Drunk Oilers Fans Built a Beer Cup Pyramid on the Glass (Video)

fans stack cups against glass at edmonton oilers game

Everyone knows Canadians love their hockey. But even those hockey-loving Canucks know that sometimes the games can be a little boring. And when that happens, they don’t just sit there. They turn to their other love—beer—for entertainment.

We saw just such a scenario on Monday night during the Canucks-Oilers game in Edmonton. Or actually, we didn’t see it.  An eagle-eyed YouTuber did.

During the third period of the low-scoring game, some bored (and surely very drunk) fans sitting right by the glass in the Canucks’ end of the ice decided to build a pyramid with their empty beer cups—right up against the glass. And it wasn’t some modest construction, either. Though it’s hard to tell for sure, by my count it looks like there are no fewer than 15 cups in the pyramid. That’s means they consumed probably 210 to 240 ounces of beer, and obviously it must have cost a fortune.

Unfortunately, the arena staff in Edmonton didn’t find it amusing. So they called the hockey cops, who went and shut the fun down real quick.

Take a look. The best view of the pyramid can be seen at the 0:18 mark.

Seriously, though.  Did they really need security to put a stop to that? Wouldn’t one of the ushers have sufficed? I mean, I know they were drunk, but they were stacking cups, not throwing trash cans.

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