable here doesn’t he? How would you like it if a 400-pound guy “pretended” to strangle you while you were trying to work?


12. Throw in the Towel

towel thrown on courtside reporter's head

Whether it was an accident or on purpose, this shot is pretty amazing…except for this guy. Getting a sweaty towel on your face probably really sucks.


11. Drinkin' Some Cammy Cam Juice

tracy wolfson drinking cammy cam juice

Cam Newton doesn’t just drink regular Gatorade. He drinks some special concoction he calls “Cammy Cam Juice.” And one day back when Newton was at Auburn, CBS’s Tracy Wolfson took a squirt of Cam’s Cammy Cam Juice.


She said it was too sweet.


10. Foooooooore!

reporter hit in head with soccer ball

Now this is a cool chick. That ball to the side of the head had to hurt like a mother, but she shook it off and continued her report. Not bad.


9. Reportin' in the Rain

erin andrews in the rain

Here Erin Andrews is thinking, “maybe it’s time I look for a studio job.”


8. Sergio Ramos, Videobomber

sergio ramos video bombs reporter

Is World Series Champion Sergio Ramos doing a monkey impression or something?


7. Hey, how YOU doin?

how you doin

You know about 10 seconds before he did this, the guy was on the phone with his buddy telling him to turn on CSN.


6. Incoming!

ian hit with football

Those are some catlike reflexes, Ian Rapoport. Lookin’ smooth.


5. The Fat Oracle

fat kid thinks erin andrews is hot

Thanks, fat kid. Everybody already knew Erin Andrews was hot. Just sit down and start doing your “Rock Chalk” chant, okay?


4. Let's Make Out

iker casillas kissing reporter

Don’t worry, that’s Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas’s girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, who just so happens to be a super hot Spanish sideline reporter. He had just won the World Cup and didn’t feel like pretending they weren’t a couple, I guess.


3. Shaq Attack

shaq attacking pinata 1

If it were anybody else, you’d be like, WTF? But it’s Shaq. So you just shrug your shoulders and say, well, yeah.


2. Shaq Attack Continues

shaq attacking pinata 2

This reminds me of a painting I once saw.

1. Heads Up


Now, you might be thinking, what, soccer balls hit people in the head all the time. It’s how you play the game. But keep in mind, they usually his the front of the head when people are expecting it and can brace themselves. This hits the poor lady in the back of the head out of nowhere. She probably had whiplash after this.