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The 9 Biggest Ladies’ Men in Sports

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, February 6, 2013

biggest ladies men in sports

As we approach valentine’s day and our thoughts turn to love (or lust), it seems like a perfect time to take a look at the most legendary ladies men in the sports world today. Now what, exactly, constitutes a “ladies man” for the purposes of this list? Well, they don’t have to be single. What we’re really looking for is simply a track record of dating one smoking hot woman after another. If a guy happens to be married, that doesn’t mean is any less of a ladies man at heart.

Ready to see who we got? Great. Start clicking.


9. Sean Avery

9 sean avery - biggest ladies men in sports

Other players may hate him and, technically, he isn’t currently an NHLer, having been sent to the minors by the Rangers. But Sean Avery has always done very well with the ladies. (It’s probably because he likes clothes and shopping as much as they do.)

So who has Sean Avery dated over the years? Well…


9. Sean Avery Exhibit A: Rachel Hunter

9 rachel hunter (jarrett stole and sean avery) - biggest ladies men in sports

Avery dated Rod Stewart’s supermodel ex-wife for about a year in 2005.


9. Sean Avery Exhibit B: Elisha Cuthbert

9 elisha cuthbert (sean avery ex-girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

After Rachel Hunter, Sean Avery moved on to Elisha Cuthbert, whom he infamously called his “sloppy seconds” back in 2008 when asked what he thought about the fact that Cuthbert was dating Dion Phaneuf. (That got him an NHL suspension, by the way.)


9. Sean Avery Exhibit C: Hilary Rhoda

9 hilary rhoda (sean avery girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

After a bad experience with actresses, Avery went back to supermodels. He dated Hilary Rhoda here for a couple years before breaking up some time last summer.


8. Tony Romo

8 tony romo - biggest ladies men in sports

Tony Romo may be the whipping boy of disgruntled Cowboys fans (and Cowboys haters), but man the guy can snag some incredible women.


8. Tony Romo Exhibit A: Carrie Underwood

8 carrie underwood (tony romo girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

You might recall that Romo dated Mike Fisher’s wife, Carrie Underwood, for a brief period in 2007. Then he moved on to another blonde bombshell singer…


8. Tony Romo Exhibit B: Jessica Simpson

8 jessica simpson (tony romo girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Romo dated Jessica Simpson for a year and a half in 2008 and 2009, and everybody wondered if she was somehow causing his poor play on the field.


8. Tony Romo Exhibit C: Candice Crawford Romo

8 candice crawford (tony romo wife) - biggest ladies men in sports

In 2011, Romo finally found a gorgeous blonde woman he could commit to: Miss Missouri, Candice Crawford. The two are now married with a kiddo.


7. Jason Kidd

7 jason kidd - biggest ladies men in sports

Improbably as it may seem given his, err, less than incredible physical features, Jason Kidd knows how to woo the ladies…


7. Jason Kidd Exhibit A: Joumana Kid

7 joumana kidd (ex wife jason kidd) - biggest ladies men in sports

First Kidd was married to the lovely Joumana. It was rocky at times, but the marriage lasted a decade. After the breakup, Kidd found consolation in the arms of a Playboy Playmate…


7. Jason Kidd Exhibit B: Hope Dworaczyk

7 Hope-Dworaczyk (jason kidd) - biggest ladies men in sports

Hope made the cover of Playboy back in 2009 while she was dating Jason Kidd. She’s kind of attractive.


7. Jason Kidd Exhibit C: Porschla Coleman

7 porschla coleman (jason kidd wife) - biggest ladies men in sports

After dating the Playboy covergirl, Kidd stole Porschla Coleman away from hip hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Actually, I have no idea if he really stole her. But she used to be married to Simmons, and now she’s married to Kidd. Either way…wow.


6. Jarret Stoll

6 jarret stoll - biggest ladies men in sports

Jarret Stoll is a solid hockey player, but he’s no superstar. However, he is a pretty handsome dude, and he plays in Los Angeles—all of which adds up to a pretty impressive dating resume…


6. Jarret Stoll Exhibit A: Rachel Hunter

9 rachel hunter (jarrett stole and sean avery) - biggest ladies men in sports

Yep, that’s right. Rachel Hunter is a bit of a hockey groupie. After dating Sean Avery, Hunter got engaged to Stoll. Unfortunately, he rather abruptly called off the wedding in 2009. Or at least that was the rumor.

Don’t worry about Jarret, though. He rebounded just fine…

6. Jarret Stoll Exhibit B: Katie Cassidy

6 katie cassidy (jarret stoll girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Jarret  next dated actress Katie Cassidy. She’s not exactly a household name, but she’s been in a bunch of TV shows and movies, and she’s incredibly gorgeous.

However, Stoll’s current girlfriend takes the cake…

6. Jarret Stoll Exhibit C: Erin Andrews

6 erin andrews (jarret stoll girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Do you have any idea how many pro (and college) athletes must have hit on Erin Andrews over the years? I’m guess, oh, every one of them. But looky who Erin Andrews is now dating: Jarret Freaking Stoll.

Smart move by Andrews, too, dating an athlete she’ll never have to report on.


5. Ryan Lochte

5 ryan lochte 2 - biggest ladies men in sports

How big a ladies man is Ryan Lochte? Even the dude’s own mother brags about her son’s numerous one-night stands. (Though, yes, that is super gross.)

