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by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 18, 2013

wingsuit skydive through small opening in mountain (extreme daredevil)

You know why people like daredevils? Because they provide a release from the modern world’s obsession with avoiding death. One study tells us that pretty much everything we touch gives us cancer, another tells us that every man, woman and child in the world is morbidly obese, and then there is Dr. Oz on TV telling us that if we don’t eat four handfuls of blueberries and flax seeds every single day we’re going to die of heart disease.

It’s all just a little overwhelming. And sometimes it’s just nice to live vicariously through some badass dude who says, “f#@$ it, man.  If I die, I die.”

That brings me to one Alexander Polli, an Italian-Norwegian wingsuit BASE-jumper. Recently, he jumped out of a hovering helicopter a thousand feet above ground wearing only a flying squirrel-style wingsuit. Then, after reaching a speed of about 155mph, he flew through a tiny opening in the side of a mountain in Montserrat, Spain.

The desription of the video provided by EpicTVadventure on YouTube says the opening was “no wider than Alexander is tall,” but that’s an obvious and completely unnecessary exaggeration. However wide the opening, this stunt was utterly insane, and 100% awesome.

Take a look:

Thanks for the thrill, Alexander. I’m glad you didn’t go splat into the side of that mountain.