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27 Baseball Fail GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 4, 2013
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baseball fail gifs

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is upon us, which means you can once against savor the smell of hot dogs and the crack of the bat. It also means we can once again feast our eyes on towering home runs, diving catches, and crisp double plays. However, you’ll be seeing none of that here. I’ve decided to celebrate the start of another baseball season by compiling a list of baseball’s absurd moments. Why? Because if you take baseball too seriously it just gets boring. So if you’re looking for a way to counteract all the hyper-sentimentality that comes with the start of the MLB season, start right here with this list of 27 baseball fail GIFs.

Play ball!


27. Butter Fingers

pickoff fail - baseball fail gifs

Come on, Clay, you’ve got to get a better grip on the ball. Pick up the rosin bag.


26. Your 2012 Houston Astros!

2012 houston astros - baseball fail gifs

Here is the entire 2012 Houston Astros season, summarized succinctly in one single GIF.


25. Adam Jones Everybody

adam jones fielding fail - baseball fail gifs

I guess I can’t say this play sums up the Orioles’ 2012 season since they actually made the playoffs. However, they really were kind of lucky…unlike Adam Jones on this play.


24. Nice Pitch

wild pitch - baseball fail gifs

Sometimes they just get away from you, I guess.


23. Nice Camera Work

baseball camera man fail - baseball fail gifs

You think you’re getting a really cool shot of a home run trot. Then you strip on your own feet, fall, and smash your camera to bits. It happens.


22. Nice Base Running

baserunning fail - baseball fail gifs

Okay, actually, this one kind of sums up the 2012 Houston Astros, too.


21. More Nice Base Running

ben revere baserunning fail - baseball fail gifs

And this one sums up the 2012 Minnesota Twins.


20. Sympathy Pain

double baseball flop - baseball fail gifs

I guess the pitcher hurt himself on the pitch, but it certainly looks like he’s just mocking the guy he just hit.


19. Double Fail

double infield fail - baseball fail gifs

You think the guy getting hit in the chest is going to be the best part, but then you see the other guy throw the ball straight into the dirt. Smooth.


18. Ceremonial First Pitch Fail

first pitch fail - baseball fail gifs

Wow, how can we top this awful ceremonial first pitch?


17. Ceremonial First Pitch Fail...Now Starring Mariah Carey

mariah carey first pitch fail - baseball fail gifs

Oh, that’s how: Mariah Carey in heels.

At least it was almost over the plate.


16. Never Trust a Toddler

girl throws dad's foul ball back - baseball fail gifs

At least this guy was nice enough to hand the foul ball he just caught to his daughter—you can’t say that for all Phillies fans. They can be pretty harsh.


15. Humpty Dumpty Went for a Foul Ball

humpty dumpty baseball fan fail - baseball fail gifs

Once this guy got his momentum headed over that railing, there was no stopping him.


14. What Little Brothers Are For

kid hits brother with bat - baseball fail gifs

I think this kid was just looking for an excuse to whack his brother with a wiffle ball bat.

P.S., who’s the parent of the year filming this scene? You’d think they might have been like, “uh, Billy, take a couple steps back okay?”


13. Little League Ability, Big League Frustration

little leager not paying attention - baseball fail gifs

Not everyone is as focused as #12 here, and that really pisses him off.


12. Geriatric Bat Boy

old ball boy fail - baseball fail gifs

How hard it is to field ground balls when you have arthritis in your hips? Very hard.


11. Left Hangin'

orioles handshake fail - baseball fail gifs

Buck Showalter gets left hangin’ by Mark Reynolds, so he just finishes the fist bump all by himself. How sad.


10. PFP Needed

pitcher falling off the mound - baseball fail gifs

All pitchers need to spend time doing PFP (pitchers fielding practice), but some of them need to start with such basic skills as running.


9. Phantom Throw

shortstop fail - baseball fail gifs

I guess he thought he had it. That, or maybe he was trying to fool the runner or something. Either way, it looks ridiculous.


8. Nice Dive

slide fail - baseball fail gifs

This is funny to watch, but I think this guy actually broke is clavicle or something. Don’t you feel like a jerk for laughing now?


7. Another Nice Dive

sliding fail - baseball fail gifs

There are a lot of reasons you should not dive or slide into first base. This would be one of them.


6. Tarp Fail

rain delay tarp fail - baseball fail gifs

I wonder how much getting run over by that tarp roller would have hurt? I’m thinking quite a bit.


5. Run Much?

ryan braun baserunning fail gif - baseball fail gifs

Nothing a little steroids can’t fix, right Ryan Braun?


4. Poor Shane

victorino hit in side of head by catcher - baseball fail gifs

I bet that felt good. I wonder if Carlos Ruiz returned the favor in the top half of the inning.


3. Again: Poor Shane

victorino throwing error - baseball fail gifs

Sometimes you’re the victim of a baseball fail; other times you’re the perpetrator. Right, Shane?


2. Butterfingers 2: the Legend Continues

throwing fail - baseball fail gifs

They don’t have rosin bags for the guys in the outfield. Maybe they should.


1. Rosin Fail

a.j. rosin bag fail - baseball fail gifs

Then again, as A.J. Burnett proves, sometimes rosin bags can be tricky.