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75 Fittest Bodies in Sports

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 3, 2013

fittest bodies in sports

All pro athletes are incredibly fit. Well, maybe not all of them. But most. However, some pro athletes are even more fit than others. Maybe they are just genetically gifted, or maybe they are gym rats. But some of these people are physical specimens that just blow you away. And today we’re going to take a stab at naming the 75 fittest, most impressive bodies in the world of sports.

Now, this is a very difficult task, and my efforts were definitely imperfect. I scoured the web and my own memories and came up with 75 athletes in superb condition. Did I miss some? Obviously. I know, for example, that baseball and hockey players are underrepresented here. But it’s not because I didn’t try. It’s because they wear uniforms that obscure the human form.

Nevertheless, whether or not there are others out there who could have been included here, I am positive that the ones that are included are deserving. So without further ado, let’s see who clocked in at #75.


75. Stephanie Rice

75 stephanie rice - fittest bodies in sports

This Australian swimmer is as lean and sleek as they come.


74. Alicia Sacramone

74 alicia sacramone (gymnastics) - fittest bodies in sports

Retired American Gymnast and Olympic silver medalist Alicia Sacramone is solid as a rock.


73. Christophe Lemaitre

73 christophe lemaitre (olymic track) - fittest bodies in sports

This Frenchman is pretty lean for a sprinter, and he’ll probably never win any major international competitions. But that’s still an impressive physique.


72. Venus Williams

72 venus williams - fittest bodies in sports

When Venus Williams first hit the tennis scene, we had never seen a player with this kind of body before. She was definitely a game-changer.


71. Luca Dotto

71 luca dotto - fittest bodies in sports

Italian swimmer Luca Dotto isn’t an Olympic champion, but he’s definitely got the ideal swimmer’s physique.


70. Natalie Coughlin

70 natalie coughlin - fittest bodies in sports

Natalie Couglin is an all-time great Olympian, and she definitely has the upper body of a swimming champion.


69. Candace Parker

68 candace parker (body issue) - fittest bodies in sports

The clothes they wear on the basketball court are so baggy that you might never have known that Candace Parker has a body like this. Obviously she was born to be an athlete.


68. Alex Naddour

67 alex naddour (olympic gymnast) - fittest bodies in sports

American gymnast Alexander Naddour doesn’t have an Olympic medal, but a bronze at the World Championships and one of the greatest bodies in sports is a decent consolation.


67. Dulce Felix

66 dulce felix (track) - fittest bodies in sports

A fit body means different things in different sports. For sprinters, a fit body is bulky and compact, capable of explosive speed. For distance runner like Ms. Felix, here, a fit body is just lean muscle…and not an ounce of body fat.


66. Jake Herbert

65 jake herbert (wrestling) - fittest bodies in sports

Wrestler Jake Herbert won his weight class at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials and represented his country at the London Olympics.


65. Abby Wambach

64 abby wambach - fittest bodies in sports

You don’t become #2 on the all-time goals list for Team USA without having a remarkable physique. And Abby Wambach, the 2012 FIFA Player of the Year, definitely has a remarkable physique.


64. Samantha Stosur

63 samantha stosur body - fittest bodies in sports

It I was hanging out at a bar with all the ladies on the WTA tour, and I got into a fight, the first one I’d call is 2011 U.S. Open champ Samantha Stosur. Look at those guns.


63. Jarome Iginla

62 jarome iginla - fittest bodies in sports

Jarome Iginla has long been one of the fittest players in the NHL. And it’s not like there are any Prince Fielders in the NHL.


62. Laron Landry

61 laron landry (redskins) - fittest bodies in sports

Jets safety Laron Landry is huge. I’m pretty sure his shoulders are bigger than the average man’s thighs.


61. Voula Papachristou

60 Voula Papachristou - fittest bodies in sports

Voula got sent home from the Olympics for making racially insensitive tweets. Nevertheless, you have to admit she has one of the most impressive physiques in the world today.


60. Tiger Woods

59 tiger woods - fittest bodies in sports

Often we snicker if when people refer to golfers as “athletes,” but not Tiger Woods. This guy has redefined the fitness level required to be an elite golfer.


