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25 Hottest Celebrity NHL WAGs of All Time

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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hottest nhl wags

Did you hear that Alex Ovechkin is engaged? Well, he is—to the gorgeous tennis player and fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko. And this got me thinking the other day. First I wondered, wow, is the biggest looks mismatch in sports history? I don’t think Ovie is really what most women would consider “handsome.” Then I wondered, where would Maria Kirilenko rank on a list of the all-time hottest NHL celebrity WAGs?

As you’ve probably guessed, the first question went nowhere. But the second? That’s the topic of today’s list. And it’s a pretty good one, because despite hockey’s relatively minor status in the United States, hockey players still do really well with the ladies.

So, ready to go? Great. Let’s do this.


25. Michelle Trachtenberg


Montreal Canadiens left winger Brandon Prust doesn’t score a lot of goals, but he does score with a lot of ladies…or so that’s the rumor. Before he was traded to Montreal Prust played for the Rangers, and he developed quite a reputation in New York—there was even a website started by a spurned Prust hookup called “Brandon Prust Sux.”

Anyway, one of Prust’s reported hookups was with Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg. Unfortunately, this came to light while he had been dating this gorgeous *uh hem* aspiring model from Montreal named Marie-Pier Morin. (She was apparently on the French-Candian version of Deal or No Deal.)


24. Amy McCarthy

24 amy mccarthy (dan hinote) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Jenny McCarthy’s kid sister (and Melissa McCarthy’s cousin) Amy married Dan Hinote, formerly of the Avalanche and Blues and currently an assistant coach with the Blue Jackets. You might have seen Amy in Dirty Love or, um, the (web) pages of Playboy. 



23. Kellie Pickler


Former American Idol contestant and current country music singer Kellie Pickler apparently dated Jordin Tootoo (former Predator, current Red Wing) for a brief period back in 2007.

She’s lucky he didn’t give her a concussion with a flying elbow to the head. That’s kind of his thing.



22. Maria Kirilenko

22 maria kirilenko (alex ovechkin) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

As mentioned in the introduction, Maria here is engaged to Alex Ovechkin. I’m sure Capitals fans are just hoping Ovie can get his game back now that he’s found true love.



21. Candace Cameron

21 candace cameron (valerie bure) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Candace “DJ Tanner” Cameron married Valeri Bure back in 1996, and they’re still together. They probably connected because both have more famous siblings. Candace, of course, has Kirk “Mike Seaver” Cameron, who is not a very enthusiastic born-again Christian. Valeri has the great Pavel Bure, member of the Pro Hockey Hall of Fame.



20. Anna Kournikova

20 anna kournikova (sergei federov) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Anna Kournikova dated and then married Sergei Federov in 2001. Probably. You see, he says they got hitched; she denies it. However, they definitely were a couple—no one can deny that.



19. Hilary Duff

19 hilary duff (mike comrie) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Hilary Duff is married to Mike Comrie of the…wait, he retired last February.  Man, the dude is only 32. Hip injuries suck.



18. Janet Jones

18 janet jones (wayne gretzky) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Janet Jones was a budding movie actress when she started dating The Great One back in 1987. She was in a bunch of movies, some very popular aerobics videos, and of course Playboy. Her wedding to Wayne Gretzky was to Canada what the wedding of Kate and William was to England—i.e., kind of a big deal.



17. Carol Alt

17 carol alt poster (ron greschner and alexei yashin) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Kids, Carol Alt was a huge supermodel back in the 80s. If you don’t believe it, go ask your dad.

Anyway, she was married to the New York Rangers’ Ron Greschner from ’83-’96, and she’s apparently been in a long-term relationship with former New York Islander Alexei Yashin since 2000. That makes her a cougar—he’s 39, she’s 52.


16. Rachel Hunter

16 rachel hunter (jarret stole - sean avery) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

For an Australian girl, Rachel Hunter sure does like hockey players. After divorcing Rod Stewart in 2006 after 16 years of marriage, Hunter got serious with the LA Kings’ Jarret Stoll, and the two were actually engaged for a little while in 2008. After that she reportedly dated Sean Avery for a bit.


15. Elisha Cuthbert

15 elisha cuthbert (dion phaneuf and sean avery) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Speaking of Sean Avery, he was Elisha Cuthbert’s first hockey boyfriend. Unfortunately, it must not have ended well, because when she started dating Dion Phaneuf, her current fiance, Avery called her his “sloppy seconds.”

I’m sure Dion liked that a whole lot.


14. Gena Lee Nolin

14 gena lee nolin (cale hulse) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

In 2004, this former Baywatch star married journeyman defenseman Cale Hulse. He is her third husband.



