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The 50 Best Butts in Sports

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 23, 2015

best backsides in sports

UPDATE: Startlingly enough, butts continue to be popular even as we get closer and closer to the beginning of 2015. But (lol), that doesn’t mean that just any butt will satisfy the needs of the masses. For that, you need the kind of butts that come from discipline and dedicated athletic training – or maybe it’s just genetic. So enjoy a couple more bonus butts, on the house.

UPDATE: In the 21st century, butts are kind of like produce – always in season. So it shouldn’t be too tough to wrangle up a couple of bonus butts from the year 2014 and introduce you to some new blood on the subject. I know, I know, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Otherwise we’d be letting the naysayers and ass-nostalgists out there dominate the conversation, and that just wouldn’t be right.

When I was first handed this assignment, my first thought was, “50 best backsides in sports? That’s easy. They’re all surfers and beach volleyball players.” However, while surfers and beach volleyball players did indeed make a very strong showing here—15 out of 50, or 30%—we ended with a pretty nice variety of sports, and the top two spots actually went to soccer players.

Now, what do we mean by “in sports”? Well, here we mean basically anyone who makes their living of of sports. So hot wives and girlfriends are out (unless they are also athletes), but reporters, ring girls, and cheerleaders are in. That being said, the vast majority of the women on the list are actual athletes.

Ready to take a look? Then get clicking on those arrows.


Bonus: Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova

A technicality must have prevented the legendary Anna Kournikova from making this list the first time, but the time has come for her to finally join the annals of the best butts in sports. As you can see in the photo above, she argues for herself pretty successfully.

Bonus: Jen Selter

Jen Selter

Calling Jen Selter an athlete might be pushing it a little, but “pushing it a little” is exactly what … Actually, I’m not going to finish that sentence. But her commitment to exercise and her amazing ass make her a sure fit for this list.

Bonus: Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice has had a bit of a PR problem since becoming a celebrity, but there’s at least one thing no amount of boneheaded tweets can take away from her.

50. Dominika Cibulkova

50 dominika cibulkova - best backsides in sports

Slovakia’s Dominika Cibulkova may only be #50 here, but she’s #15 in the world at tennis, so she’s doing okay for herself.


49. Catherine Clark

49 catherine clark - best backsides in sports

Well, it didn’t take us long to get to a surfer, did it? Catherine here is a Billabong Girl…which sounds kind of funny.


48. Melanie Adams

48 melanie adams - best backsides in sports

Australian pole vaulter Melanie Adams is part of a very strong contingent from track and field on this list. There are a couple more pole vaulters, plus some long jumpers, and sprinters, too.


47. Laura Ludwig

47 laura ludwig - best backsides in sports

Germany’s Laura Ludwig has one of the fittest bodies in beach volleyball. Don’t you agree?


46. Danica Patrick

46 danica patrick black bikini - best backsides in sports

You wouldn’t think Danica would have such a nice backside since her sport involved sitting on it for hours on end. But, you know, I guess she also gets to the gym.


45. Elsa Baquerizo


Spain’s Elsa Baquerizo has a rather shapely figure.


44. Tatiana Grigorieva

44 tatiana grigorieva - best backsides in sports

See? We’re only on #44 and already our second pole vaulter. What is it about this particular athletics discipline that crafts such fine derrieres?


43. Maria Antonelli

43 Maria Antonelli - best backsides in sports

Italian beach volleyball Maria Antonelli comes in all sandy at #43.


42. Jenny Fletcher

42 jenny fletcher triathlete - best backsides in sports

Meet Jennie Fletcher, model and professional triathlete.

You’re still looking, aren’t you?

Okay, seriously though…it’s been five minutes. You should move on to the next one.


41. Erica Hosseini

41 erica hosseini - best backsides in sports

That sounds like a Persian name, but Erica Hosseini doesn’t really look Persian. Maybe it’s the blonde hair, or maybe it’s the surfboard, but she looks like a typical California girl to me.


40. Michelle Jenneke

40 michelle jenneke - best backsides in sports

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke took the internet by storm last summer with her sexy pre-race warmup dance. Now you can see her in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


39. Juliana Veloso

39 brazil-juliana-veloso-diving - best backsides in sports

Diver Juliana Veloso competed at four consecutive Summer Olympic Games for her native Brazil. She never won a medal, but she did pose for this photograph.


38. Francesca Piccinini

38 francesca piccinini - best backsides in sports

Francesca Piccinini has won pretty much every major competition with the Italian national team…except the Olympics. Four trips, zero medal.

Oh well.


37. Voula Papachristou

37 Voula Papachristou - best backsides in sports

Voula got sent home from the 2012 Summer Olympics because of a racially insensitive tweet. But hey, we can still admire her impressive physique, right?


36. Allison Stokke

36 allison stokke - best backsides in sports

How could we do this list and not include internet legend Allison Stokke?


35. Eloise Amberger

35 eloise amberger (synchronized swimmer) - best backsides in sports

Australia’s Eloise Amberger is almost enough to make me watch synchronized swimming. Almost.


34. Marta Menegatti

34 marta menegatti - best backsides in sports

Italian + beach volleyball = win


33. Jessica Renee

33 jessica renee - best backsides in sports

Ah yes, the good old Lingerie Football League—it was created to populate lists like this.


32. Marie-Andrée Lessard

32 marie-andree-lessard - best backsides in sports

Obviously this French-Canadian athlete hasn’t been overindulging in poutine.


31. Victoria Vanucci

31 victoria vanucci - best backsides in sports

At one point Argentina’s Victoria Vanucci was a tennis player. Then she realized she was a lot better at being hot than playing tennis and could therefore make a lot more money as a model. And so here she is today.


