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by: JamieD On  Thursday, February 28, 2013
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lets move schools nike michelle obama

Kids these days can be awfully lazy at times, what with the internet, television, and the ridiculously insane graphics found in today’s video games.  And while Sony (Playstation) and Microsoft (Xbox) probably aren’t too concerned about the lazy-kid-epidemic, Michelle Obama and Nike are.

That is why the First Lady and the sports apparel giants are teaming up to bring physical activities back to schools with their “Let’s Move Schools” campaign.

Today, Michelle Obama will be making a major announcement regarding her initiative to provide children with a healthier lifestyle.  As the video below states, “for the first time in history, this generation is expected to die five years younger than their parents.”

You can watch the video below, and read the press release regarding the announcement below the video.

nike michelle obama lets move schools press release