13. Izabella Scorupco

13 izabella scorupco (mariusz czerkawski) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Why yes, this is the chick from the James Bond flick GoldenEye. Nice observation. The Polish-Swedish actress/model was married to NHL legend Mariusz Czerkawski from 1996-98.

And by the way, that “NHL legend” thing was a joke.


12. Alyssa Milano

12 alyssa milano (wayne mcbean) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Alyssa Milano is most famous for dating baseball players, but apparently she gave hockey players a try out back in the day, too. Who was the lucky guy? A journeyman defenseman named Wayne McBean who played for the Kings from 1987 to 1989.


11. Carrie Underwood

11 carrie underwood (mike fisher) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest stars in country music today, so it’s fitting that her husband, Mike Fisher, got traded to the Nashville Predators.



10. Erin Andrews

10 erin andrews (Jarret Stoll) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

What?!? Erin Andrews is a hockey WAG? Yep, it’s true. On New Year’s Eve she was spotting canoodling with Jarret Stoll of the L.A. Kings.

If you’re keeping track at home, that the second appearance by Stoll on this list, and it won’t be the last. This guy is like the Derek Jeter of the NHL, only he’s a lot less famous and not as good at what he does. So, yeah, just with regard to dating hot chicks.


9. Kelly Carlson

9 kelly carlson (tie domi) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

This Nip/Tuck actress has been dating former Toronto Maple Leaf Tie Domi for a number of years now.

If you’ve ever seen Tie Domi, you know that this is remarkably unfair.


8. Veronica Vařeková

8 Veronica Varekova (Petr Nedved) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Former NHLer Petr Nedvěd married supermodel Veronica Vařeková back in 2004. Unfortunately for Nedvěd, they split up in 2006.


7. Willa Ford

7 willa ford (mike modano) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Willa Ford is one of those people who I had heard of but had no idea why. Maybe I had somehow heard one of her pop songs on the radio or seen her in one of her movies or TV shows. Or maybe I heard about her when she married American hockey legend Mike Modano back in 2007.

Sadly, the two announced in 2012 that they are splitting up. I guess Modano will have to find another gorgeous woman to serve as his arm candy at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


6. Katie Cassidy

6 katie cassidy (jarret stoll) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Katie Cassidy has appears in such TV shows as Arrow, Supernatural, and Gossip Girls. But if you recognize her, it’s probably from Taken, in which she played Liam Neeson’s daughter’s friend.

Anyway, Cassidy also dated Jarret Stoll. And when pressed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest about why hot actresses are dating hockey players, she responded, “You have not seen a hockey player with his shirt off, obviously.”

So there you have it: Jarret Stoll must have the most amazing abs in human history. Because he also dated (or at least hooked up with) the next beauty on our list…


5. Paulina Gretzky

5 paulina gretzky (jarret stoll) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Yep, Wayne Gretzky’s uninhibited daughter apparently “became friends” during last year’s playoff run. And after the Kings won the Cup, they were seen “hanging out” together in a hot tub. So I say, yep, they “dated.”

Changing the subject now, how about that tattoo on her pelvis, huh? It’s like a reminder to any hockey player she ever hooks up with, saying, “you’ll never be as good as my dad.”



4. Noureen DeWulf

4 noureen dewulf (ryan miller) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Actress Noureen Wulf has appeared in such films as Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and The Back-up Plan, which was just about the best movie I ever watched on a transatlantic flight. In 2011, Noureen married Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.


3. Barbie Blank (a.k.a. Kelly Kelly)

3 kelly kelly aka barbie blank (sheldon souray) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

When Barbie Blank met boyfriend Sheldon Sourray, she was still better known by her WWE persona, Kelly Kelly. Of course, now she’s back to Barbie as she tries to focus on her modeling.

(She looks plenty focused to me.)


2. Oliva Munn

2 olivia munn (brad richards) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

Olivia Munn wasn’t a hockey WAG for long. In fact, it seems she only dated the New York Rangers’ Brad Richards for a few months back in 2011. But a few months is definitely enough to count and put Oliva almost at the top of this list.

So who is #1? Well…


1. Hilary Rhoda

1 hilary rhoda (sean avery) - hottest nhl celebrity wags of all time

At #1 we have Hilary Rhoda, who is obviously a model. She’s done notable work for Estee Lauder and St. John Knits, but you might recognize her from the 2011 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

So who was the lucky hockey player who got to date this beauty? None other than the most hated man in the NHL: Sean Avery.

Actually, that’s not true. Sean Avery isnt’ the most hated man in the NHL–because right now he’s in the AHL.