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24 GIFs of College Basketball Fans Being College Basketball Fans

by: Esteban On  Thursday, March 21, 2013

college basketball fan gifs

With the 2013 NCAA Tournament getting underway today, now we can all stop pretending to be Vegas bookies and go back to doing what we do best: being college basketball fans. This, really, is a good thing. Impartial observers don’t make college hoops fun. Fans do. After all, if every team in the Big Dance didn’t have an army of fans waiting to go nuts in the event of even the most minor of accomplishments, would the games be any fun to watch? No, they wouldn’t. So today, as a tribute to wonderful lunatics, we present you with this list of animated GIFs depicting various antics of college basketball fans.

Let the Madness begin!


24. Hoosier Double Bird

double bird indiana fan - college basketball fan gifs

No one else seems to be as perturbed as the guy in the plaid shirt. I wonder what crawled up his skinny jeans.


23. Hoya Double Bird

georgetown fan double bird - college basketball fan gifs

This Hoya’s double bird is more angry and vengeful-looking than the Hoosier double bird we just saw. But at least everyone else around him is worked up, too, so he’s not all alone.


22. Pervy Minnesota Cow Dude

minnestoa fan in cow costume - college basketball fan gifs

Let’s just assume that wearing cow suits complete with rubber utter to a basketball game is normal. Even so, why would you do what this kid is doing? It’s a little disturbing.


21. Sad Valpo Pom Pom Guy

sad valpo pom pom guy - college basketball fan gifs

In slow-motiong this guy looks so forlorn, especially for a guy who’s team in up by 18 points. Maybe he’s a Northern Illinois fan who lost a bet or something.


20. NC State Agony

nc state fan in agony - college basketball fan gifs

This is what a tense game will do to you.

It’s also what standing up too fast after taking a couple shots will do to you, but I’m sure this kid is just stressed about the game.


19. Butler Old-Timer

old butler fan with team spirit - college basketball fan gifs

Is it just me, or does it look like this senior Butler fan in the sweet turtleneck is putting some kind of mummy curse on Temple?


18. Yay Villanova!

excited villanova fan - college basketball fan gifs

That guy in the middle looks like he is terrified of the sound of his own clapping.


17. Overzealous Ole Miss Fan

ole miss fan too excited - college basketball fan gifs

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson is definitely a firecracker who knows how to rile people up. Even still, this guy is just a little too pumped up.

Here’s a rule of thumb. High fives: appropriate. Pushing a guy in the chest: inappropriate.


16. Outraged Ole Miss Fan

excited ole miss fan - college basketball fan gifs

The funny thing about this one is that we might never have noticed this guy’s reaction if he wasn’t wearing that bright red shirt. As it is, he stands out like a sore thumb in the crowd.


15. Upset Cyclone Fan

unhappy iowa state fan - college basketball fan gifs

I’m no lip-reading expert, but I believe this Iowa State fan is saying, “sir, I respectfully disagree with that call.”


14. Michigan Fans Amusing Themselves

michigan fans - college basketball fan gifs

Internal monologue: Oh my god I’m on TV. What should I do? Should I just sit here? No, I can’t just sit here. It’ll be weird. I have to do something. But what. Um…ummm…Oh, okay, here we go. I’ll smile and pump my firsts liiiiiike…this. Boom. Nailed it!


13. Vince Gill No High Five Too Good

vince gil bad at high fiving - college basketball fan gifs

So I saw country music star Vince Gill here totally blowing a high five and wondered, what’s the deal? Why is Vince Gill at a Belmont-Ohio game? Well, Belmont, as you may know, is located in Nashville, and apparently Vince Gill goes to all their home games.

And yet, he still hasn’t mastered the high five. I guess some guys are just slow.



12. Jayhawk Dippin'

kansas fan chewing tabacco - college basketball fan gifs

God help the fans sitting next to this guy if something exciting happens and his bottle of tobacco spit gets knocked out of his hand. I’ve never had a bottle of tobacco spit dumped on me, but I don’t imagine it would be very pleasant.


11. Jaspers Fans

manhattan fans - college basketball fan gifs

These Manhattan students are pretty excited. It’s a shame their team is called the Jaspers. I’m sorry, I’m sure there’s probably a good story behind that, but it’s still kind of lame.


10. Sailor Having Issues

sleepy sailor at florida game - college basketball fan gifs

This guy is either trying to repress a yawn, or he just passed some serious gas and it’s making him gag.


9. Band Girl Spazzing Out

excited michigan state band girl - college basketball fan gifs

Yeah, someone might want to tell this girl that it’s called the pep band, not the batsh*t insane band. She might want to turn it down a notch.


8. Taunting


Remember when I said Marshall Henderson was good at getting people riled up? Well, here you go. Those Auburn frat boys look like they’re about to have aneurisms.


7. Gonzaga Gunslinger

dancing gonzaga fan - college basketball fan gifs

Hey guy, I like how you wear your keys on the outside of your pants. What are you, a janitor?

Also, nice dancing, Tex.


6. Dancing Baylor Fan

baylor fan - college basketball fan gifs

Those are the kinds of moves that the ladies love, right?


5. Young Videobomber 1

sun belt conference fan - college basketball fan gifs

See, Michigan fan (#14), this is what you do when you want to be goofy on television. This kid actually has some pretty good moves.


4. Young Videobomber 2

dirty missouri kid fan - college basketball fan gifs

The kid’s wearing a camouflage Missouri Tigers t-shirt. That’s embarrassing enough. Then he goes and does this on live television. Really classy stuff. Mom must be so proud.


3. Young Videobomber 3

dirty kid behind espnu announcers - college basketball fan gifs

Hopefully this kid (and the big brother who taught him this gesture) was grounded for life.


2. Dancing Michigan Teletubby

teletubby michigan fan - college basketball fan gifs

Just a typical day for this college freshman—puttin’ on his Teletubbie hat and going to the Wolverines basketball game.


1. The Duke Speedo Guy

duke speedo guy - college basketball fan gifs

I wanted to stay as current as possible with this list, but how could I not pay tribute to the legendary Duke speedo guy?