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25 Animated GIFs of Kissing in Sports

by: Esteban On  Thursday, February 28, 2013
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sports kissing gifs

Whether is players or fans, people can get pretty emotional about sports, and they express these emotions in a variety of interesting ways. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they perform a lewd gesture, and, of course, sometimes they even kiss.

Of course, kissing is probably the strangest and, shall we say, most problematic way of expressing sports emotions. Sure, if your team wins the Super Bowl on a last-second play, then kissing your girlfriend seems like a natural thing to do. But blowing kisses at opponents, kissing sidelines reporters, and kissing your teammates? That’s just weird.

And in case you need some proof, here are 25 animated GIFs of kissing in sports. You’ll laugh for a while…then you’ll be kind of creeped out.


25. Kiss from Coach

dwayne casey kissing demar derozan - sports kissing gifs

Raptors coach Dwayne Casey lets DeMar DeRozan know just how much he liked his performance.

LU D-RO!!! ;)


24. Lady Blows Kiss, Crowd Goes Wild

spanish soccer fan blowing kiss - sports kissing gifs

This woman’s kiss to the camera was obviously good luck for team Spain. They apparently scored (or did some other awesome thing) right at that exact moment.


23. 50 Smooch

50 cent kissing erin andrews at daytona 500 - sports kissing

“Oh, okay, we’re goin’ in for a hug here and—oh, nope, he’s kissing me. 50 Cent is kissing me. Okay, Andrews, just play it cool, no big deal.”


22. Kiss the Imaginary Ring

bomani jones kissing hand - sports kissing gifs

Imaginary championship rings are the only kind Bomani Jones will ever kiss.


21. Louisville Kisser

louisville football blowing kisses - sports kissing gifs

Blowing kisses to the opposing cheerleaders? I’m not sure if that’s hilarious or creepy. What do you think?


20. Hope's Kiss

hope solo blowing a kiss - sports kissing gifs

Who? Me? I love you too, Hope Solo!


19. UFC Smooch

ufc fighter kissed - sports kissing gifs

With a name like B.J. Penn, this guy’s lucky a kiss on the cheek is all he got from this excitable fan with boundary issues.


18. Celebratory Hockey Kiss

joe thornton blowing kiss - sports kissing gifs

I think this is actually a reverse shot of Joe Thornton taking out his mouth guard. But it looks like he’s blowing somebody a kiss. (Patrick Marleau, maybe?)


17. Kisses to the Crowd

ron artest blows kisses - sports kissing gifs

Guy hits one clutch three-pointer and suddenly he’s Pavarotti blowing kisses to the adoring crowd.


16. Gymnasts Don't Just Hug

gymnasts kiss - sports kissing gifs

Whatever happened to the iron-fisted Russian gymnastics coaches with gravelly voices who coaxed good performances out of their gymnasts by being terrifying? Now they’re so lovey dovey.


15. Beerkiss 1

guy kisses beer on kiss cam - sports kissing gifs

I could see kissing the beer over the girl if it was a tasty craft brew or something. But Bud Light? That woman is way more appealing than a Bud Light.


14. Beerkiss 2

guy kisses beer on kiss cam 2 - sports kissing gifs

They had to set this up, right? Either way, this guy demonstrates what making out with a beer would look like.


13. Ronaldo Kissoff

ronaldo kiss off - sports kissing gifs

You might assume that he’s blowing a kiss to his fans, or maybe his super hot girlfriend Irina Shayk. But, knowing Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s probably blowing a kiss to his reflection in the camera lens.


12. Kissing the Reporter

casillas kisses carbonero - sports kissing gifs

I know this looks bad, but it’s not. That sexy reporter (Sara Carbonero) is actually Iker Casillas’s girlfriend. So it’s totally okay.


11. Hot chicks kissing?

chicks on kiss cam - sports kissing gifs

Oh, what a tease. But hey, that guy in front of them sure things this is AWESOME.


10. Hot chicks kissing...for real

chicks kiss on kiss cam - sports kissing gifs

These two girls may have planned this out, but the guy in the gold shirt was certainly surprised, as were the other fans in the arena.

As Jamie Foxx would say, blame it on the a a a a a alcohol.


9. Messi Kiss

messi kiss 1 - sports kissing gifs

Awe, it’s okay partner. You’ll get ‘em next time.


8. Messi Kiss...again

messi kiss 2 - sports kissing gifs

Okay, seriously though, what the hell is up with people kissing Lionel Messi on the forehead? I know he’s the greatest player in the world right now, and maybe ever. And I know at just 5’6″ he’s like a cute little Argentinian leprechaun. But come one, no more kissing.


7. Handball Kiss

handball kiss - sports kissing gifs

Well, that’s one way to get inside your opponent’s head and draw a penalty.

Do they have penalties in handball?


6. MMA Kiss 1

mma kiss 1

Some people say MMA can be a little homoerotic at times. I have no idea what they’re talking about.


5. MMA Kiss 2

mma kiss 2

Jerome knew that Mike liked him. But he didn’t know until that moment that he liked him liked him.


4. MMA Kiss 3

mma kiss 3

Now see, this is the kind of response I would expect. I’m not saying it’s the right response. Just the predictable one.


3. Celebratory Rugby Smooch

kissing soccer players - sports kissing gifs

Number 4 there gets a nice peck on the ear, and that’s nice. But take a look at the guy doing the kissing—he’s getting a reach-around from that other dude.

This rugby team is pretty close-knit.


2. Celebratory Soccer Makeout Sesh

french soccer players kissing - sports kissing gifs

“O mon chere, je t’aime. Tu es magnifique!”


1. Soccer Video Game Celebration "Glitch"

soccer video game kissing fail - sports kissing gifs

This is supposedly a “glitch” in one of EA’s FIFA titles…but watching how some soccer players actually celebrate, I’m not so sure. This seems pretty realistic to me.