Celebration Fail: Cane’s Jussi Jokinen Scores Goal, Takes a Spill (Video)

jussi jokinen goal celebration fail

Even if you do fancy yourself a good ice skater, if you have never played hockey you probably don’t realize just how difficult it is to do some of the things those guys go on skates.

Personally, I can skate around in circles while holding a girl’s hand, and I can even do it while holding a hot chocolate in the other hand. But can I stay on my feet during a knock-down, drag-out, fist fight with some guy who’s 6’2″ and 220 pounds? No, I cannot. My backside would be on the ice before the other guy even took a swing.

I explain this as a way of prefacing the video you’re about to see, because I want you to know that I don’t think flying around on hockey skates is easy. I don’t, and it’s not. That being said, this celebration fail by Jussi Jokinen of the Carolina Hurricanes is pretty embarrassing.

You see, after scoring a power play goal to give his team the lead against the Maple Leafs midway through the second period last night, Jokinen skated backwards from the mouth of the goal and into the corner. And once there, he hit the boards and fell down. See for yourself:

To his credit, the guy wasn’t going nuts celebrating or anything. But at least if he were, then he would have had a good excuse for falling on his butt.

Nice one, Jussi.

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