59. Tyler Seguin

58 tyler seguin abs - fittest bodies in sports

How has Tyler Seguin become such an effect NHL hockey player at such a young age? Well, having a body built like a brick house certainly helps.


58. Nadine Broesen

57 nadine broersen (dutch heptathlete) - fittest bodies in sports

Nadine competed in the heptathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She’s not the only Olympic heptahlete on this list, either. The multidisciplinary sport seems to create some of the most well-rounded physiques on the planet.


57. Justin Lester

56justin lester (track) - fittest bodies in sports

Olympic wrestler Justin Lester didn’t win any medals at the 2012 games, but he does have a couple of bronze medals from the World Championships.


56. Maurice Mitchell

55 maurice mitchell (track) - fittest bodies in sports

Maurice and his insane thighs made the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. However, competing in the 200m against Usain Bolt and company, he didn’t really have a chance.


55. Serena Williams

54 serena williams - fittest bodies in sports

I had a tough time figuring out where Serena should go. On the one hand, when she’s in top shape, she has one of the most fit, athletic bodies on the planet. On the other hand, a series of injures over the last several years have prevented her from maintaining that level. So I decided to just play it safe and put her right in the middle of the pack.


54. Leonard Scott

53 leonad scott (sprinter) - fittest bodies in sports

American sprinter Leonard Scott is a pretty powerful-looking guy.


53. Brendon Ayanbadejo

52 brendon ayanbadejo (ravens) - fittest bodies in sports

In the last year, Ayanbadejo has become famous for his outspoken support for gay marriage. But let’s not forget that the veteran linebacker is alo one of the most fit dudes in NFL.


52. Anni Friesinger

51 anni friesinger (speed skater) - fittest bodies in sports

Germany’s Anni Friesinger used this remarkable physique to win three gold medals at the Winter Olympics—one each in 2002, 2006, and 2010.


51. Michael Phelps


I might have ranked Phelps higher on this list if his body wasn’t so fit that it kind of freaks me out. Is that fair? Probably not. But lists are subjective, so just deal with it.


50. Nathan Adrian

nathan adrian swimmer - fittest bodies in sports

Now, if given the choice between the physique of Phelps and Nathan Adrian here? I’d go with Adrian—assuming becoming the winningest Olympian of all time wasn’t my main priority.


49. Ronda Rousey

48 ronda rousey - fittest bodies in sports

Ronda Rousey all the way down at #50? She could easily be in the top 20, or even the top 10. But that’s the challenge of a list like this. After a while, all of these bodies are incredible.


48. Michael Schrader


German decathlete Michael Schrader (center) probably does pretty okay with the ladies.


47. Cristiano Ronaldo

46 cristiano ronaldo - fittest bodies in sports

Cristiano Ronaldo: too sexy for his shirt?


46. Miesha Tate

45 miesha tate - fittest bodies in sports

Miesha Tate makes her UFC debut this April. Win or lose, you know her fitness level won’t be a problem.


45. Andreas Thorkildsen


If Chris Hemsworth decides he doesn’t want to make any more Thor movies, they could just get European, World, and Olympic javelin champion Anderas Thorkildsen. The 6’2 Norwegian already looks the part.


44. Thomas Jones

43 thomas jones (chiefs) - fittest bodies in sports

This 36-year-old football running back didn’t play last year after spending a couple years with Chiefs, so his playing days might be over. However, with a body like this, you can see why he might think he’s still got a little gas left in the tank.


43. Mariya Ryemyen

42 Mariya Ryemyen - fittest bodies in sports

This body helped Ryemyen win a bronze with her Ukrainian teammates in the 4×100 relay at London 2012.


42. Prashanth Sellathurai

41 Prashanth sellathurai (gymnastics) - fittest bodies in sports

As you probably gathered, based on his body type and the chalk on his hands, Prashanth here, a born-and-raised Australian of Sri Lankan decent, is a gymnast.


