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15 Super Hot Super Bowl WAGs [XLVII Edition]

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 31, 2013
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super bowl xlvii wags 2013

I have a hunch this is going to be a pretty good Super Bowl, and not just because it’s Ray Lewis’s last game, or because two brothers are coaching against each other. No, I just think the teams are evenly matched, and that we should see a competitive game.

Of course, whether or not I am right about the game itself, there is already something to like about this particular matchup: the impressive lineup of really attractive wives and girlfriends. It really is as good as it have ever been. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.


15. Carrie Dew

15 carrie dew (joe stanley) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: married to All-Pro offensive tackle Joe Staley

Carrie Dew’s Wikipedia page says she’s currently signed with Sky Blue FC, but her Twitter feed says she’s retired, so I’ll go with Twitter. I assume that she decided the grind of playing women’s pro soccer wasn’t really worth the terrible money now that she’s married to a millionaire football player. Yeah, I know athletes don’t do it for money, but that’s exactly my point: since she’s rich now, she can just play for free wherever she wants.


14. Candace Williams

14 candace williams (terrell suggs) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: married to Pro Bowl linebacker Terrell Suggs

Despite the fact that Williams has previously accused Suggs of throwing a soap dispenser at her head, threatening to pour bleach on her head, and punching and dragging her alongside a moving car, she nevertheless decided to tie the knot with the father of her two children back in December.

Man, I hope this doesn’t end badly.


13. Christina Ngata

13 christina ngata (haloti ngata) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: married to 5x All-Pro defensive end Haloti Ngata

Good-looking wife, adorable kid, cute dogs, and a 5-year $61 million contract? Haloti Ngata is living the American Dream.


12. Dana Grady

12 dana grady (joe flacco) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: married to the underrated Joe Flacco

Yes, I do think Joe Flacco is underrated. He’s not a superstar, but the guy has started every single regular season game in his 5-year NFL career and has taken the Ravens to the playoffs every season. Moreover, they’ve always won at least one game, have been to the AFC Championship Game twice, and now are in the Super Bowl. What more could you want from your quarterback? (Yes, I know, a championship. But that may come.)


11. Deidra Dorsey

11 deidra dorsey (courtney upshaw) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: girlfriend (probably) of rookie linebacker Courtney Upshaw

This relationship is not “official.” However, there is Twitter evidence that suggests they’ve been a couple since before the NFL draft last winter.

Thanks to for doing the digging.


10. Racine Lewin

10 racine lewin (delanie walker) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: girlfriend of tight end Delanie Walker

Delanie Walker didn’t go to a big school (Central Missouri) and he isn’t a big star in the NFL. But he has been collecting a nice NFL paycheck for 6 years now, and he’s got a pretty okay-looking girlfriend…who is a model. So he’s going alright.


9. Sarah and Ingrid Harbaugh

harbaugh wives

Team: 49ers and Ravens

Significant Other: the Harbaugh brothers

The outcome of the actual Harbaugh Bowl has yet to be decided, but the outcome of the Harbaugh WAG Bowl is in the books: in my opinion, little brother Jim beat his brother John by about a touchdown.

That’s Jim’s wife, Sarah Harbaugh, on the left. On the right it’s John’s wife, Ingrid Harbaugh.

What do you think?


8. Elizabeth Barry Smith

7 elizabeth barry smith (alex smith) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: former starting quarterback Alex Smith

You want to know the real reason why 49ers fans never warmed up to Alex Smith? It had nothing to do with his play. Instead, it’s beacuse he married a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader.

That’s just not right. (Though yes, she is hot.)



7. Corban Fennell

6 corban-fennell-colin-kaepernick-ex-girlfriend - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: ex-girlfriend (probably) of starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Perhaps you say an ex-girlfriend shouldn’t be on this list. But I say, when the ex-girlfriend looks like this, she sure as hell is going to be on the list. And besides, you never know, they may get back together.


6. Toccara Jones

8 toccara jones (bryant mckinnie) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: girlfriend of Pro Bowl offensive tackle Bryan McKinnie

This former contestant on America’s Next Top Model (and current model/singer/actress/TV personality) has had her fluctuating weight scrutinized over the years, which has to suck. But whatever, she’s still gorgeous. Plus, she seems to have herself a supportive boyfriend in Bryant McKinnie, so good for her.


5. Sarah Hinton

5 sarah hinton (garrett celak) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: girlfriend of rookie tight end Garrett Celak

Garrett Celak went undrafted in 2012 and signed with the 49ers in May as an undrafted free agent. And while he didn’t do all that much this year (4 receptions for 51 yards), he’s got an All-Pro girlfriend in Sarah Hinton. She’s a former Hooters Girl, don’t you know. Miss July 2012, to be precise.


4. Adrianna Birk

4 matt-birk-wife-adrianna-birk - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: Ravens

Significant Other: married to All-Pro center Matt Birk

This year, Roman Catholic Harvard grad Matt Birk wrote an Op-Ed against gay marriage partially in response to the piece written by his former teammate, Chris Kluwe. But whether or not you agree with his position, you have to admire the man for putting his money where his mouth is. Because you see, Matt and his wife Adrianna have 6 kids.


3. Tiffany Hughley

3 tiffany hughley (mario manningham) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: girlfriend of wide receiver Mario Manningham

Now here’s a strange anomaly. Neither of last year’s Super Bowl teams are in the big game again this year, and yet here at #3 we have a woman who was also on last year’s list of Super Bowl WAGs.

The reason of course is that Mario Manningham, who won Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants, signed with the team the Giants beat in the NFC Championship Game last year—i.e., the 49ers. Now he’s back in the Super Bowl*, and his girlfriend Tiffany is back on this list.

*Well, he’s kind of back in the Super Bowl. He tore his ACL in December, so he won’t be playing. But if the Niners win he gets a ring, so his GF counts.


2. Shenae Saifi

2 shenae saifi (patrick willis) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: engaged to 6x All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis

Um, wow. Patrick Willis obviously knew that women don’t come much hotter than this, so he decided to lock her into a longterm deal by putting a ring on it. (Her fingers, that is.)

Wise choice, my friend.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell what Shenae does, so I’m assuming she’s a full-time football wife.


1. Courtney Eckhart

1 Courtney Eckhart (LaMichael James) - super bowl xlvii wags

Team: 49ers

Significant Other: girlfriend of rookie running back LaMichael James

LaMichael James went to Oregon. Courtney Eckhart was a cheerleader at Oregon. Guess how the two met?

Anyway, in case you were wondering, Eckhart was not the woman who filed a domestic assault charge against James back in 2010. That was a former girlfriend, and Eckhart stuck by his side through it all. Now she’s rewarded by being named the hottest WAG of Super Bowl XLVII.

Congratulations, Courtney. I know this must be a huge honor.