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15 Best Sports Memes of 2012

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 13, 2012

funniest sports memes of 2012

It’s only mid-December, but chances are you’re already getting tired of all the “Best of 2012″ lists out there on the internet. However, here at TotalProSports, we’re trying to keep things fresh and fun. So instead of looking at “the most important moments” or “the biggest stories” today, we’re going to look back at the year in sports as documented by internet memes.

Now, just in case you’re a little behind the times, let me catch you up. Technically, an internet meme is any concept that spreads via the internet. So that can include viral videos, pictures, phrases, stories, or whatever. However, most of the time what we’re talking about when we use the phrase “meme” are those pictures with funny and/or clever captions you see people post on their Facebook timeline. People make numerous versions of these things, and they become a trend or fad.

So that is a meme. And today we’re looking at the funniest sports memes of 2012. Take a look. I dare you not to laugh.


15. Photogenic Football Player

15 photogenic football player meme 1

Brandon Lloyd may not be a superstar receiver, but he certainly is a superstar sports meme. When he made this diving catch earlier this season—with what appears to be a huge grin on his face—the official internet meme-makers (that’s not a thing) had a lot of fun.

As far as I know, though, smiles are not actually worth 100 fantasy points. Yet.



14. D-Rose Injury

14 derrick rose meme 1

Derrick Rose missed time at the end of last season but was able to return for the Bulls’ first playoff game against the 76ers. And in that first game he tore his ACL. Then the Bulls lost the series. There were, of course, a lot of jokes made about this, but this one was the best.

Who doesn’t love the Lion King?


13. Good Job! Good Effort!

13 good job good effort

After a home loss to the Celtics during the Eastern Conference Finals last year, the Miami Heat players were heckled on their way to the locker room. Instead, they were showered with encouragement from one enthusiastic Miami fan. That kid, of course, was shouting to every player who walked off the court, “Good job! Good effort!”

That’s the kind of stuff memes are made of.


12. Mo Farah running away from things

12 mo farah running away from things 2

One of the surprise stars of the 2012 Summer Olympics was Mo Farah. First the Brit won gold in the 10,000 meter race. Then, a few days later, he became one of the few people to also win gold in the 5,000 meter race. And as he crossed the finish line to win his second gold medal, the look on his face was priceless. It was so priceless, in fact, that people started photoshopping the image into thousands of scenes, and the meme “Mo Farah Running Away From Things” was born.


11. Surly Queen

11 queen elizabeth meme 2

In case you didn’t realize, Queen Elizabeth isn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy people person. Even still, you’d think she could keep a phoney smile going for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics her country is hosting.

But no. Every time the cameras cut to her she had a look on her face that fell someone boredom and disdain. So that’s how images like the one you see here came about.


10. JaVale McGee

10 javale mcgee confused meme 1

JaVale McGee of the Denver Nuggets has the reputation for being either goofy, weird, dumb, or some combination of the three. Is that rep totally justified? No, maybe not totally. But it’s definitely somewhat justified. I mean, there was the time that video of him taking “the cinnamon challenge” popped up on YouTube. And the time he did a self-ally-oop dunk…when his 1-11 team trailed by 6 points in the 3rd quarter. And the time he got benched for a flagrant case of goaltending in which he smacked the ball into the stand ten rows deep.

So even if JaVale himself isn’t stupid, he definitely does stupid things. So when you get a photo of the guy with this look on his face, a meme is bound to spring up.


9. Smoking Jay Cutler

9 smoking jay cutler meme 1

The only guy in the entire NFL who likes Ndamukong Suh? That would be Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Why is that? Well, for starters, Suh has yet to stomp on Cutlers nads during a game (though it’s just a matter of time). More importantly, though, Suh’s dirty antics sometimes make people forget just how much they also hate Jay Cutler.

Cutler, of course, is the league’s biggest cry baby-jerk with a reputation for pouting and phoning it in when he just doesn’t feel like playing. And to drive the point home, some internet geniuses out there started photoshopping cigarettes into pictures of Jay Cutler.

It’s brilliant.

(Can you tell I love to hate Jay Cutler?)


8. Scumbag ESPN

8 ESPN scumbag meme 1

If you’re not an expert on internet meme history, let me fill in a bit of the back story on this one. A couple years back, somebody posted a photo of some toolish-looking guy in a toolish-looking hat on Reddit, and that guy quickly became a meme known as Scumbag Steve. Eventually, people started photoshopping that toolish hat into other pictures to create other “Scumbags.”

That brings us now to Scumbag ESPN. This year, people started photoshopping the Scumbag Hat onto the ESPN logo and bitching about everything they hate about ESPN…like their excessive coverage of Tim Tebow. (My personal favorite, however, reads “Click on Story Link / Plays Video.” It’s funny ’cause it’s true.)


7. Replacement Refs

7 replacement refs meme 1

You do need an explanation for this one, do you? We all remember the replacement refs debacle.


6. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

6  ridiculously photogenic guy meme 2

Meet Zeddie Little. No really, that’s this guy’s actual name. Back in March, Zeddie ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina, and a picture of him from that run wound up on Reddit. Within a couple hours, that picture, which was titled “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” had 300,000 views and 8,000 up votes, and a meme was born.

In April, Good Morning America tracked the guy down and got him to do an interview. He was still photogenic.


5. The Unibrow

5 anthony davis unibrow meme 1

Oh Anthony Davis. The kid never met a razor he didn’t fear.

Technically this one probably doesn’t count as a meme, since there aren’t a whole lot of variations. But this particular image and caption was one of the funniest sports items to go viral this year, so I had to include it.


4. Fat Jeter

4 fat jeter meme 2

Derek Jeter hurt his ankle during the playoffs this year, and as a result he hasn’t been able to maintain his rigorous offseason workout regimen. The result? He’s sporting just a little extra padding these days.

Of course, when you’re “The Captain” this kind of thing doesn’t go unnoticed. So, yeah, fat Jeter became a meme. (And a good one.)


3. Manny Knocked Out

3 manny pacquiao mike tyson's punch-out meme

You surely expected to see this one. Hell, just the other day we did a whole like of the best Manny Pacquiao knockout memes, so I don’t even need to explain what this one is about.


2. Clown Question

2 clown question bro meme 1

When a Canadian journalist asked 19-year-old Bryce Harper if he would be taking advantage of Ontario’s younger drinking age while visiting Toronto and maybe have a few cold ones, Bryce Harper unleashed a phrase that would become one of the greatest sports memes of the year. A Denver beer company later made special “Clown Question” beer to celebrate Harpers visit to the Mile High City, and even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got in on the joke.

And by the way, Harper trademarked that phrase.


1. Not Impressed

1 mckayla maroney not impressed meme 4

The #1 sports meme of 2012 was, without a doubt, the unimpressed McKayla Maroney. When a photographer caught her with this scowl on her face while receiving a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, the internet jumped all over it and we saw McKayla Maroney being “not impressed” with just about everything.