41. Justin Gatlin

40 justin gatlin - fittest bodies in sports

After serving a 4-year ban for testing positive for PEDs—and Gatlin denies that he ever knowingly used PEDs—the 31-year-old returned to the Olympics in 2012 and took home bronze in the 100m. All things considered, that’s pretty amazing.


40. Allyson Felix

39 allyson felix - fittest bodies in sports

We move from one U.S Sprinter who’s natural-ness is questionable to one who is totally clean. Allyson Felix used her incredible physique to win three golds at London 2012—one each in the 200m, the 4x100m, and the 4x400m.


39. Greg Jones

38 greg jones (jaguars) - fittest bodies in sports

Jaguars linebacker Greg Jones may not be a household name, but the guy has the body of a tank.


38. Sergio Ramos

37 sergio ramos (real madrid) - fittest bodies in sports

At just 26 years old, Spanish defender Sergio Ramos already has 3 league championships, 2 EURO championships, and 1 World Cup championship under his belt. So the guy really has a lot going for him.


37. Hope Solo

36 hope solo body - fittest bodies in sports

Being a goalie, Hope Solo wears an even baggier uniform than the rest of her team. However, thanks to shots like this, we all know just how incredibly fit she it.


36. Jose Reyes

35 jose reyes - fittest bodies in sports

Speedy shortstop and former NL batting champ Jose Reyes is one of the fittest guys in baseball. I suggest that, if other baseball players want to receive consideration, they should get this buff and, more importantly, post pictures of themselves with their shirts off—otherwise how will we ever know?


35. Micah Richards

34 micah-richards - fittest bodies in sports

This 24-year-old right back helped Manchester City win the Premier League title last year.


34. Laura Ludwig

33 laura ludwig - fittest bodies in sports

Pretty much every beach volleyball player is lean, but they’re not all at toned as Germany’s Laura Ludwig.


33. Jon Jones


The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion definitely has one of the most intimidating physiques in MMA today.


32. Tim Howard

31 tim howard (goalie) - fittest bodies in sports

So apparently you need to be an incredible physical specimen to play goalie for the U.S. National Soccer Team. First, on the women’s side, we saw Hope Solo. Now we have the shockingly bugg Tim Howard.


31. Brittany Viola

30 brittany viola (diving) - fittest bodies in sports

I don’t think you have to be this ripped to by an Olympic diver, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.


30. Pascal Behrenbruch

29 pascal behrenbruch (decathlon) - fittest bodies in sports

This German decathlete didn’t win gold at the Olympics last year, but he did win gold at the European championships. So that’s something.


29. Adrian Peterson

28 adrian peterson - fittest bodies in sports

How do you recover from an ACL injury to rush for 2,000 yards and win the NFL MVP award? By being ridiculously fit, that’s how.


28. Ivona Dadic

69 Ivona dadic - fittest bodies in sports

Ivona Dadic of Austria is yet another heptathlete from the 2012 Summer Olympics. She’s a bit leaner than some of the others, but her physique is still quite impressive.


27. Ryan Kesler

26 ryan kesler - fittest bodies in sports

I’m sure there are other NHL players who have this kind of body, but Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler is the only one (that I know of) to pose for pictures in his underwear. So he gets the credit.


26. Rob Gronkowski

25 rob gronkowski - fittest bodies in sports

Rob isn’t the top tight end on this list (that guy is still to come), but the guy’s physique is still quite impressive.


25. Ivet Lalova

24 ivet lalova - fittest bodies in sports

This Bulgarian didn’t win a medal at the 2012 Summer Games, but she was the European champion in 2012.


24. Ryan Lochte


You had to figure Lochte would make the list, right?


23. Chris Brooks

22 chris brooks (olympic gymnast) - fittest bodies in sports

What is that, an 18 pack? American gymnast Chris Brooks has one of the most chiseled upper bodies your going to see.


22. Claire Bevilacqua

21 claire bevilacqua surfer - fittest bodies in sports

A lot of female pro surfers are hot, but they’re not all this chiseled.


