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18 Sports GIFs Featuring People Doing Weird Things with Their Tongues

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 24, 2013
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sports tongue gifs

I was browsing around the web the other day when I stumbled upon a hilarious GIF of a certain famous, widely despised MVP basketball player (okay, it’s LeBron) doing something very weird with his tongue. And as I watched the GIF repeat, over and over and over again, I starting wondering, there have to be other GIFs like this out there, right? Athletes are always sticking their tongues out while they play, and fans are always taunting players, coaches, and other fans. So this LeBron GIF can’t be the only one.

Well, it wasn’t. I scoured the interwebz for a while and I found 17 other amusing GIFs that stand up with the LeBron GIF. And so today, I present you this list. It’s pretty funny and definitely worth a look.

18. Crazy Canuck Kid

canucks fan sticks tongue out at darryl sutter - sports tongues

This kid may be young, but he’s got sports taunting down pat. My favorite part, though, is the mildly amused reaction of the security guard standing right next to him.

Unfortunately for little Billy, here, his taunting didn’t throw the Kings of their game, and they tore through the Canucks like a buzz saw.


17. Blue Tongue

jeremy lin blue tongue

Did Jeremy Lin here eat a popsicle during the game or something? I don’t think Gatorade gives you a blue tongue.


16. Invisible Tongue

spartan invisible tongue - sports tonges

ESPN may have jumped the shark a long time ago, but you have to admit their commercials are still pretty funny.


15. Gina Carano

gina carano tongue

I’m glad Gina Carano is doing well in Hollywood, but I must say I miss her in MMA. Don’t get me wrong, Ronda Rousey is going a great job carrying the sport, but there was just something about Carano.


14. Creepy Celtics Fan

celtics fan tongue - sports tonges

You have to wonder who this guy is making this face at. I mean, is it an opposing player? If so, it’s kind of weird to do this at a grown man.

Actually, it’s kind of weird to do this at all to anyone.


13. Shaun White Tongue

shaun white tongue gag jimmy fallon  - sports tonges

I don’t know what’s going on here in this gag from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But sometimes things are more fun out of context, and I think this is one of them.


12. Dirty Talk?

washington coach tongue  - sports tonges

Now I’m wondering what those coaches are saying to each other on those headsets. Because, um, it sure looks dirty.


11. Hunterlick

hunter pence licking  - sports tonges

There’s just no way around it—Hunter Pence is simply one of the strangest dudes in baseball. And this isn’t even that bad. You should see the guy when his eyes are bugged out.


10. Dirktongue

dirk nowitzki tongue  - sports tonges

It’s one thing if your tongue is hanging out during the heat of the action. But this here is after a play. So it’s time to put that thing away, Dirk.


9. WTF Glen Davis?

glen-big-baby-davis-tongue  - sports tonges

“Hey guys, hey guys! Have you ever seen me do my impression of Billy Bob Thorton from Slingblade? No no no, check it out. ‘Mmmmm, french fried taters.’”


8. LeTongue James

lebron tongue  - sports tonges

Here’s the one I was talking about in the intro. Doesn’t it look like LeBron is doing some kind of tongue pilates or something? Actually, maybe he’s…well, never mind.


7. Goalie Tongue

goalie tongue wagging  - sports tonges

It’s like he just ate a bowl of ice cream and is licking his lips.

Actually, maybe he did just eat a bowl of ice cream. It is the MLS, after all.


6. Boshtongue

bosh tongue  - sports tonges

Say what you want about Chris Bosh, you have to love the guy’s facial expressions. No one else in the NBA can make the faces this guy can make.


5. Louisville Fan

louisville fan tongue  - sports tonges

If not for the fact that it’s not snowing I’d say this guy was trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue.

Maybe he’s just wasted.



4. The Jesus

the jesus big lebowski ball lick  - sports tonges

As the man says, “Nobody f–ks with the Jesus.”

(This is from The Big Lebowski, in case you didn’t know.)


3. Battier Tongue

shane battier tongue - sports tongues

“Hey LeBron, I can do cool things with my tongue, too. See?”


2. The Roethlisberger Slither

roethlisberger snake tongue slither - sports tongues

When A-Rod wants to flirt with a hot chick in the crown, he sends a bat boy into the stands with a message written on a ball. When Big Ben wan’t to flirt with a hot chick in the crowd, he does this.

Ladies don’t call him a snake for nothing.


1. Tongue Fishin'

tongue fishing

This obviously is from a long lost Jeff Foxworthy joke demonstration. (“If you catch fish with your tongue, you might be a redneck.”)

I don’t know about you, but the first time through I was really scared about what the hell was going to happen hear.