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25 Yoga GIFs

by: Esteban On  Monday, March 4, 2013
Tags:  Funny   Gifs   Girls   Weird   Yoga  

yoga gifs

Yoga is a truly wonderful thing. Not only is it good for your body and soul (so I’m told), but it’s also given us one of the greatest inventions in the history of capitalism: sexy skintight pants that cost $100 that women actually buy. Of course, you can look pretty silly while doing yoga—especially if you aren’t very good. But then even that has an upside: yoga GIFs.

Yes, nothing captures the dual nature of yoga (i.e., the fact that the things people do in yoga are kind of amazing while also pretty bizarre) better than the animated GIF, repeating over and over and over, until you’re completely mesmerized. And today we’ve got 25 such GIFs. I don’t know if they’ll make you want to give yoga a try. But maybe they’ll make you think about it.


25. The Upside-Down Sit

upside down sitting yoga

This is very impressive. But forget the yoga for a moment—look at that apartment. Now that’s impressive.


24. The Handstand

insane yoga handstand 1

So apparently you have to be a gymnast to do yoga now?


23. The Arch

flexible yoga gifl

I’m pretty sure I have too many ribs to do something like this.


22. Alex Morgan Doing Yoga

alex morgan yoga gif 1

I understand why USA Soccer would do a video piece about the training regimen of one of their biggest stars, especially if that regimen included her doing yoga. But did that video really need to be 9 minutes long? Probably not.

Then again, it did yield a lot of great GIFs.


21. Alex Morgan Doing More Yoga

alex morgan yoga gif 2

…Because one GIF of Alex Morgan doing yoga was not nearly enough.


20. Gangnam Yoga (Featuring SpongeBob)


SpongeBob SquarePants is terrifying enough as it is. He’s even creepier when he’s simulating an intimate act on a girl doing yoga in the Gangnam Style video.


19. Roof Yoga

hot yoga

Why aren’t there guys in this class?


18. The Crackmonkey

yoga Standard-Moves-Spinning-Monkey

Seriously, how long did you just stare at this GIF?


17. Perfect Form

yoga Standard-Moves-Bitilasana

Yeah, I guess this is more like pilates than yoga. I hope you don’t mind.


16. The Titanic

yoga Standard-Moves-Titanic

She’s queen of the world. And yes, that is the same guy we just saw doing the crackmonkey.


15. Yoga Breakdancing

crazy yoga move

Now that’s some advanced stuff. I’d probably rip every muscle in my body to shreds if I tried it.


14. Nice Socks

yoga handstand gif

Her red socks or leg warmers kind of make her look like a superhero, don’t they?


13. The Scorpion

goofy yoga pose

I’m no chiropractor, but I’m sure spines are supposed to bend that way.


12. Elephant yoga

elephant yoga

Even animals will do yoga is they get an itch that’s difficult to reach.

(This is pretty impressive, isn’t it?)


11. More Yoga Breakdancing

yoga break dancing

Once again, is it yoga or is it breakdancing? I’m going with yoga, here. Either way it’s pretty amazing.


10. Another Handstand

amazing yoga move

She makes it look so easy, doesn’t she? Like just anybody could go from a squatting position to a handstand in the blink of an eye.


9. Nina Dobrev Yogas Conan O'Brien

nina dobrev yoga conan o'brien

I have no idea was Canadian model/actress Nina Dobrev is doing here, but Conan certainly seems to have enjoyed it, so…


8. Defying Physics

crazy yoga chick

This doesn’t even seem like it should be physically possible to do.


7. More Physics Defying

crazy yoga chick (megan currie)

Okay, cool moves. Let’s just hope that jar in the foreground is a nice tall glass of apple juice and not some hippie’s idea of an environmentally friendly toilet.


6. Mass Transit Yoga

subway yoga

Let’s face it—you’ve seen stranger things on the subway than a couple of people doing yoga. Am I right?


5. Dexter Does Yoga

dexter doing yoga

The next time you’re at a yoga class, just think: the guy standing next to you might be a serial killer.


4. Creepy Yoga Guy 1

creepy yoga guy

This GIF and the two that follow are from a TV show from the late 90s called “E-I-E-I Yoga.”

As you probably have surmised, it was a kids’ exercise program, which is a great idea. But of course, theory is one thing, practice is another. And in practice this show and it’s host—a guy named Max Thomas in real life, but Mr. Yogi Oki Doki on the show—was super creepy.


3. Creepy Yoga Guy 2

creepy yoga guy 2 (yoga farm)

Yes, editing has probably made this moment look a lot worse and/or more creepy than it was. But still…WTF?


2. Creepy Yoga Guy 3

creepy yoga guy 3

Hey Yogi Oki Doki, watch out for that giant scary rooster!


1. Sara Jean Underwood Does Yoga

sara jean underwood doing yoga

Playboy’s Miss July 2006 and Playmate of the Year 2007, Sara Jean Underwood, is apparently a big fan of yoga.

So are you, right?