21. Jake Dalton

20 jake dalton (gymnastics) - fittest bodies in sports

For some strange reason, there seems to be a stigma about boys doing gymnastics. All you have to do is look at a photo like this one of collegiate and Olympic gymnast Jake Dalton to see why that is complete nonsense. If I ever have a son and he wants to be a gymnast, I’m on board. (Though any son of mine would probably be way to tall—these guys are all under six feet.)


20. Dez Bryant


Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant may have some character issues, but there’s no doubt he is a physically gifted young man.


19. Becky Holliday

15 becky holliday (pole vaulter) - fittest bodies in sports

If you can ignore the unusual naval tattoo, then you’ll clearly observe that pole vaulter Becky Holliday has an impressive set of abs to go along with her chiseled arms.


18. Jenn Suhr

3 jenn stucznski - fittest bodies in sports

Becky Holliday was impressive, but this is the body of a champion pole vaulter, isn’t it? After taking home silver in 2008, the USA’s Jenn Suhr won gold in London in 2012.


17. Dwight Howard

17 dwight howard - fittest bodies in sports

Dwight Howard is one of the greatest physical specimens the NBA has ever seen.


16. LeBron James

16 lebron james - fittest bodies in sports

When you’re one of the most gifted athletes on the planet, chances are you have a pretty amazing physique—like LeBron.


15. Zdeno Chara

14 zdeno chara - fittest bodies in sports

Zdeno Chara isn’t just freakishly tall. The 6’9 defenseman is also a lean muscular machine.


14. Rafael Nadal

13 rafael nadal armani - fittest bodies in sports

Nadal is probably best known for his guns, but this tennis great also has a very impressive core.


13. Natasha Hastings

12 natasha hastings - fittest bodies in sports

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more muscular thighs on a woman that wasn’t a pro bodybuilder.


12. Oguchi Onyewu


At 6’5″, with this body, American soccer defender Oguchi Onyewu is one of the game’s most imposing physical specimens.


11. Kendall Hunter

2 kendall hunter (49ers) - fittest bodies in sports

49ers running back Kendall Hunter: he’s a pretty fit guy.


10. Tim Tebow

10 tim tebow - fittest bodies in sports

Say what you want about Tim Tebow—that he should be a starting NFL quarterback, or that he sucks—the guy has one of the most amazing physiques in the NFL today.


9. Cristiane Santos

9 cristiane santos mma - fittest bodies in sports

Now there’s a woman who could beat me and two of my friends to a pulp. I’d love to see her in the UFC.


8. Vernon Davis

7 vernon davis (49ers) - fittest bodies in sports

Rob Gronkowski may be the NFL’s most valuable tight end, but Vernon Davis definitely has the most incredible physique.


7. Lolo Jones

27 lolo jones - fittest bodies in spots

Some people gave Lolo Jones a lot of grief over all the attention she got heading into the 2012 Olympics. And while some of that criticism was fair (wasn’t Allyson Felix just as deserving of being America’s track & field sweetheart?), you can’t deny that this is one incredible athlete and a true physical specimen.


6. Nani

5 nani (portugal) - fittest bodies in sports

Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha’s nickname, Nani, may sound silly to English speakers, but the guy has some of the best abs on planet earth.


5. Jessica Ennis


Olympic heptathlon gold medalist Jessica Ennis earned the unofficial title “best female athlete in the world” this past summer. She definitely has the body to match.


4. Georges St-Pierre

4 georges st pierre - fittest bodies in sports

UFC Welterweight Champion George St-Pierre isn’t the biggest, most muscular man in the UFC. But in my opinion, he is the fittest. That body is a lean mean fighting machine.


3. Gretchen Bleiler

18 gretchen bleiler - fittest bodies in sports

I have two words to say about snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler: holy, and moly.


2. Diego Forlan

1 diego forlan - fittest bodies in sports

Uruguayan soccer star Diego Forlan was named MVP of the 2010 World Cup…and he looks like the long-lost brother of Dirk Nowitzki.


1. Usain Bolt

usain bolt - fittest bodies in sports

The Fastest Man Alive is also the greatest physical specimen alive.