High School Hockey Player Scores Amazing Lacrosse-Style Goal (Video)

lacrosse style hockey goal from high school game

In lacrosse, a lacrosse goal is just a goal. But in hockey, a lacrosse goal is something very special.

I know that sounded like gibberish, but bear with me. You see, a so-called “lacrosse goal” in hockey is when a player picks up the puck with his stick and throws it in the net like a lacrosse player would do in lacrosse. Obviously, it takes a lot of skill to be able to pull off something like this in a game setting, and it also requires some lax defense, so occurrences are very rare. However, we do see such goals from time to time.

Sidney Crosby scored a lacrosse goal back in his QMJHL days. And about three years ago we saw a pretty impressive one by a guy named Thomas Deruns in Switzerland’s National League A.

Now we have another one. And it’s not from any pro, semi-pro, or major junior league. It’s from a high school hockey game in North Dakota. The goal-scorer is Alec Rauhauser of Century High School in Bismarck, and he scored the rare goal on Tuesday night—it was the middle goal of a hat trick.

Take a look:

If you clicked on the links above and watched the goals scored by Crosby and Deruns, then you realize that this goal is a carbon copy of those. It’s like the kid was practicing this move and just waiting for the perfect moment to bust it out…and that perfect moment finally came!

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