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25 Best GIFs of the 2012-13 College Football Bowl Season

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 10, 2013

best college football bowl gifs 2012-13

Now that all the Bowls have been played and the college football season is officially over, it’s time for teams to start thinking about next year. But me? I’m not still thinking about this year, and in particular about the highs and lows of the bowl season. And if you’re still stuck on that too, well then you’re in luck. Because today I’ve put together this list of the best GIFs from the 2012-13 college football bowl season. Is it any good? Well, I’ll let you decide, though I will say this: it’s a lot better than the national championship game.

Check it out.

25. The Clumsy Referee

25 ref falls down - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This one is from the fourth quarter of the Cotton Bowl. I guess the ref had an inner ear problem that day.


24. Pissed Off Longhorn

24 TEXAS-FAN-FLIPS-THE-BIRD - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

That guy isn’t having any of it. His team was stuck playing Oregon State in the Alamo Bowl, and he wasn’t going to pretend like that wasn’t a disappointment.


23. The One-Point Safety

23 one point safety fiesta bowl - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Blocking an extra point attempt: good.

Picking up the ball and getting tackled in your endzone for a 1-point safety: bad


22. Bama Interception

22 bama interception - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

It was just that kind of night for Notre Dame at the BCS National Championship Game.


21. Badgercruncher

21 big hit summarize rose bowl for wisconsin - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

And this pretty much sums up Wisconsin’s third consecutive Rose Bowl loss.


20. Gator Trouble

20 don't you walk away from me - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

“Hey, I’m talking to you, Mister.”


19. The Machine Gun

19 VA Tech hokies machine gun gesture - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

With all the recent tragedies involving assault weapons, you might think players would cool it with the gun taunts—especially players at Virginia Tech, a school devastated by one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history only a few years ago. But no.


18. Steve Spurrier Mad

18 steve spurier arguing with ref - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Spurrier does have a point. Those chains do seem to indicate the ball was short of a first down. And yet…


17. Angry Dad

17 angry fsu dad - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Dude, you team is winning the Orange Bowl. Lighten up.


16. Jumpin' Stoops

16 stoops jumping - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This was early in the game, before Johnny Football had his way with Oklahoma. (Final score: A&M 41, OU 13) Coach Stoops had yet to lose hope.


15. Helmet Popper

15 mighigan smith loses helmet - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

What a hit.

On a side note, what was a 10-2 SEC team doing playing an 8-4 Big Ten team?


14. Sideline Fight!

14 arizona sideline fight new mexico bowl - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This fight is from the New Mexico Bowl between Nevada and Arizona. Interestingly, it was probably the most excited game of the entire CFB bowl season.


13. A Little Rusty

13 texas qb fail - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

David Ash had a rough year, and things weren’t always looking good in the Alamo Bowl, obviously. But then he pulled it together and threw two TD passes in the 4th quarter to stun Oregon State 31-27.


12. The Nervous Cheerleader

12 ulm cheerleader terrified - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

I have no idea was what going through this poor girl’s mind, but she certainly looks uncomfortable. Maybe it was something she ate?


11. Agony & Ecstasy

11 unhappy k-state fan - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

The battle of two teams who blew their chances at the national title game was no contest, and this GIF says it all.


10. Excited Clemson Fan

10 chick fil a bowl clemson fan - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This guy was pumped because he was under the impression that everyone at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl got free chicken sandwiches.


9. Nice Recovery

9 georgia bulldogs struggle to recover ball in endzone - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Despite the Bulldogs’s inept attempt to recover this blocked punt, they wound up getting two points on this play.


8. Amazing Interception

8 amazing interception bowl - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

The Bowl has a lame name and featured two lesser known programs in Kent St. and Arkansas St. However, it was a pretty decent game and it gave us one of the best highlights of the bowl season.


7. The Double Bird

7 double bird florida gators fan - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This guy’s team kind of phoned it in against Louisville in the Sugar Bowl, so this sentiment is understandable.


6. Pay Attention

6 pay attention to the snap - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Here’s a bit of baseball advice for Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas: keep your eye on the ball, son.


5. The Louisville Tongue Guy

5 special needs louisville fan discovers tongue - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

I think this guy just took a hit of X.


4. Excited Musberger

4 brent musberger - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

This isn’t actually from the BCS Championship Game. However, I like to imagine that this is what Brent Musberger was going when he was talking about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend.


3. Tide Fight

3 alabama fight - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

They were pounding the crap out of Notre Dame, and yet they were still taking the game this serious? This, my friends, is what makes Alabama so great.


2. Sad Domers

2 sad notre dame fans - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

“And my dad paid, like, $600 for this ticket.”


1. Manziel is Money

1 johnny manziel money - 2012-13 bowl season gifs

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel didn’t get to play for the National Championship—this year. But his legend grew greater with a ridiculously dominant performance against Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl.

He also gave us this great GIF featuring him acting like a baller.