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The 30 Most Breathtaking Mullets in the History of Sports

by: Esteban On  Friday, February 8, 2013
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best sports mullets

When it comes to amazing sports hairdos, there is no question the mullet is king. This is understandable, of course. Who wouldn’t want hair that’s business in the front, party in the back?

Well today we honor this quintessential sports hairdo with this list of the most breathtaking mullets in the history of sports. Most of them are from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But the mullet has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the new millenium (or should I say, mulletium), so there are some contemporary mullets that made the list as well.  And regardless of the time period, they’re all beautiful in their own unique way. So get clicking, and enjoy the show.



30. Jared Allen

30 jared allen - sports mullets

According to Vikings DE Jared Allen, the mullet isn’t just a hairstyle. It’s a way of life.

Truer words were never spoken.


29. Marty McSorley

29 marty mcsorley - sports mullets

McSorley’s main job with the Kings was protecting Wayne Gretzky. So the guy grew a fearsome mullet in an attempt to look the part.


28. John Kruk

28 john kruk - sports mullets

I always figured that when John Kruk retired he would move to Jacksonville and manage a trailer park. Who would have guessed he’d end up as an analyst on ESPN?


27. Dennis Eckersley

27 dennis eckersley - sports mullets

Dennis Eckersley is one of just four athletes to make both this list and our list of iconic sports mustaches. So sure, making the Hall of Fame was nice, but this is truly his greatest achievement.


26. Mitch Williams

26 mitch williams - sports mullets

Mitch was John Kruk’s teammate in Philadelphia in the early 90s. Honestly, we probably could have put half that team on the list.


25. Fernando Torres

25 fernando torres - sports mullets

Behold the glory of the Euromullet. Sadly Fernando no longer sports this hairdo, but I’m sure he remembers those days fondly.


24. Wayne Gretzky

24 wayne grezky - sports mullets

Almost as amazing as the feathered 80s mullet itself is this incredible poster. The bracelet, the watch, the…are those peanut shells? Man, this is classic.



23. Rod Beck

23 rod beck - sports mullets

The late Rod Beck is our second athlete also on the iconic mustaches list. It didn’t matter where this guy grew hair; it was always spectacular.


22. Jose Conseco

22 jose canseco - sports mullets

A bold mullet is not appropriate for all occasions. Sometimes you need something more subtle, like the Canseco. It’s almost not a mullet. But it is.


21. Brian Bosworth

21 brian bosworth - sports mullets

Bosworth only played 3 seasons in the NFL with the Seahawks, but he made a lasting impression with his amazing late-80s mullet.



20. Mike Smith

20 mo egger - sports mullets

From what does Coyotes goalie Mike Smith draw all his puck-stopping power? From this insane mullet. I mean, just look at it. This guy is not messing around.



19. Mark Gastineau

19 mark gastineau - sports mullets

The Jets’ Mark Gastineau was one of the most fearsome pass rushers of his generations, accumulating 100.5 sacks in his first 100 games. That makes this the all-time mullet sacks leader.


18. Larry Bird

18 larry bird - sports mullets

Basketball legend Larry Bird: the third member of the mustache-mullet club along with John Kruk and Dennis Eckersley. Apparently you can take the man out of Indiana, but you can’t take the Indiana out of the man.


17. Roy Nelson

17 roy nelson - sports mullets

Roy Nelson may not be the most fit fighter in the UFC, but damned if he doesn’t have the best hair. That is one furry mullet.


16. Troy Tulowitzki

16 troy tulowitzki - sports mullets

Troy Tulowitzki is doing his best to get the mullet reinstated as the official hairdo of Major League Baseball.

Good luck, Tulo. We are all counting on you.


15. Kenny Powers

15 kenny powers - sports mullets

Sure, Kenny Powers is a fictional character from a TV show. But the mullet is oh-so-real. How could I leave the permy goodness off the list?


14. Patrick Kane


The Chicago Blackhawks’ hard-partyin’ Patrick Kane can’t grow a particularly robust playoff beard. So when April rolls around he has his own tradition: the playoff mullet.

That might be the best mullet-related idea of all time.


13. Rudi Voller


West German soccer player Rudi Voller won the 1990 World Cup with this mullet. He later went on to coach the German national team, but having long since abandoned the mullet, the best they could do under him was a second-place finish in 2002.


12. Travis Schlichting

12 travis schlichting - sports mullets

Pitcher Travis Schlichting isn’t exactly a household name. In fact, the 28-year-old has appeared in only 16 career games. But if he keeps working hard and stays true to the mullet, I’m sure one of these days he’ll break through.


11. Martina Navratilova

11 martina navratilova - sports mullets

Legendary women’s tennis player Martina Navratilova introduce the mullet to the world of tennis back in the 80s. Her bold hairstyle obviously inspired another tennis great…


10. Andre Agassi

10 andre agassi - sports mullets

One day while growing up in Vegas, Andre Agassi walked into the salon and told ‘em, “give me the Navratilova.” Then he put on a pair of jean shorts, and the rest was history.


9. John Daly

9 john daly - sports mullets

Not all mullets are wild and untamed. Some are smooth and sophisticated, like John Daly’s.


8. Barry Melrose

8 barry melrose - sports mullets

For a guy who coached only 225 NHL games over 2 full seasons and 2 partial seasons, Barry Melrose sure has managed to carve out a solid career for himself as an analyst. There’s no doubt in my mind that it has something to do with this classy mullet.


7. Randy Johnson

7 randy johnson - sports mullets

Randy Johnson is the fourth and final member of the mustache-mullet club. Of course, he also took part in the Great Mullet Showdown of 1993—his famous duel against John Kruk in the 1993 MLB All-Star game.


6. Mike Awesome

6 mike awesome - sports mullets

The late great Mike Awesome had what I think was the best pure mullet in pro wrestling history.


5. Jennifer Capriati

5 jennifer capriati - sports mullets

Jennifer Capriati made her professional tennis debut in 1990 at the age of 13. This is what her hair looked like.


4. Steve Taneyhill

4 steve taneyhill - sports mullets

South Carolina Gamecock quarterback Steve Taneyhill (1992-95) never made it to the NFL, but he’l always be remembered as the crazy guy with the majestic, flowing mullet.


3. Roberto Baggio

3 roberto baggio - sports mullets

Not many men have the confidence to go with the horsetail-mullet. Sadly for Italian soccer fans, this mullet didn’t help him make that decided penalty kick at the 1994 World Cup.


2. Jaromir Jagr


Now, I know what you’re thinking: there is a mullet even more incredible that Jaromir Jagr’s? How is that possible?

But trust me, there is…


1. Dwayne

1 dwayne schintzius - sports mullets

The late Dwayne Schintzius had a solid 8-year NBA career from 1990 to 1999. For part of that time, he sported the greatest mullet in the history of sports.

Of course, there’s an obvious explanation for Schintzius’ mullet ability: the guy was born and raise in Florida.