One-Handed Football Player Shaquem Griffin Makes a Brilliant One-Handed Interception (Video)

shaquem griffin one-handed interception

For most football players, making a diving one-handed catch would be very difficult. After all, it is difficult. But high school senior Shaquem Griffin has an advantage over most football players when it comes to making one-handed grabs. You see, Shaquem only has one hand, so he’s had lots of practice. And man, is he good.

On Tuesday, Shaquem and his twin brother, Shaquill Griffin, both played in the International Bowl, which pits some of the best high school football players in America against players from around the world. And in that game, Shaquem, a safety, made an absolutely incredible one-handed interception.

Take a look:

Now that’s a pick.

Shaquem was born with a severe hand deformity caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome. As a result, when he was just four years old, doctors surgically removed his left hand.

Fortuntaely “adversity” only propelled Shaquem to make the absolute most of himself. He and his brother, Shaquill, were offered scholarships to 14 different mid-major football programs, and on Wednesday they both signed with Central Florida. So if you want to see more Shaquem Griffin highlights, there’s a good chance you will.

Pretty awesome, right?

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