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Steve Young Thinks The Texans “Have The Biggest” What?!?! (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, December 11, 2012

steve young texans biggest stick

The Houston Texans went into last night’s game against the Patriots with the best record in the AFC, and they left last night’s game against the Patriots with the best record in the AFC. However, after the 42-14 drubbing the Texans received from Tom Brady and company, there’s nobody on earth who thinks the Texans are actually the best team in their conference. Paid experts and fans alike sounded off after the game on Facebook, Twitter, and in the headlines of various newspapers and websites. But nobody ripped into them quite like Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young.

Young, you see, was doing some post-game commentary on ESPN, and he didn’t hold back when assessing the Texans’ failure.

His choice of words? Well, it was interesting.

Have a look (and, more importantly, a listen) for yourself:

Obviously, Mr. Young  is actually saying, “for a team that thinks they have the biggest STICK in the league.” But that aint what it sounded like.

Of course, while the language may be inappropriate for basic cable, it actually would have been more factually correct if he did reference the Texans’ opinion of their collective genitalia. That “biggest stick” phrase is pretty out of date.