Sadly, we don’t know a lot of names of girls Lochte has, um, “dated.” But we do know one for sure…


5. Ryan Lochte Exhibit A: Rachel Garrison

5 rachel garrison and ryan lochte - biggest ladies men in sports

This is Ryan Lochte’s current girlfriend, Rachel Garrison. I have no idea what she does, but I’m sure she’s really good at it.


4. Andy Roddick

4 andy roddick - biggest ladies men in sports

American tennis star Andy Roddick won one grand slam event in his career, but he definitely won some major championships in his love life…

4. Andy Roddick Exhibit A: Mandy Moore

4 mandy moore

Many Moore is crazy hot. And Andy Roddick dated her before she married Ryan Adams (in one of the strangest music pairings ever).


4. Andy Roddick Exhibit B: Lauren Bedford

4 lauren bedford (model) andy roddick

After breaking up with Mandy, Andy Roddick dated model Lauren Bedford (not to be confused with reality TV lesbian Lauren Bedford Russell) before meeting the love of his life…


4. Andy Roddick Exhibit C: Brooklyn Decker

4 brooklyn decker (andy roddick wife) - biggest ladies men in sports

Not only is Andy Roddick married to swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, but the story of how they met is something right out of The Ladies Man’s Guide to Picking Up Chicks. You see, he saw Brooklyn in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, had his agent call her agent, and the rest was history.

Don’t we all wish it was that easy?


3. Tiger Woods

3 tiger woods - biggest ladies men in sports

Nobody knew Tiger was such a Tiger until 2009. Then we learned all the skeezy details…


3. Tiger Woods Exhibit A: Elin Nordegren

3 elin nordegren (tiger woods ex wife) - biggest ladies men in sports

Tiger was of course married to Elin Nordegren, a ridiculously hot swimsuit model from Sweden—pretty much every man’s dream.

But then…


3. Tiger Woods Exhibit B: The Mistresses

3 holly sampson (tiger woods mistress) - biggest ladies men in sports

In late 2009, Elin found out Tiger had been cheating on her with skanks all over the world. So she did what any reasonable woman would do: she whacked him upside the head with a golf club.

Anyway, Tiger wasn’t fooling around with classy ladies like Elin. He was instead hooking up with cocktail waitresses, strippers, and porn stars—like Holly Sampson here.


3. Tiger Woods Exhibit C: Lindsey Vonn

3 lindsey vonn dating tiger woods

Now it’s rumored that Tiger Woods is dating one of the most gorgeous and successful female athletes of all time: Lindsey Vonn.

It’s just not fair, is it? If you acted the way Tiger did and everyone on earth found out about it, you’d never get with a lady again.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

2 cristiano ronaldo - biggest ladies men in sports

There are too many rumored Cristiano Ronaldo hookups to list. (Apparently the dude’s greasy hair and arrogance aren’t a huge turnoff.) But here are some of the more notable ones…


2. Cristiano Ronaldo Exhibit A: Gemma Atkinson

2 gemma atkinson (cristiano ronaldo girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

British pin-up girl Gemma Atkinson dated Ronaldo for a while back in 2007, when he was still with Manchester United.

Holy. Smokes.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo Exhibit B: Kim Kardashian

2 kim kardashian (cristiano ronaldo girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Now, this one is not official. Kim and Cristiano never dated. However, they were seen smooching at a Spanish resort in 2010, so I’m saying, yeah, they totally hooked up.

Incidentally, Ronaldo also hooked up with Kim’s former BFF Paris Hilton back in 2009. However, she’s not our next example. Instead we have…


2. Cristiano Ronaldo Exhibit C: Irina Shayk

2 irina shayk (ronaldo girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Cristiano’s current girlfriend is Irina Shayk.

It was hard for CR to find a woman he thought was prettier than himself, but he did it. Congrats, buddy!


1. Derek Jeter

1 derek jeter - biggest ladies men in sports

Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to a lot of good-looking women, but he still can’t top Derek Jeter. For one thing, everyone likes Jeter. He doesn’t seem like a huge douche. For another thing, the chicks Jeter has dated aren’t just hot. They’re hot chick icons.

For example…


1. Derek Jeter Exhibit A: Mariah Carey

1 mariah carey (Jeter girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

The Captain dated Mariah Carey when she was at her peak back in the late 90s…


1. Derek Jeter Exhibit B: Lara Dutta

1 lara-dutta-derek-jeter-girlfriend - biggest ladies men in sports

Jeter also proved he was a man of the world by dating gorgeous Bollywood star Lara Dutta for a while…


1. Derek Jeter Exhibit C: Minka Kelly

1 minka kelly (jeter girlfriend) - biggest ladies men in sports

Of course, who could forget Jeter’s most recent long-term GF, the gorgeous Minka Kelly…


1. Derek Jeter Exhibit D: Jessica Alba

1 jessica-alba-derek-jeter-girlfriend - biggest ladies men in sports

Jeter and Alba were seen “hanging out” together in L.A. back in 2004. Story goes he had always admired her, so when the Yankees went on a road trip he had his people call her people to set something up.

Man, I need to get some people like that…


1. Derek Jeter Exhibit E: Adriana Lima

1 adriana-lima-2-derek-jeter-girlfriend - biggest ladies men in sports

In 2006 Jeter dated Victoria’s Secret lingerie model Adriana Lima.

A guy could do worse.