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23 Funny Gatorade GIFs

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, November 26, 2014

gatorade sports gifs

When it comes to equipment and apparel, no single brand dominates the world of sports. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Umbro, Under Armour, Majestic—they’ve all got pieces of the lucrative pie. But when it comes to sports drinks, there is Gatorade, and then there is everyone else.

In the U.S., the Pepsi-owned “Thirst Quencher” has 75% of the market, meaning you’ll see it at just about every pro or college sports event you watch on television. The beverage is simply woven into the very fabric of our sports culture.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I have no idea. It probably doesn’t really matter—unless you’re the CEO of Coca-Cola. But I do know one thing: over the years, there have been a number of funny sports moments in which Gatorade has played a part. Football players dump the stuff on their coach after a big win, and Gatorade coolers often receive the brunt of a baseball player’s frustration in the dugout.

Today, inspired by a gatorade-related blooper from earlier in the week, we’ve got a list of 23 funny GIFs involving the most popular beverage in sports.


23. Soothing Stafford

matt stafford drinks gatorade to calm down - gatorade gifs

Matt Stafford is royally pissed off about something. But then a trainer comes over and gives him some Gatorade and he calms right down. It’s like a nice cup of chamomile tea to him.

Parents, you might want to see if this will work on your toddlers.


22. Rob Ryan's Gatorade Shower

rob ryan gatorade shower - gatorade gifs

The Cleveland Browns won just five games in each of the seasons during which Rob Ryan was their defensive coordinator. But hey, one time they held Drew Brees and the Saints to just 17 points, and everyone on the team knew this was probably going to be the highlight of their careers. So they dowsed Ryan with an ice-cold cooler full of Gatorade.


21. Dubinsky Smash!

dubinsky mad smash - gatorade gifs

Could this be the exact moment that Brandon Dubinsky learned he had been traded to the Blue Jackets for Rick Nash?


20. Doc Takes a Bath

doc rivers gatorade shower - gatorade gifs

Here’s Doc Rivers getting dowsed in Gatorade after the Celtics won the NBA Championship in 2008. It was supposedly the first celebratory Gatorade shower in NBA history.


19. Erik Spoelstra Takes a Bath

miami heat gatorade bath - gatorade gifs

And here’s Erik Spoelstra getting dowsed in Gatorade after the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship in 2012…copycats.


18. High-Steppin'

gatorade dance - gatorade gifs

You’d probably do a goofy dance, too, if somebody dumped a bucket of ice cold liquid down your back.

Of course, the Buckeyes didn’t really have much to celebrate, here. Sure, they had just capped off an undefeated season by beating arch rival Michigan, but their postseason ban meant this would not translate into a conference or national title shot.


17. Is that CSI's Nick Stokes?

mmm yeah boy that's good gatorade (nick stokes) - gatorade gifs

Mmmmmm yeaaah boy, this here is some good Gatorade. Yeaaaah buddy.


16. Bryce Harper Gets a Shower

clown gatorade bro - gatorade gifs

Since the Gatorade shower interrupted the interview, we’ll never know if the reporter was asking Bryce Harper a serious question or a clown question.


15. Gatorade Shower Fail

gatorade shower fail - gatorade gifs

This attempted Gatorade shower would have been funny just because the two players can’t even get the cooler up over their heads. But then the coach goes and falls flat on his face, turning the whole scene into genuine comedic gold.


14. Arthur Bank Gets a Shower

falcons owner gatorade bath - gatorade gifs

It’s one thing to dowse your coach in Gatorade. He’s wearing a sweatshirt and khakis. It’s another thing to dowse your billionaire owner in Gatorade. He’s probably wearing a suit that costs more than your Escalade.


13. Who Drank All the Damn Gatorade?

hulk smash gatorade - gatorade gifs

There wasn’t much to like about the Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard, starting with the fact that Adam Sandler is no Burt Reynolds. But this scene was definitely a winner.


12. Frank Beamer Gets a Shower

ice cold gatorade shower - gatorade gifs

Judging by Frank’s reaction, I’m thinking that Gatorade was pretty cold.


11. Gatorade Brand Headphones

gatorade headphones - gatorade gifs

Yep, it gets pretty boring out in the bullpen.


10. Parks and Recreation Gatorade Bath

parks and recreation andy gatorade bath - gatorade gifs

This is just one of the many reasons why Parks and Recreation is one of the best shows on television.


9. Brian Wilson

brian wilson destroys gatorade cooler - gatorade gifs

Between the beard that looks like it might be home to a rat colony and this clip of him brutalizing a Gatorade cooler, I don’t think I’d really enjoy hanging out with Brian Wilson.


8. How does this thing work again?

dustin brown gatorade bottle fail - gatorade gifs

Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown is tough as nails, but nobody ever said he was sharp.


7. Gatorade Inspector

Colin Kaepernick gatorade inspector - gatorade gifs

Before Alex Smith got injured last year, this was Collin Kaepernick’s job: official Gatorade inspector of the San Francisco 49ers.


6. Skunked Gatorade

tim duncan drinks funky gatorade - gatorade gifs

And in case you didn’t think a Gatorade inspector was necessary, there is this wonderful shot of Tim Duncan’s WTF face as he takes a sip.


5. Saban No Like

nick saban not impressed by gatorade shower - gatorade gifs

I know Saban probably looks like a sour old grumpypants here. But really, he’s just mad that his players are dowsing him with a beverage invented and named after one of Alabama’s biggest SEC rivals.


4. Sippin' on Cammy Cam Juice

cammy cam juice - gatorade gifs

Here is Tracy Wolfson trying out Cam Newton’s special Gatorade mixture, which he likes to call “Cammy Cam Juice.”


3. Cam's Revenge

Cam-Newton-pours-gatorade-NFL-Jenna-Wolfe - gatorade gifs

And here is Cam Newton getting revenge on Tracy Wolfson for drinking his Cammy Cam Juice…only, you know, that’s not Tracy Wolfson. It’s Jenna Wolfe. Close, but no cigar.

I could be wrong, but Jenna looks genuinely enraged here.


2. Accidental Gatorade Shower

unintentional nba gatorade shower - gatorade gifs

You never know what’ll happen when you leap into the crowd. You might end up on an old lady’s lap, or you might get a surprise Gatorade shower.


1. Seriously?

squeezing gatorade bottle too hard - gatorade gifs

I guess Dale Weise doesn’t know his own strength…or how to twist the Gatorade cap to open it.