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Rick Pitino was Startled by Fireworks Following Louisville’s National Championship Victory (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, April 9, 2013

rick pitino scared by fireworks

Although Michigan was able to make it close at the end, Louisville managed to secure a comfortable six-point lead heading into the final seconds of the NCAA Basketball National Championship Game last night in Atlanta. As a result, Louisville coach Rick Pitino was able to play it pretty cool when the buzzer sounded and his Cardinals officially became National Champions for the third time in school history. He didn’t jump up and down or run all over the court, Jimmy V-style. Instead, he just walked calmly over toward Wolverines coach John Beilein to shake his hand and commend his opponent for a game well-played.

So Pitino kept it classy last night, playing it totally cool…until they set off fireworks inside the Georgia Dome.

Coach wasn’t expecting that, so when they went off with a boom, he ducked for cover like somebody had just detonated a pipe bomb or something.

Take a look:

You’ll notice that Pitino wasn’t the only one startled by the celebratory explosions. However, Beilein didn’t react at all. I guess he was feeling kind of numb inside following the loss.