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Kobe Bryant: 24 Sweet GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, February 7, 2013

kobe bryant gifs

Yesterday we here at TotalProSports showed you a great Kobe Bryant highlight in which he blows past the Nets’ Gerald Wallace and then dunks on Kris Humprhies. Now, I’m not a Lakers fan, and I’ve never really been a huge Kobe fan either, but as I watched that clip I couldn’t help but think it’s just fun to watch that guy do his thing. So when it came time to pick a topic for today’s list of animated GIFs, I thought, hey, how about a bunch of Kobe GIFs? And when I was trying to decide how many to do, the obvious answer was right there on Kobe’s back: 24.

Anyway, if you’re a huge Kobe Bryant fan then you’re going to love this. And if you’re a huge Kobe Bryant hater…well, you’ll probalby also love it. Because let’s face it, even if you root for the Celtics you have to appreciate the entertainment value of Kobe Bryant. Right?


24. Face Mask & Finger Roll

kobe underhanded finge roll - kobe bryant gifs

No broken nose is going to slow down the Black Mamba. In fact, I think the mask lowers wind resistance and makes him even faster. That, or this clip is just sped up a bit.


23. The Old Slip, Spin, and Dunk

kobe slip n dunk - kobe bryant gifs

It almost looks like the slip and spin were part of his plan all along. I might try that out at the gym this week.


22. Serious Air

kobe rookie alley-oop 1996 - kobe bryant gifs

This is Kobe as a rookie back in 1996, putting his impressive leaping skills on display.


21. Fakes Inside, Goes Outside

kobe bryant dunk - kobe bryant gifs

I think everybody in the arena saw what Kobe was doing to that defender except that defender. I mean, seriously dude, stay on your toes and try not to commit too early.


20. Reverse Dunk

kobe reverse two-handed dunk - kobe bryant gifs

Oh sure, Kobe could have gone into this dunk facing the basket, but he decides to spice things up a bit and go for the nice reverse jam…showoff.


19. Alley-oop + Reverse Dunk = Awesome

kobe reverse alley-oop dunk - kobe bryant gifs

They make it look so easy. Why not just call that play ever time you get the ball?


18. Not Bad

kobe raising eyebrows - kobe bryant gifs

“Hey Kobe, did you get a change to read my book of poetry? Yes? Well, what did you think?”


17. Dousing Coach K

kobe pours water on mike krzyzewski - kobe bryant gifs

Kobe’s coach when he plays for Team USA is none other than Mike Krzyzewski, and this past summer Kobe got his pretty good after Team USA won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympis.

That joker.


16. In. Okafor's. Face.

kobe posterizing thunder - kobe bryant gifs

No, Emeka Okafor, this is how you dunk in a guy’s face.

This is the definition of “posterize.”


15. The Great Disappearing Kobe

kobe playing hide and go seek - kobe bryant gifs

Poor camera guy thought he’d lost him there for a second. Tuns out Kobe as just being a practical joker.


14. Teflon Don

chris rock taunting kobe bryant - kobe bryant gifs

I have no idea what Chris Rock is saying to Kobe, but he and David Spade sure think it’s funny. Unfortunately Kobe puts up a wall that the taunting simply cannot penetrate.


13. Finger Wagging

kobe finger wag - kobe bryant gifs

This GIF reveals Kobe’s secret: he has harnessed the power of holograms.

See the bracelet? Those things are said to “optimise the natural flow of energy around the body, and so improve an athlete’s strength, balance and flexibility.”

It’s pure nonsense, of course, but they sure get a lot of athletes to wear them.


12. The Quadruple Fake

kobe fake - kobe bryant gifs

Kobe doesn’t really have the power to alter time, moving it back and forth at his command. But sometimes it does feel like that.


11. Kobe Fail

kobe fail - kobe bryant gifs

Hey, even the best players in the world have their share of embarrassing moments.


10. Nice Fadeaway

kobe fadeaway baseline three-pointer - kobe bryant gifs

The Lakers lost this game, but this was still one hell of a fadeaway.

That’s how you do it, kids.


9. Beating Brooklyn 1

kobe dunks on gerald wallace and kris humphries - kobe bryant gifs

This is the highlight I mentioned in the introduction—Kobe blows by Gerald Wallace and then dunks on Wallace and Kris Humphries.

You should see it from the other angle and in slow-motion, though. So…


8. Beating Brooklyn 2

kobe dunks while wallace and humphries high five each other - kobe bryant gifs

“Hey, Gerry, high-five, bro!”


7. Posterizing Dwight

kobe dunks in dwight howard's face - kobe bryant gifs

Kobe says, “Oh, what? Dwight Howard is one of the best defensive players in the NBA? Really? Awwww.”


6. Dunk Contest Win

kobe wins 1997 dunk contest - kobe bryant gifs

Kobe won the Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie back in 1997…


5. Dunk Contest Victory Dance

kobe celebrates 1997 dunk contest victory - kobe bryant gifs

…As you can see from his celebration dance, he’d already developed his swagger.


4. Death Stare

kobe bryant death stare - kobe bryant gifs

As any NBA fan knows, when Kobe is angry you can always see it on his face.


3. Three-Point Buzzer-Beater

kobe amazing buzzer-beater - kobe bryant gifs

Is there anybody else in the NBA you’d rather have take the last shot than Kobe Bryant?


2. The Insane Alley-Oop

insane alley-oop dunk 2001 - kobe bryant gifs

Kobe takes a terrible alley-oop pass and turns it into one of the greatest highlights of his career (if you ask me). That is some serious athleticism.


1. The Dunk

kobe's best dunk - kobe bryant gifs

Is this the best dunk of Kobe’s career? Seems like it would definitely be hard to beat.