Brawl!: Pacers-Warriors Fight Spills Into Stands (Video)

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It’s funny how we view fighting in sports. If it’s hockey, well fighting is no big deal. You duke it out, then you take a five-minute breather and you’re back in the game. No ejection, no suspension, no fine. But if you fight in any of the other major sports leagues? Forget about it. You’re done. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, even NASCAR—whatever the sport, if you fight, you’re in trouble.

And of course, the biggest irony is that, quite often, these “fights” don’t even involve grown men throwing punches like you’ll see in the NHL. Just look at last night’s “brawl” in Indianapolis between the Pacers and the Golden State Warriors.

With 6:10 left in the game, Golden State’s David Lee gave Indiana’s Roy Hibbert a shove under the basket while going for a rebound. Hibbert didn’t like that, so he shoved Lee back. The next thing you know, every player was out on the floor getting involved in a big scrum that eventually spilled over into the crowd.

But here’s the funny thing: not a single punch was thrown—not a jab, not a haymaker. And nobody kicked anybody else, either. With the exception of one elbow delivered to the side of Golden State guard Stephen Curry’s head, there were no blows at all. This was just a good old-fashioned shoving match.

Take a look:

Granted, you never want even the slightest altercation to spill over into the crowd at all. But still, this really isn’t all that bad. In fact, it would be a pretty typical Tuesday night for most NHL teams.

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