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21 Ridiculous Hockey Dive GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, February 21, 2013
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hockey dives

In case you haven’t notice, there is an epidemic sweeping the sports world. It’s got a few different names depending on what sport you’re talking about, but the problem is the same. I am talking, of course, about diving or flopping. What seems to have started in soccer quite noticeably crept into basketball. Now even hockey players are diving. Seriously, hockey players—the guys who get three teeth knocked out and keep playing—will feel sticks brush the back of their legs and hit the ice like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Of course, stamping out diving would be easy: fine and suspend players for doing it. But that’s not going to happen, so I’m going to do my part…by shaming hockey players who take dives. Sound good? Great, then you’ll love the 21 animated GIFs that follow. Check them out.


21. Ryan Kesler: Inner Ear Problem?

21 kessler dive - hockey dive gifs

Looks like someone tied Ryan Kesler’s shoelaces together. Oldest trick in the book.


20. Foot Bone Connected to Arm Bones?

20 canadiens dive - hockey dive gifs

The guy makes contact with you in the upper body, and yet you spin out as though you’ve been tripped. Somebody explain the laws of physics to this guy.


19. Ovie Dive

19 ovechkin dive - hockey dive gifs

Judging by the way his skates go flying out from underneath him, you’d think Alex Ovechkin just got clothelined by C.M. Punk or something.


18. Backfires

18 hemsky dive - hockey dive gifs

Hey, Ales Hemsky, this is why you don’t take dives.

Ironically, it’s the Sedin twins who benefit from the gaffe. When it comes to diving, they are two of the worst offenders in the NHL. And you don’t have to take my word for it. They’re coming up.


17. Alex Burrows

17 alex burrows dive - hockey dive gifs

Alex Burrows is actually pretty good selling his dives. This one would actually have looked pretty realistic at full speed. Of course, in slow motion you can see it’s phony.


16. Celebratory Dive

16 milan hejduk dive celebration- hockey dive gifs

Okay, this dive wasn’t intended to draw a penalty. But it’s too awesome not to include. Sorry for straying off topic.


15. Watch out for the blue line

15 senators dive - hockey dive gifs

Here’s another one that probably would have looked pretty convincing to the naked eye at full speed. However, here the truth is obvious.


14. Goalie Dive

14 goalie dive - hockey dive gifs

When trying to draw a penalty, always make sure to flail your arms dramatically in the air. It looks totally natural and will surely get the referee’s attention.


13. Head Shot?

13 zubrus dive - fittest bodies in sports

From the first angle you think, oh man, nasty headshot. Then you see it from the reverse angle and realize Claude Giroux barely touches old Dainius Zubrus…that joker.


12. Orpik Ouchie

12 penguins player dive - fittest bodies in sports

Brooks Orpik watches too much soccer. The guy gets takes a clean hit on the shoulder and falls to the ice grabbing his face.

And I’m not done with the Penguins…


11. Sid the Cheatin' Kid

11 sidney crosby dive - hockey dive gifs

I love Sidney Crosby. I think he’s the best player in the world. But diving is diving, and here the kid is definitely diving. In fact, it kind of reminds me of this.


10. Daniel Sedin Goes Down

10 sedin dive - fittest bodies in sports

All you have to do it look at one of the Sedins and they crumple to the ice like you just shot them in the stomach. It’s really embarrassing.


9. Daniel Sedin Goes Down...Again

9 sedin dive 2 - hockey dive gifs

You have to give Daniel some credit though. The guy has some superhero-like sensory perception. He feels a stick on his legs, and immediate the brain knows to shut it all down and collapse to the ice. It must have take years to develop those reflexes.


8. Here's what happened

8 dallas stars dive 1 - hockey dive gifs

The referee was right there. He saw slash, and would have called the penalty. There was no need to embellish by falling dramatically and grabbing the face.

However, by doing so, the Jumbo Joe Thornton made our next awesome GIF possible…


7. Here's what it looked like

7 dallas stars dive 2 - hockey dive gifs

Somebody should make a video game like this, where you can just chop off the opposing players’ legs with a light sabre when they piss you off.


6. My Back!

6 steve staios islanders dive - hockey dive gifs

When did they start using electrified sticks in the NHL?


5. Eddie No Like Diving

5 ed belfour accuses eric staal of diving - hockey dive gifs

Ed Belfour did not appreciate the diving antics of Carolina’s Eric Staal.


4. Alex Burrows: Prima Ballerina

4 alex burrows dive 2 - hockey dive gifs


Alex Burrows has seen Swan Lake one too many times.

I didn’t set up to beat up on the Canucks, by the way. It’s just that, when it comes to diving, these guys take the cake.


3. Figure Skating?

3 russian junior player dive - hockey dive gifs

If Alex Burrows has been watching too much ballet, this dude has been watching too much figure skating. I think that’s a double lutz of something.


2. Epic Kesler Dive

2  ryan kesler dive - hockey dive gifs

I love Ryan Kesler. I’d take him on my team any day. But I would be pretty pissed if he did something like this wearing my team’s colors.

Ryan, stop embarrassing yourself, man. You don’t want to become a meme.


1. Best. Dive. Ever.

1 kings dive - hockey dive gifs

Yeah, if you’re going to dive when a guy makes contact, you’ve got to commit early. You can’t be deciding to take a leap 2 seconds later. Just doesn’t work that way.