Watch President Barack Obama Lay Bricks on the Basketball Court (Video)

president obama playing basketball

Reporters often will ask famous people what they would have been if they weren’t what they are. The idea, of course, is to learn something about these people. In sports, that might go something like, “Hey Justin Verlander, what would you be doing if you weren’t the best pitcher in the world and a gazillionaire? Do you think you’d still be dating Kate Upton?”

But like I said, it’s not just to athletes that this common line of questioning is applied. It’s often asked of movie stars and even politicians. And that begs the question, what would President Barack Obama be if he weren’t a politician?

Well, I don’t know what his answer would be, but if I were answering the question for him, I’d have to say there’s a good chance he’d be a bricklayer.

And no, that’s not some sort of clever political statement on my part. It’s just a commentary on POTUS’s basketball abilities. You see, at the White House’s annual “Easter Egg Roll,” Obama played a little ball with John Wall and a few other members of the Washington Wizards. And it did not go well for the President.

I’m talking brick, after brick, after brick. Take a look:

It could be worse, though, America. I have a hunch Obama is still a lot better at basketball than Mitt Romney.

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