Sacramento State and UC Riverside Kick Off College Baseball Season with Epic Bench-Clearing Brawl (Video)

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Normally college baseball doesn’t make any headlines until June, when the eight best teams in the nation head to Omaha, Nebraska, for the College World Series. It’s not that we don’t like college baseball or anything.  It’s just that…well, actually, I guess it is that we don’t like college baseball. It probably has something to do with the fact that, unlike college football and college basketball, half of the best players aged 18-22 are playing professionally already, and the fact that no one ever waxed poetic about the sharp ping of an aluminum bat.

However, it seems the players of Sacramento State and UC Riverside are determined to change all this. They don’t want American sports fans to wait until June to take an interest in college ball. So they kicked off the 2013 season with an epic bench-clearing brawl.

It all started when UC Riverside’s Eddie Young got caught in a rundown between second and third base. After Sacramento State second baseman Andrew Ayers tagged Young out, he finished the play off by giving Young a shove.

Young didn’t like that. So he punched Ayers in the jaw. Pandemonium ensued.

Take a look:

Since NCAA rules state that any player ejected for fighting shall be suspended for four games, both Ayers and Young will be sitting out for a while. Of course, so will UC Riverside’s Drake Zarate. It’s unclear what role he played in the brawl, but he got ejected, and so he’ll be sitting out too.

Obviously, all of this is deplorable and embarrassing and should never happen, et cetera, and so on. But hey, at least people are actually aware that the college baseball season has begun. So that’s something positive.

Hat Tip – [Sacramento Bee]

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