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9 Worst Coaches Of 2012

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 27, 2012
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As with any large organization, the difference between the success and failure of a sports team depends on many different factors. Giving all of the credit or blame to one person seems a bit silly. But at the end of the day, someone has to be held accountable, and more often than not, that someone is the team’s coach. Is that fair? Maybe not. But as the old saying goes, the buck stops here. And here are nine coaches who were on the receiving end of a passed buck in 2012.

Kirk Ferentz (Head Coach, University of Iowa Football)


How do you get a beloved-yet-uninspired coach to stay down on the farm? Shoveling over a gaga $3.8 million dollar salary to turn in 2-6 seasons ain’t a bad place to start. But when the team ends up going 4 and 8, you might have to wonder why you wanted him to stay in the first place.

Bill Carmody (Head Coach, Northwestern University Wildcats Basketball)

Bill Carmody (Head Coach, Northwestern University Wildcats Basketball)

Northwestern has never made an NCAA tournament, yet the best player in school history just graduated after 4 NIT berths. That doesn’t bode well for next year.

Norv Turner (Head Coach, San Diego Chargers)


Norv! After sucking the juice out of the Chargers for three seasons straight, the man San Diego loves to hate more than Ron Burgundy now claims that he’s interested in taking a coaching position with another team. Riiiiiiiiight.

Dale Sveum (Head Coach, Chicago Cubs)


Sveum hires former Brewer’s teammate Rob Deer as Assistant Hitting Coach, then nearly loses an ear to a former Brewer…while hunting deer. The curse of the billy goat looms large, as further evidenced by the Cubs 61 and 101 season. It was the team’s worst year since 1966, and considering we’re talking about the Cubs, that’s saying an awful lot.

Bo Pelini (Head Coach, Nebraska Cornhuskers Football)

Bo Pelini (Head Coach, Nebraska Cornhuskers Football)

Rumors were flying about Pelini sparking up talks with Arkansas and Tennessee faster than a makeout session behind a middle school dance. Turns out nobody wants to fill the dance card of a coach who suffers a crushing season-ender at the hands of the Badgers.

Ozzie Guillen (Head Coach, Miami Marlins)

Ozzie showed up in Miami and the second thing he did was praise Fidel Castro. This was before he gutted the Marlins with a 69-93 season. So it was no surprise that the Marlins dumped him after one season despite the three years remaining on his contract.

Bobby Petrino (Head Coach, University of Arkansas)

Bobby Petrino (Head Coach, University of Arkansas)

Petrino busted up his family, his team and his reputation as a trusted coach in 2012. His life has pretty much turned into the second act of a Happy Madison movie; we’ll see if he can redeem himself from the highly-regaled…Western Kentucky University.

Andy Reid (Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles)

Andy Reid (Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles)

While an old feather in the Eagles cap, Reid’s departure from the team seems as inevitable as it is bittersweet. But with a 4 and 12 season looming, and any hope for the playoffs long gone, there’s no way his job can be salvaged, despite his past performance and sweet mustache.

Romeo Crennel (Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs)

Romeo Crennel (Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs)

It must be commended that Romeo ushered in a revival of awful Shakespearian puns to NFL coverage, but the unkindest cut of all would have to be coughing up a 2-14 season for the Chiefs.