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The 27 Best GIFs from the First Half of the 2012-13 NBA Season

by: Esteban On  Friday, February 15, 2013
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best gifs of 2012-13 nba season so far (first half)

While we actually reached the midway point of the 2012-13 NBA schedule a couple of weeks ago, the event typically viewed as the official midseason break—NBA All-Star Weekend—starts tomorrow night in Houston. So with the festivities almost at hand, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the season so far. And what better way to do that than with a list of animated GIFs?

Sure, we could talk about the biggest storylines and analyze team performance, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated give has to be worth at least ten thousand. They capture what happened in ways that words often cannot. Plus, I don’t want to write all that much, so it’s a win-win.

Anyway, check out the list. If you haven’t been following the NBA this season, maybe this will get you into it.


27. Little Big Block

nate robinson block - nba gifs 2012 2013

Nate Robinson is all of five-foot-nine, and yet here he is getting back on D and blocking like a boss. As someone with zero jumping ability, I find this guy amazing.


26. Finger Roll

russell westbrook finger roll dance - nba gifs 2012 2013

Russell Westbrook tried to make “The Finger Roll” the next big dance craze.

Didn’t happen.


25. Slick Pass

rubio trick through the legs pass - nba gifs 2012 2013

Ricky Rubio’s averaging 6.5 assists per game this season, which places him about 15th in the league. However, putting aside quantity, the quality of some of his assists is off the charts.

(This GIF seems to be a little glitchy. If it stops playing after the first run, click on the image, then hit refresh on your browser to watch again and again.)


24. The Godzilla Dance

weird dance by lakers bench players - nba gifs 2012 2013

The Lakers have tried a lot of weird things to bust out of their slump this season, including inventing strange dances like this.


23. Kobe Fail

kobe fail - nba gifs 2012 2013

Speaking of the Lakers…Kobe is having a great season, but the man isn’t perfect. In fact, that’s exactly something I would do.



kobe bryant death stare - nba gifs 2012 2013

This is Kobe’s imitation of a young Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. (You should watch that movie. It’s also got Martin Sheen and George C. Scott, a.k.a. Patton.)


21. KG Gives Ray the Cold Shoulder

kg gives cold shoulder to ray allen - nba gifs 2012 2013

To quote Derek Zoolander, “I’m not your brah.”


20. Nice Shot

kevin durant off top of backboard - nba gifs 2012 2013

When your as good as Kevin Durant is right now, things like this just seem to go your way.

Oh, and he was fouled on the play, too.


19. Three-Point Goggles

kevin durant 3-pointer goggles - nba gifs 2012 2013

Ah, so that’s KD’s secret. Three-point goggles. Unfortunately they are prescription only.


18. J-Jack's Buzzer-Beater

jarrett jack's half-court shot and reaction - nba gifs 2012 2013

Sure, it was only the 3rd quarter buzzer that this shot beat, but that was still one hell of a shot, and en even better celebration.


17. Boshface

if bosh had no teeth - nba gifs 2012 2013

If you thought Chris Bosh made some creepy weird faces before, just imagine what they would look like if the guy had no teeth.


16. The Charlotte LOLcats

hilarious ending to bobcats lakers - nba gifs 2012 2013

The Bobcats aren’t nearly as pathetic as they were last year, when they went 7-59 for a .106 winning percentage. But they still aren’t very good. This year their winning percentage is still just .231, and scenes like this demonstrate why.


15. Happy Woodson

happy woodson - nba gifs 2012 2013

Knicks coach Mike Woodson was very happy to get Amar’e Stoudemire back in December.


14. Dwight Tinkers with His Free Throw Stance

dwight howard free throw airball - nba gifs 2012 2013

Dwight Howard tried taking his free throws from 1 foot further away at one point this season. Strangely enough, had shot an air ball that missed the hoop by exactly 1 foot.


13. Spike Dismayed

dismayed spike lee at knicks game - nba gifs 2012 2013

Spike Lee, long known as one of the Knicks’ most loyal and visible fans, was clearly unhappy with the officiating  during this game against the Bulls.


12. Cuban Dozing

cuban sleeping, dreaming - nba gifs 2012 2013

Is it just me, or does it look like Mark Cuban is dreaming about hot dogs?


11. J.R. Smith

j.r. smith blank face - nba gifs 2012 2013

The Knicks’ J.R. Smith is always doing the opposite of what you would expect. When you think he’d be calm and professional he’s a goofball, and when you think he’d be exciting about a last-second victory he’s totally stoic.

10. Cooking Dance

cooking dance - nba gifs 2012 2013

Say what you want about JaVale McGee, the guy never fails to disappoint. This is one of the more memorable celebration dances I’ve seen in a while.


9. Cliff Paul and Buddy Crystal

cliff paul and bobby crystal - nba gifs 2012 2013

Here we have notable Clippers fan Billy Crystal taking on a persona to match that of Chris Paul’s “Cliff Paul.”

On a side note, you have to respect Billy Crystal as a hoops fan. The guy has been a Clippers fan for a long time, through thick and thin. He never jumped on the Lakers bandwagon. Now he’s being rewarded, and good for him.


8. Barkley Waxes Poetic About Manly Grooming Techniques

charles barley eye brows waxed - nba gifs 2012 2013

Yes, Charles, America really did want to know that you wax your eyebrows.

What about your chest? Do you wax that, too?


7. Jacky Not Happy

angry jack nicholson - nba gifs 2012 2013

Behold, the Lakers’ season expressed in a single GIF.

(This GIF seems to be a little glitchy. If it stops playing after the first run, click on the image, then hit refresh on your browser to watch again and again.)


6. The Mouthguard Incident

amir johnson throws mouthguard at ref - nba gifs 2012 2013

Somebody should have told Amir Johnson that throwing his mouthguard at the referees is generally frowned upon.


5. The Dancing Ref, Part 1

joey-crawford-referee dance - nba gifs 2012 2013 copy

Referee Joey Crawford doesn’t just make calls. He dances them.

(This GIF seems to be a little glitchy. If it stops playing after the first run, click on the image, then hit refresh on your browser to watch again and again.)

4. The Dancing Ref, Part 2

joey crawford dancing again - nba gifs 2012 2013

Joey Crawford doesn’t just dance his calls, however. He also danced to get himself pumped up. The guy is a maaanic, maaaaaaaaniac, that’s for sure.


3. Guess Who?

amare nash who is it - nba gifs 2012 2013

Awe, how cute. For former teammates Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire, it’s just like the good old days.


2. Caron Butler's Monster Dunk

caron butler dunk - nba gifs 2012 2013

That’s one majestic dunk. I wonder how Caron Butler pulled it off???


1. Caron Butler's Lucky Charm

caron butler rubbing lamar odom's head for good luck - nba gifs 2012 2013 copy

Ahhh. Now I see. Caron just rubs Lamar Odom’s head for good luck.

(This GIF seems to be a little glitchy. If it stops playing after the first run, click on the image, then hit refresh on your browser to watch again and again.)