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Check Out Mercedes’ New Super Bowl Commercial…Starring Kate Upton (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kate upton sexy mercedes commercial

If you worked for an advertising agency and your boss walked in and told you that Mercedes-Benz just spent $4 million on a commercial spot during the Super Bowl, and now they only have $2 million left to produce the ad, what would you do?

Well, if you’re the guy who actually came up with Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl commercial, you spend $1.9 million to hire Kate Upton and the rest on a couple of nobody actors, a bucket, and some dish soap. Then, you film a commercial in which Kate Upton washes a Mercedez all sexy-like…in slow motion.

The result, of course, is a viral video sensation and, obviously, a big promotion.

Anyway, here is the video I just described. Though I will warn you, it’s a bit of a tease—you don’t actually get to see Kate wash the car here. Instead they pull a and tell you to go to their Facebook page to see more.

But hey, Kate Upton is still in it. So it’s worth a look anyway:

Who would’ve thought Mercedes would go so low-brow with their Super Bowl commercial?