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25 Crazy Super Bowl XLVII Fans

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, February 5, 2013

crazy fans super bowl xlvii

Hey, I love the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. But I really doubt I’ll ever spend upwards of $3,000 to go to the big game in person. And even if I did, I doubt I would dress up like a lunatic.

Fortunately for your amusement and mine, not everyone feels this way. Some people are very willing to spend a small fortune to watch their team win (or lose) the big game, and many of them also put a lot of work into looking like garish clowns.

Want to see some of the wackier fans from Super Bowl XLVII? Well, here you go.


25. Striking a Pose

25 super bowl fans with ring hats fighting - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

“Hey bro, let’s pose for a picture in front of the giant Super Bowl XLVII sign and pretend like we’re totally fighting. It’ll be epic.”


24. Happy Couple

24 49ers fan in mexican wrestling mask - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

I guess these two were made for each other. She doesn’t mind that he moonlights as a mexican luchadore, and he doesn’t mind that she likes to wear weird wigs.


23. Ravens Fireman

23 ravens fireman face pain - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Tell me—is there anything more tragic than a mustache fire? And who do you call—the regular fire department, or the special mustache fire department?


22. Mr. 49ers Troll Doll

22 49ers fan troll doll - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Hey, remember when troll dolls were popular? Well this guy does. (So does the lady at the DMV with all the little downs and trinkets on her desk.)


21. Nice Shades

21 crazh glasses 49ers lady - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

This guy looks so stoic and resigned to the 49ers’ fate. However, it’s kind of hard to feel for him when his wife is still wearing those goofy sunglasses.


20. Weird Umbrella Lady

20 little umbrella lady - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Actually, I don’t know if this was a fan, or if she was part of the pre-game entertainment. Either way she looks goofy, though.


19. Random Native American Head Dress Guy

19 mardi gras outfits - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

First, I’m not an expert, but I think wearing a goofy Native American headdress like that might be a little culturally insensitive. Second, were the Redskins (speaking of racist team names) playing at this Super Bowl? No, they were not. So what is this guy’s deal?


18. Captain England

18 hello england english super bowl fan - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

He’s got 49ers apparel, American flag sunglasses, and an English flag with a sign that says “Hello England!” It’s kind of hard to say what is going on here, exactly.


17. Weird Boa Lady

17 goofy ravens fan - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

“Babe, you sure these purple feather tubes in my hair don’t make me look like that alien from Predator?”

“Naw, babe, looks hot.”


16. Mr. Rasta Hat

16 49ers fan dreds hat - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Why do hats with fake Rastafarian dreadlocks appeal to middle-aged white guys? I suspect they think they’re cool or something, but where would they get such an idea?


15. Domehead

15 chrome helmet guy - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Have you ever been to Chicago and seen that sculpture in Millenium Park? That’s what this reminds me of.

If not, then I guess nevermind.


14. The Baltimore Bird Lady

14 ravens fan mardi gras costume 2 - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

There were a lot of Ravens fans who took advantage of the fact that the Ravens colors are very similar to the Mardi Gras colors (which are purple, green, and gold). This lady was one of them. Note how she even customized the shirt by splattering gold paint on it.

Well, I think that’s gold paint.


13. Ringhead

13 49ers super bowl ring hat - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

That’s an amazingly accurate replica of the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIX Championship Ring. I’m assuming this guy didn’t make it himself, but if he did, hat’s off to him. (Though, yes, he does still look ridiculous.)


12. #1 Cleavage

12 ravens fan weird purple hat - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

There’s so much going on here—the fishnet gloves, the purple boa, the tube-things coming out of her hat—and yet the eyes are drawn immediately to the #1 painted on her chest.

I wonder if that was intentional.


11. Mr. Homemade Vest

11 49ers fan newspaper vest - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Is it just me, or does this guy not look like the long lost son of the U.S. Open Bird Man?

Anyway, that’s a nice vest he has. Interesting how he felt the need to throw the San Francisco Giants’ logo in there.


10. The Feather Lady

10 ravens fan mardi gras costume - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

It looks like this lady just wrapped a bunch of rags and beads around herself, grabbed a boa, and headed out for the day. But hey, she sure looks like she’s enjoying herself there, so more power to her.


9. Mexican Iron Man

9 49ers fan super hero wrestler mask - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Forget the painted shirtlessness and the funny mask. I’d be embarrassed to have this guy’s tattoos. I mean, I’m sure they mean something to him, but they look like nonsense.


8. The Mardi Gras Girls and the Photobombing Niners Fan

8 ravens bird girls - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

See, I told you the Ravens fans took advantage of the Mardi Gras theme to dress up. Unfortunately, the costume store only had three masks, so that girl on the right had to improvise.


7. The Joker

7 49ers fan joker makeup - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

I was under the impression that Christopher Nolan’s Joker was kind of a nihilist, so it’s kind of surprising to learn that he has such a strong allegiance to something as ultimately meaningless as a professional sports franchise.


6. The Flamboyant Rooster

6 crazy bird suit thing - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

I have no idea what is going on here, but I’m assuming that is a 49ers fan.


5. The Purple Zombie

5 ravens fan zombie with mardi gras beads - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

I find this guy strangely intimidating, which is weird, because you don’t normally think of purple as an intimidating color. Maybe it’s the tattoos.


4. Footballhead

4 creepy football mask - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

“Hey Frank, are you sure this football head mask doesn’t kind of look like a huge turd?”


3. The Actual 49ers

3 49ers fans dressed as 49ers - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

These San Fran fans decided to dress up as 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam…only I don’t think S.S. has a beard.


2. Ursula the Sea Witch

2 creepy ravens fan- crazy super bowl xlvii fans

Rule of thumb: you never want to look like the villain in a Disney princess movie.


1. Señor Cuarenta Y Nueve

1 49ers fan wrestler costume - crazy super bowl xlvii fans

In the olden days, professional wrestlers didn’t have to worry about where to keep their phones when they pulled on their spandex underpants and hopped in the ring. Luckily Señor Cuarenta Y Nueve here found a solution to the dilemma.