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31 of the Funniest Manny Pacquiao Knockout Memes

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, December 11, 2012

manny pacquiao knockout meme

On Saturday night, if you stuck your head out your window just a few minutes after Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out cold at the MGM Grand in Vegas, you might have heard a faint sound of clicking and clacking off in the distance. It was the sound of a million people jumping all over this story to create the world’s newest and (until something crazy happens tomorrow) hottest internet meme. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up almost instantly with a ton of images featuring Manny Pacquiao lying unconscious in one place or another thanks to the wonders of photoshop. And of course, many of them were really funny. So for today we did a little digging and came up with what we thought were some of the best Manny Pacquiao knockout memes.

Have a look and, hopefully, a laugh.


31. Street Fighter

31 manny pacquiao video game meme

In fairness, Ryu is way out of Manny’s weight class.


30. Heavy Drinker?

30 manny pacquiao  men be like yeah i can hold my liquor meme

That’s how it always goes, isn’t it? You’re doing fine, but then you have one more Jaeger Bomb and it all goes to hell.


29. Top Bunk

29 manny pacquiao step brothers meme

I guess Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly will be spooning tonight.


28. NBA Casualties

28 manny pacquiao nuggets meme

All this flopping in the NBA is just getting ridiculous.


27. Ethnic Humor

27 manny pacquiao mexican joke meme

Get it? Juan? It sounds like one. And he’s Mexican.

Clever, right?


26. In the Background

26 manny pacquiao meme

Quick survey: how long did it take you to notice Manny Pacquiao lying on the bed in the background?


25. The Simpsons

25 manny pacquiao simpsons meme

If this were real it would easily be one of the top 10 Simpsons couch gags of all time. It might even be the best—but I hesitate to make such a bold claim.


24. Cameo

24 manny pacquiao dead body first 48 meme

You don’t normally have “cameos” on reality TV shows, but the producers of A&E’s The First 48 made an exception for Manny.


23. Smelling the Febreeze

23 manny pacquiao febreeze meme

Hey, remember that Febreeze commercial where the guy gets down on the carpet to smell the carpet after the wavy fish odor lines have been chased off by Febreeze? Yeah, that was weird, but at least it resulted in this.


22. I'm Looking Like Pacquiao

22 manny pacquiao dod meme

Awe, somebody punched that cute French bulldog in the face? That’s terrible.


21. Pacquiaoing!

21 pacquaioing meme

Forget planking. Forget Tebowing. Pacquiaoing is the new thing (that your dad will discover in 3 months).


20. More Pacquiaoing!

20 manny pacquiaoing meme

This guy nailed it, right down to the position of Manny’s right arm.


19. Massage Therapy

19 manny pacquiao massage meme

There’s nothing like  a deep tissue massage to melt the stress away.


18. Relaxing

18 manny pacquiao relaxing on the beach

No towel? I hope the sand isn’t too hot.


17. NFL Casualties

17 manny pacquiao tony romo meme

Yeah, Romo sucks!

(That’s the popular opinion these days, right?)


16. Napping

16 manny pacquiao mattress store meme

This is me every time I go into a furniture store.


15. Napping Again

15 manny pacquiao lying in race car bed meme

This is me at my uncle’s house every Christmas Eve after a few too many scotches and sodas.


14. The Lion King

14 manny pacquiao lion king meme

Manny’s wife Jinkee knows how Simba feels. She was pretty hysterical after the knockout, and now she’s saying she wants him to retire.



13. More NBA Casualties

13 manny pacquiao derrick rose meme

I saw what happened to Manny. What is Derrick’s excuse?


12. I'm Batman

12 manny pacquiao batman meme

“I’m Batman…I said, I’m Batman…hello? Hey buddy, are you okay?”


11. Joe Glass

11 manny pacquiao mike tyson's punch-out meme

Just like in the classic Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Juan Manuel Marquez discovered that you just have to wait until Manny starts to punch, then punch him, and you’ll knock him out.


10. Sleeping Beauty

10 manny pacquiao sleeping beauty meme

Some day his prince will come.

(Hint: It’s Bob Arum.)


9. Slip 'n Slide

9 manny pacquiao slip n slide meme

This is one of my personal favourites. Even unconscious Manny Pacquiao loves a good Slip ‘n Slide.


8. Manny vs. The Rock

8 manny pacquiao with the rock meme

Manny smelled what The Rock, and it knocked him the f out.


7. Manny vs. The Hulkster

7 manny pacquiao and the hulkster meme

It could be worse for Manny. Someone could have photoshopped him into the Hulkster’s sex tape.

(Did you just shudder?)


6. When Memes Collide

6 tebow praying for manny pacquiao meme

Hey, if you’re going to have somebody praying for you, you could do worse than Tim Tebow.


5. Why Wait?

5 manny pacquiao snickers meme

He got tackled by Betty White.


4. Smooth Criminal

4 manny pacquiao michael jackson meme

You know the internet has just been waiting for Manny to get knocked out so they could use this one.

And yes, I do always refer to “the internet” as a single collaborative entity.


3. Baby Pacquiaoing

3 manny pacquiao mocked by baby

If I was Filipino and I had a  baby, I would have done this too. It’s absolutely brilliant.


2. The Kim K Sex Tape

2 manny pacquiao in kim kardashian sex tape meme

This was our Pic of the Day yesterday, and I must admit that it took me a while to see it. (Yeah, I’m a little slow. So what?)


1. The First Pacquiaoing

1 manny pacquiaoing on arrested development

George Michael Bluth has this Pacquiaoing down.

Critics always said Arrested Development was ahead of its time, but this is ridiculous.