Blake Griffin Switches Hands in Mid-Air Before Throwing Down Monster Dunk (Video)

blake griffin monster slam

If the Clippers’ Blake Griffin isn’t the best dunk artist in the NBA today, he’s a close second. Time and time again, we see this guy completely defy gravity, leap over some gargantuan defender, and slam the ball home.

This isn’t to say the guy is a complete player yet, or that he doesn’t also blow it from time to time. But when the guy is on, he is one of the most exciting players to watch. And last night against the 76ers, Blake Griffin was definitely on.

About halfway through the 3rd quarter, with his team enjoying a comfortable 21-point lead, Griffin took a nice dish from Chris Paul and took the ball to the basket. There, he was met by 7’1″ center Spender Hawes, a formidable opponent, but Griffin had the answer. In mid leap, Griffin simply switched the ball from his right to his left hand, evading a block from Hawes and scoring the best two points anyone saw all night.

Here’s the play at full speed from a couple different angles:

And here it is in super slow-mo:

Personally, I think it looks better at full speed because you get a better glimpse at how Griffin alters his trajectory by switching hands. Either way, though, this guy’s athleticism is definitely on full display.

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