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by: JamieD On  Monday, February 4, 2013



Super Bowl XLVII is just around the corner, and while many will be focused on the big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, there will also be those who tune into the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials.

Well, we have some good news for those of you who have zero interest in the outcome of Harbaugh Bowl and only want to watch the Super Bowl’s line-up of must-see advertisements. Below, you’ll find every single commercial that is expected to air on CBS during Super Bowl XLVII, from the first quarter to the fourth.

Among the big name companies who have purchased advertising spots during the Super Bowl are Budweiser, Coca-Cola,, Taco Bell and Axe, to name just a few. As for the celebrities appearing in this year’s slate of Super Bowl commercials, you’ll get to see the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Joe Montana and, of course, the face of GoDaddy, Danica Patrick.

So, without further ado, here is a sneak peak at every advertisement expected to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII.

1 - Budweiser Black Crown — "Coronation"

Created by Anomaly.

2 - Audi — "Prom"

Created by Venables, Bell and Partners.

3 - — "YourBigIdea.Co"

Created by Deutsch NY.

4 - Best Buy — Teaser

Created by CP+B

5 - Toyota — "Wish Granted"

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi LA.

6 - Coca-Cola — "Mirage"

Created by Wieden & Kennedy. A 30-second follow-up spot will air at the end of the game.

7 - Hyundai — "Team"

Created by Innocean.

8 - Calvin Klein — Teaser

Created by Baron + Baron and Calvin Klein’s in-house agency.

9 - Doritos

Two of these spots will play in the Super Bowl (depending on a viewer contest). “Goat For Sale”


“Road Chip”

“Fashionista Daddy”

or “Express Checkout”

10 - M&Ms — "Better with M"

This BBDO-created 30-second spot won’t be pre-released or teased prior to the big game. Here’s last year’s ad to tide you over.

11 - Volkswagen — "Get Happy"

Created by Deutsch LA

12 - Hyundai — "Stuck"

Created by Innocean.

13 - Pepsi Next — "Party" (extended version)

Created by TBWA/Chiat/Day

14 - Budweiser — "Brotherhood"

Created by Anomaly.

15 - Paramount — 30 second "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer (extended)

16 - Milk Processor Education Program

Little is known about the Deutsch NY-created spot except that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will go to great lengths to get his kids some milk.


17 - Oreo

Another mystery spot. Wieden & Kennedy will release a spot that premiers in the first half of the game.

18 - Taco Bell — "Viva Young"

Created by Deutsch LA

19 - Skechers

Created by Siltanen & Partners Advertising.

20 - Mio — "Bleep" teaser

Created by Taxi New York.

21 - Wonderful Pistachios

Creative hasn’t been released, by Psy will sing a new version of Gangnam Style called “Get Cracking”

22 - Tide — "Stain Saver Infomercial" (teaser)

The actual spot, called “Always-On,” will feature both competing teams. Here’s the teaser:

23 - Century 21 — "Wedding"

24 - Axe — "Lifeguard"

25 - E-Trade — The baby will be back for its sixth year


26 - Gildan — "Getaway" teaser

27 - Samsung — "El Plato Supreme" teaser

28 - Speed Stick — "Unattended Laundry"

29 - SodaStream — "SodaStream Effect"

30 - Mercedes — "Soul" (extended)

31 - — "Perfect Match"

32 - Kia — "Space Babies"


33 - Bud Light — "Journey" and "Lucky Chair" Teaser


34 - Pizza Hut — "Hut hut hut"


35 - Beck's Sapphire — "No Diggity"


36 - — "We'll bring the drama" teaser


37 - Chrysler

While Chrysler is expected to have a Super Bowl spot, virtually no details have been released.

38 - Universal — 30-second "The Fast and The Furious 6"

39 - Fiat

The car company said that any of these five ads could be its Super Bowl spot. “Topless”


Test Track”



40 - Lincoln — Teaser. Behind the scenes:

41 - Time Warner Cable

We know very little, but the spot will feature characters from “The Walking Dead”

42 - Disney

43 - Blackberry

All we know is that the company is running its first-ever Super Bowl spot (created by BBDO London)


44 - Subway — Jared is back in the chain's first Super Bowl ad since 2005


45 - Carl’s Jr

Behind The Scenes Of Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Jr Super Bowl Ad