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25 Hot Crimson Tide Fans

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hot alabama fans

If you happened to catch the first quarter of the BCS National Championship Game the other night, then you know that ESPN commentator Brent Musburger took it upon himself to let the world know just how hot AJ McCarron’s girlfriend is. But while I certainly agreed with the guy on his main point, I couldn’t help but feel bad for all the other attractive Alabama Crimson Tide fans who were watching the game at that moment. I mean, why should Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb get all the attention just because she’s dating the quarterback of the back-to-back National Champions, right? So today I decided to rectify the injustice and do a whole list of good-looking Bama fans. (Though, yes, it does include AJ’s gf.) So if you have a few minutes to spare, why not take a look?


25. The Twins

25 blonde alabama crimson tide fan

If you’re not a big SEC football fan and you’re wondering what’s up with the hats and skirts, here’s the deal: legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant always wore a black and white houndstooth (or sometimes plaid) hat, so these days the fans where black and white houndstooth everything.



24. Tailgatin'

23 alabama crimson tide fan chicks

Just two cute Alabama fans, handing out.

Actually, in fairness, I have no proof that these girls are Alabama fans. I just believe whatever I read on the internet, as should you.


23. The Golf Hat

22 sexy alabama crimson tide fan

This Bama fan is very attractive, but I don’t know about that hat. I guess she borrowed it from her dad or something.


22. More Tailgatin'

21 two hot blonde alabama crimson tide fans

Isn’t that cute? These sorority sisters have matching sunglasses. It’s like they always say, “Great minds think alike.”


21. Even More Tailgatin'

20 cute alabama crimson tide fan

I guess if you’re ever in Tuscaloosa on gameday, you might want to check out a tailgate party. They seem to be populated with good-looking Alabama fans. (Go figure.)


20. Swimmin' 'N Drinkin'

19 alabama crimson tide fan bikini

Here’s proof that you can drink beer and still have toned abs.



19. BFFs

18 alabama crimson tide fan cowboy boots

Finally, some attractive Crimson Tide fans posing for a picture somewhere other than a tailgate party…though chances are they are on their way to a tailgate party.

PS, nice boots.


18. Halloween

17 alabama crimson tide fan halloween costume

Hey, look, she’s an Alabama football player for Halloween!

Actually, this girl is probably an Auburn fan, and this is just her idea of a scary costume.


17. At the Game

16 group of hot alabama crimson tide fans

You gotta love the way SEC girls dress up for the game. Of course, they probably still pass out drunk later that night everyone else, but whatever.


16. Big Julio Jones Fan

15 busty alabama crimson tide fan i heart julio jones

Hey, who doesn’t love Julio Jones?


15. Pregaming

14 alabama crimson tide fans

The girl on the right obviously poses for a lot of photographs. She should teach her posing skills to her friend so they can both look goofy.


14. Three Blondes

13 alabama crimson tide fan sunglasses

Obviously the one on the left didn’t get the memo re: wearing black sunglasses to the game. And is it just me, or does the girl in the middle look like she might already be a little overserved?



13. Co-Ed

12 alabama crimson tide fan sexy jean shorts

What do they call these type of jean shorts in Alabama? I mean, they can’t call them Daisy Dukes, because the fictional character from whom we get that name was from a TV show (The Dukes of Hazzard) set in Georgia.


12. Cheerleaders are fans, too

11 alabama crimson tide fan cheerleaders 3

Cheerleaders for pro football teams aren’t necessarily fans. They’re just dancers trying to “make it” who get paid to do their thing. But college football cheerleaders are fans—they go to the school they cheer for, and they do it for free. So yeah, Alabama cheerleaders count as hot Alabama fans. Definitely.


11. More Cheerleaders

10 alabama crimson tide fan cheerleaders 1

I figured you’d probably like to see a few more photos of Alabama cheerleaders. So, here you go. (You’re welcome.)


10. Photogenic Sports Apparel

9 sexy alabama fan cleavage

Pickup line spoken by every dude at this tailgate party: “hey, cool shirt.”


9. Houndstooth Skirt

8 alabama crimson tide fan houndstooch skirt

See, like I said, Alabama fans love the Bear Bryant black and white houndstooth. This example is obviously way better than a hat.


8. Just Another Cute Blonde

7 hot blonde alabama crimson tide fan

Sometimes I wish I had gone to a school like Alabama instead of a school in a cold climate with no football and a third rate basketball program.




7. The Model Bama Fan

6 hot alabama crimson tide fan

Hey, you should be a model.

Oh, you are. Okay.


6. Superfan

7 hot-alabama-girl

Do they actually make underwear like this? If so, that seems kind of odd—simply because Alabama is an institution of higher learning, and it’s weird to think academic programs might be funded in part through the sale of sexy underwear.


5. Nice Shirt

5 hot alabama fan cleavage

If you look carefully, you’ll notice this is the same girl (wearing the same shirt) from the middle of the photograph in #10.

And she’s in the next one, too…

4. Nice Hat

4 hot alabama crimson tide fan no shirt

…Only this time, no shirt.

Obviously, she’s a huge fan.


3. Baby It's Cold Outside

3 alabama crimson tide fan cold

Well, you see…um…I think…

Yeah, no comment.


2. AJ McCarron's GF

2 katherine webb aj mccarron girlfriend alabama fan

Yep, that’s right. AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, was crowned Miss Alabama in 2012 and therefore competed in the Miss USA pageant, where she cracked the top 10.

But are you ready for some scandelous trivia? Well get this: Webb graduated from Auburn in 2011.


Come on, AJ, seriously?


1. Roll Tide!

1 alabama crimson tide fan cheerleader

Cheerleaders simply do not get any prettier than this. Am I right?