30. Bruna Schmitz

30 bruna-schmitz - best backsides in sports

I’ll give you one guess as to what sport Bruna plays.

Yes, it’s surfing.

29. Natalie Gulbis

29 natalie gulbis - best backsides in sports

Natalie Gulbis has become a fan favorite on the LPGA Tour. Can’t imagine why.


28. Angela Rypien

28 angela rypien - best backsides in sports

This is Angela Rypien, daughter of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Mark Rypien. In case you couldn’t figure it out, she plays in the LFL.


27. Amanda Beard

27 amanda beard - best backsides in sports

Amanda Beard would have to be considered one of the hottest Olympians of all time, no?


26. Liliana Fernandez

26 liliana fernandez - best backsides in sports

Funny how the hand signals used in beach volleyball give photographers a “valid” excuse to take closeup photos of players’ backsides without being labeled perverts.

Anyway, Liliana Fernandez…she’s muy caliente.


25. Anna Semenovich

25 anna_semenovich - best backsides in sports

Retired Russian ice dancer Anna Semenovich never made it to the Olympics, but at least she’s got a strong second career as a model.


24. Alana Blanchard

24 alana blanchard - best backsides in sports

Pro surfer Alana Blanchard—you should definitely follow her on Twitter.


23. Niki Gudex

23 niki gudex - best backsides in sports

Niki Gudex is without a doubt one of the hottest pro cyclists on the planet.


22. Michelle Waterson

michelle waterson

There’s a reason they call Michelle Waterson “the Karate Hottie.”


21. Logan Tom

21 logan tom - best backsides in sports

What a brutal name. I bet in school her teachers always thought the name was an error on the class list, expecting to meet a boy named Tom Logan. At least poor Logan’s parents gave her a mighty fine set of genes.


20. Maria Sharapova

20 maria sharapova - best backsides in sports

Not as many tennis players made the list as I would have expected. But Maria Sharapova never disappoints.


19. Christa Alves

19 christa alves - best backsides in sports

I have no idea how good Christa Alves is at surfing, and I really do not care.


18. Jacqueline Carvalho

18 jacqueline carvalho - best backsides in sports

You might have seen Brazilian (indoor) volleyball player Jacqueline Carvalho at the Olympics this past summer. If so, you may have expected to encounter her on this list.


17. Chelsey the Eagles Cheerleader

15 chelsey eagles cheerleader - best backsides in sports

They don’t usually tell you the last names of the cheerleaders in the NFL, so all I know is that this woman’s name is Chelsey and that she has a lovely figure.


16. Ronda Rousey

14 ronda rousey - best backsides in sports

Ronda Rousey looks like of scary when she’s in the ring with her hair pulled back and her veins popping. But as you can clearly see here, she also has a feminine side.


15. Arianny Celeste

13 arianny celeste - best backsides in sports

If you don’t think UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is one of the hottest women on the planet, go ahead and slap yourself in the face and look at this photo again.


14. Laura Enever

12 laura enever - best backsides in sports

Laura Enever has the honor being our first surfer in the top 15. She won’t be the last.


13. Erin Andrews

17 erin andrews - best backsides in sports

I always thought Erin Andrews was a little overrated in terms of her looks. Then I saw this ad campaign she did for Reebok. Changed my mind entirely.


12. Leryn Franco

16 leryn franco - best backsides in sports

I bet you never thought you would have a “favorite javelin thrower,” did you?


11. Ivet Lalova

11 ivet lalova - best backsides in sports

If you thought Michelle Jenneke had a great pre-race routine, you should see Ivet Lalova do her thing.


10. Tanyka Renee

10 tanyka renee - best backsides in sports

Meet Tanyka Renee of the LFL’s Philadelphia Passion. Is she any good at football? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure they put her on the team for the impressive way in which she fills out the uniform.


9. Christie Burns

9 christie burns - best backsides in sports

Christie plays (well, played) for the San Diego Seduction of the LFL.

So, tell me—are you seduced?


8. Stacy Keibler

8 stacy keibler - best backsides in sports

George Clooney is dating this former WWE Diva. So there’s another reason why he is the most enviable man on the planet.


7. Monica Byrne-Wickey

7 Monyca-Byrne-Wickey - best backsides in sports

Some people think Monica Byrne-Wickey is the hottest pro surfer on the planet.

Those people have a solid case.


6. Alex Morgan

6 alex morgan - best backsides in sports

This summer, USA soccer player Alex Morgan went on vacation and tried her hand at surfing. In doing so she showed us all that she was even hotter than we had imagined.


5. Anastasia Ashely

5 anatasia ashley - best backsides in sports

Anastasia Ashely is my favorite pro surfer. Who is yours?

(Correct answer: Anastasia Ashley.)


4. Snežana Rodić

4 Snežana Rodić - best backsides in sports

You didn’t see Slovenian triple jumper Snežana Rodić at the Olympics last summer. What a shame, huh?


3. Miesha Tate

3 miesha tate - best backsides in sports

Miesha officially joined UFC just this month and will make her debut against Cat Zingano on April 13. Her glutes look toned and ready.


2. Sydney Leroux

2 sydney leroux - best backsides in sports

I’ve been a big fan of Sydney Leroux for a while now. However, I had no idea she had these kinds of curves.


1. Laisa Andrioli

1 laisa andrioli - best backsides in sports

Laisa Andrioli is a Brazilian soccer player. And not like one of those soccer players who kind of play soccer at low levels for a while, but like an actual, good soccer player. However, she really only became famous when she did a very revealing photoshoot back in 2007, the results of which are not suitable for display here.

In any case, I think Laisa is a pretty reasonable pick for the best backside in sports. Don’t you?